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1:36 PM on 04.01.2008

Videogames made me say the 'C' word!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: This just in! I have been corrupted by videogames and am not a douchebag!I was just outside the FOXTOID offices buying a coffee from a vendor on the street when an old woman accident...

Chad Concelmo

10:19 AM on 02.18.2008

Destructoid Rewind: Top stories from last year, February 18-24, 2007

This week's top story of last year probably crushed the dream career aspirations of many young men: The atypical tale of a video game game tester on crunch-time. While I think most of us would love to put in a 100+ hour week...

Papa Niero

4:57 PM on 02.04.2008

Destructoid Rewind:
Our biggest stories from Feb 4-10, 2007

On this week's < Destructoid Rewind < the Reverend's opus the Mario Brothers on the big screen dominates the charts with over a sixty thousand readers (yes, yes, that's over 9,000). Was it a masterpiece or is he watchi...

Papa Niero

3:37 PM on 12.31.2007

RetroforceGO! Episode 30: New Year's Retrolutions

Welcome to the last Monday of 2007, folks. Did you have a good year? Did you get everything that you wanted? Did you accomplish all the things that you planned for yourself over the last year? Yeah, me neither. But at least y...


11:21 PM on 10.09.2007

Game Debate to the Death!
SkiFree VS Rodent's Revenge

Last week's debate was a brawl between the twenty-five masters of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Some cast characters didn't do nearly as well as others, but the race for the only trophy that matters was close. Who did we decide wa...

Tom Fronczak

6:25 PM on 08.28.2007

Survey says that casual games are bringing families together

Can a Wii fix your broken family? Are casual games good for everyone? In a recent survey polling 7,500 casual gaming adults, about a third had children or grandchildren who played casual games in their home, and 80 percent of...

Dale North

12:21 PM on 08.09.2007

Senior gamer draws gun to protect his games

An 85-year-old New Mexico man took the law into his own hands, protecting his gaming rig by pulling a handgun on a robber who he found hiding underneath his bed.After leaving his house for the day, Alton Tillman doubled back,...

Dale North

11:05 AM on 08.04.2007

Shenmue Online canceled: Who will move all of these online crates now?

Word from all over the place is that the planned PC MMORPG version of Sega's crate moving, direction asking simulator, Shenmue, has been canceled. The game was to be set around the events of Shenmue II, featuring many charact...

Nick Chester

9:20 AM on 08.03.2007

EA pulls 49 online titles off of life support, watches them slowly die

It's now time to make a visit and pay your final respects to the elders. Make your piece and say your goodbyes, as Electronic Arts will be pulling the plug on dozens of their online titles come September 1st. Varied EA title...

Dale North

8:43 AM on 07.23.2007

The founder of GameFAQs to step down after twelve glorious years of faqqing

I thought that my emotions were no longer a working part of me and that my tear ducts and vage had dried up long ago, but apparently there is some humanity left in me after all. Jeff Veasey, or "CJayC" as he is more...

William Haley

E3 2007 Aftershocks: Hands-sticky with the Wii Party Station photo
E3 2007 Aftershocks: Hands-sticky with the Wii Party Station
by Papa Niero

While running around Santa Monica a resident Dtoid editor scooped me on a strange coffee table gaming accessory that popped up at the event: The Wii Party Station. The uncoventional product has been met with a fair share of curiosity and disgust, so we took a moment to speak with Nyko to find out where they were going with this. As evidenced in this photo we crept up and spontaneously stress tested it (causing one guy to nearly choke on his salsa). After all, nobody parties like Dtoid ... well, except maybe CliffyB who just threatened to drink us under the table.

The first thing you need to know is that *this isn't an actual product ... yet*, it was a first-build prototype to get journalists at E3 talking about it, and that we did.  Should it do more than neatly store Wiimotes ... like charge them? Should it store chips and salsa?  Store game disks?  Extend arms to neatly prop up a pizza dish?  Keep food warm?  Dispense robot-themed condoms?

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11:51 AM on 07.22.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #19: Otogi

Things look pretty bleak for the next month or so, don't they? Ah, summertime -- when the gaming industry actually offers a pretty compelling excuse to get off your ass and get outside. There's not much between here a...

Aaron Linde

6:06 PM on 07.18.2007

RetroforceGO! recording tonight; I miss arcades

That's right kids (and old people), I miss me my arcades. I miss being able to play the hottest new games in the dark, cigarette scented arenas that used to be my full-time hangout. Where did all these wonderful places go...


11:49 AM on 07.12.2007

Wii Party Station? Are they serious?

It is no secret that Nintendo's Wii is great for parties, and if you haven't had the pleasure of playing a drunken Wii Bowling session, then you're really missing out. Now, Nyko is trying to cash in on the Wii pl...

Dale North

10:02 AM on 07.04.2007

Give your DS some 'Style'

No, I'm not talking about your gaudy, bejewelled Metallic Rose monstrosity, but rather the software you'd put in it. It's fairly safe to say that gamers aren't the most well rounded people as far as culture go...

Dale North

2:29 AM on 06.11.2007

On today's episode of 'Nerds Make the Darndest Things' ...

Sometimes I like to imagine what mixing two totally awesome things together would be like, Jade Cocoon-style. Perhaps Adriana Lima with a language I can understand, or a pterodactyl with a Moonkin from World of Warcraft.. I a...

William Haley