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Online Pass

Jaffe doesn't want online pass in Twisted Metal

Dec 08
Twisted Metal director David Jaffe would rather not have an online pass in Twisted Metal, declaring that any lost sales due to used games would be acceptable if it generated new fans. He did, however, admit that it's ultimate... read

Online passes can expire, too!

Dec 03
Just when you thought that online passes couldn't get more amazing, it's been discovered that they can expire, locking brand new copies of games out of various multiplayer modes. What a brilliant new feature.  Attention ... read

Publishers back Blockbuster rentals to fight used games

Nov 21
Blockbuster has said that it's seen a lot of support from game publishers over its increased game rental plans, because they help erode the impact of used games. Apparently, companies receive quite the kickback from rentals, ... read

Online pass required for Saints Row: The Third

Nov 08
In news that should surprise very few people, THQ has found a way to make sure that an online pass is required for Saints Row: The Third, even with competitive multiplayer being scrapped. The online co-op for both campaign an... read

Battlefield 3 online passes not working

Oct 28
Electronic Arts has admitted that a number of consumers who bought Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 are unable to play the game online because the included online pass does not work. This news comes on top of a problematic launc... read

New Medal of Honor teased on Battlefield 3's online pass

Oct 24
Battlefield 3's online pass printout brings more to consumers than just an inconvenient input code -- printed on the reverse is an image that seems to be teasing another Medal of Honor game. It features the game's official si... read

Broken Catwoman codes in Arkham City will be 'resolved'

Oct 21
Warner Brothers has commented on the issue of broken DLC codes shipping with copies of Batman: Arkham City, insisting that only a small percentage of consumers were affected, but that it will resolve the issues concerning an ... read

New Arkham City copies feature missing Catwoman codes

Oct 19
Customers buying Batman: Arkham City are in for potential disappointment, with reports that a number of copies are missing the scrap of paper containing Catwoman's unlock code. Rocksteady's mutation of the Online Pass locks o... read

Naughty Dog uses bullsh*t to defend Uncharted 3 PSN pass

Oct 17
Naughty Dog has defended its use of Sony's "PSN Pass" by claiming that, without it, Uncharted 3's multiplayer would need to be released as its own game. Wait ... that doesn't make any sense.  Director Justin Richmond sai... read

Naturally, Battlefield 3 has an online pass

Oct 15
DICE confirmed in a rather casual manner yesterday that Battlefield 3 would rock an online pass, having previously only hinted at it. Considering Mass Effect 3 has found a way to toss one in, it's hardly surprising EA's bigge... read

GameStop to put Arkham City Catwoman pass in USED copies

Oct 14
Yesterday it was revealed that Batman: Arkham City was gating its Catwoman levels behind an online passcode, locking used and offline gamers out of four campaign chapters. That doesn't sit well with GameStop, and the retailer... read

Batman: Arkham City online pass unlocks Catwoman content

Oct 13
If you're looking forward to playing Gotham City's feline femme fatale in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, plan on dealing with an online pass. Warner Bros. has confirmed that the kitty's content is locked away unless you ha... read

Online pass confirmed for Mass Effect 3

Oct 12
Well, what a surprise. No sooner is it confirmed that online multiplayer has been shoehorned into Mass Effect 3 do we get the real reason for the mode's existence ... an online pass. Yep, a redeemable code will be included wi... read

It looks like from here on out, Sony-published PS3 games will require players to enter a single-use code in order to play online. People who buy their games used will likely have to purchase a code separately to get online. ... read feature

The DTOID Show: Our RAGE Review & Impressions

Oct 04
[The Destructoid Show gives a rundown of all the top news from every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.... read

Following an earlier statement from a Spanish Sony representative, Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed that an online pass will be included with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Furthermore, we've been told that ... read feature

The Jimquisition: Fighting the 'problem' of used games

Oct 03
For the past two episodes, I have railed against publishers and their war on used games. In the concluding part, I praise those tactics that I do not find obnoxious, and would like to see further encouraged. Rather than puni... read

Ad reveals Mass Effect 3 online pass

Oct 03
A flyer advertising Mass Effect 3 has been spotted, and it reveals potentially grievous news for those averse to the increasingly popular "online pass" scheme. Yep, it would appear that Mass Effect 3 is getting one too! The w... read

Uncharted 3 looks set to get an online pass

Oct 03
It looks like Sony has fully embraced the seedy world of online passes, with news that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will follow in Resistance 3's footsteps and require a code to be input before multiplayer access is gr... read

Earlier this week, our very own Jim Sterling railed against the continued use of multiplayer online passes by game publishers in his Jimquisition series, stating that online passes are "bad for everyone." He makes a very comp... read feature

The Jimquisition: Online Passes Are Bad For Everybody

Sep 19
In the first part of a series of Jimquisitions on used games and their place in the industry, I tackle the most recent tactic used by publishers in the fight against traded products -- online passes -- and examine why they'r... read

EA: Online Pass revenue 'not dramatic'

Sep 08
Electronic Arts has stated that, while it's making some decent money out of its Online Pass scheme, the revenue hasn't been astronomical. Frankly, I'm surprised anybody's been suckered into that bullshit, but there you go. "T... read

Driver: San Francisco dev defends 'always on' DRM

Sep 02
Ubisoft Reflections founder Martin Edmonson has defended "Always On" DRM, which requires gamers to permanently be online so they can constantly prove their innocence to Ubisoft. Despite Driver: San Fr... read

Buy RAGE used, miss out on extra content forever

Aug 12
RAGE will not be instituting an online pass, but it will feature codes for brand new buyers that will provide extra content. id Software's solution happens to be a great idea and an example of the sort of thing companies shou... read

Battlefield 3 will 'probably' have an online pass

Aug 02
In news that will likely surprise nobody, Battlefield 3 is looking likely to feature the online pass, everybody's favorite method of inconveniencing new players and punishing used ones. According to EA, server costs are the r... read

The Question: Are online passes an issue for you?

Jul 15
[Every Friday, Destructoid will pose topical a question to the community. Answer it if you want!] I've made no secret of my distaste for online passes, but there are plenty of others who view them as a valid method of protect... read

Ubisoft to introduce 'Uplay Passport' online pass

Jul 15
It looks like Ubisoft might be joining the War on Second Hand Value initiative by adding its own online pass to certain games, starting with Driver: San Francisco. GamerZines claims the upcoming "Uplay Passport" will work lik... read

Pachter: PSN Pass ill-timed, won't make money

Jul 08
Industry analyst Michael "They Were Slaughtered In The Thousands" Pachter has cast doubt on the prospect's of Sony's PSN Pass scheme, believing the reveal to be poorly timed and diminishing the initiative's chances of success... read

PSN Pass discovered hiding in Resistance 3 (Update)

Jul 06
[Update: Sony has confirmed that the "Network Pass" is legitimate and will act the same way as previous online passes, making use of a one-time code to activate online functionality. I can now safely adopt my previously tenta... read

F.E.A.R 3 online passes screwed up for PS3 version

Jun 28
The "online pass" system was designed to combat used sales and make money from those who buy secondhand games. Except in the case of F.E.A.R 3, in which Warner Bros. apparently got so excited and giddy over the idea of the sy... read

Dirt 3 PS3 players forced offline due to Online Pass crap

May 25
If you needed further proof that the Online Pass was a shitty idea which inconveniences all paying customers, then here's a nice little slice of evidence. Day-one DiRT 3 buyers cannot play the hot looking racing gam... read

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