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Nick Chester and his Singing Vagina


3DS 'lifestyle' pics appeal to the douchebag in all of us

Jan 20
If there's one constant in the universe, it is this little rule -- all pictures tagged "lifestyle" will feature people who could only be described as spectacular douchebags. Nintendo has often given this rule credibility, and... read

Mega64's games of 2010

Dec 31
Mega64's Todd and Aaron pick their favorite games, movies and other favorites from 2010. There's even a song! read

La Mulana devs talk difficulty and 'the key to fun'

Sep 23
La-Mulana is known for terminating folks. The game is a lot of fun, but it's so daunting at times that some fans are afraid to play the game through a second time. The team at Nigoro (La-Mulana's developers) seem aware of thi... read

New Cave Story info dump and MEDIA BLAST!

Sep 22
Here's the some news related to those Cave Story hints I dropped earlier in the week. First off, Cave Story is coming to DSiWare. There will be at least one new feature, maybe more. To quote Tyrone Rodriguez -- "it's really a... read

Kirby's Epic Yarn box art makes me spunk from my penis

Aug 18
Professional sourpuss and Destructoid editor-in-chief Nick Chester tells me I should stop being so excited for Kirby's Epic Yarn. I have decided instead to not learn my lesson about Aliens vs. Predator and ignore his warnings... read

Back when the first DJ Hero released, music games were at a cultural high, selling hundreds of thousands of units; games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band proved that peripheral-based music games could not only work, but be very... read feature


Fight women in bikinis in Warriors of Elysia

May 19
This is a thing where bikini-clad women fight each other. You are either: A) Aroused. B) Disgusted. C) Confused. D) All of the above. Yes, this is a real game coming out in October for the PC. Here's the official web site. One more video after the break. Yup. read

How to make your own New Super Mario Bros. Wii levels

Apr 04
That headline implies that I know how to make my own New Super Mario Bros. Wii levels. I totally don't. However, if didn't have to finish figuring out how to make my own Wario Ware DIY levels first so that I can review the ga... read

Twilight games could make MILLIONS!

Mar 19
The Twilight franchise is a giant cash cow. The books, movies and even ... underwear have sold like crazy but one sector the franchise hasn't touched yet is the videogame market. Games analyst Nick Gibson spoke about the poss... read

Aliens vs. Predator will definitely not suck

Feb 01
Okay, I don't know that for sure, but somebody has to balance Nick "Aliens aren't Taylor Swift, therefore they suck" Chester. Our illustrious editor-in-chief was less than kind to Rebellion's interspecies royal rumble when t... read

More The Who coming to The Rock Band

Jan 31
Which hat to put on. I can toss on my Nick Chester's singing vagina hat because this is a Rock Band story or I can put on my Samit hat because it has to do with the Superbowl and FOOTBALL! Nick's hat is more comfortable, but ... read

All-white Sengoku Basara/Devil Kings Revoltechs available

Jan 23
Perhaps in anticipation of the (upcoming?) release of Samurai Basara: Samurai Heroes, for the PlayStation 3 and, oddly enough the Wii, or Battle Heroes, a PSP game in the same vein, Kaiyodo is producing a Power Shop set of Re... read

New Wii game makes with the battle cries 'n decapitations

Jan 21
The game is Zangeki no Reginliev, the first M-rated title (or at least, the Japanese equivalent of that rating) to be published by Nintendo of Japan. It was developed by the creators of the Xbox 360 cult-classic Earth Defens... read

Devs are mostly cautious about Natal

Jan 17
Since Natal's announcement the interwebs have been a roller coaster ride of judgement for the motion/camera tech. It seems everyone has weighed in from Nick Chester's singing vagina to Jim Sterling's long lost fourth cousing,... read

So baller: Professor Layton Revoltech coming in March

Jan 15
Ok, let's be perfectly honest here: this Professor Layton Revoltech figure is on-fire hot. If I had a saltier lexicon, one surely unbefitting of a gentleman like Professor Layton, I'd say it was sh*thot. At the very least, I ... read

Why didn't Nintendo name their new Mario Bros characters?

Jan 13
New Super Mario Bros. Wii is on the fast track to becoming one of the best-selling games of all time. Less than three months after release, the game has already moved more than nine million copies worldwide, and shows little ... read

A No More Heroes 2 panty-flash jump-cut bonanza of excite

Jan 12
Every time I see that there is a new set of No More Heroes 2 videos on the internet, I expect to be let down. So far, that hasn't happened. Though this latest set of videos doesn't have a whole lot of new info, there is a fl... read

2009 saw more new game releases than last year

Dec 25
1,099 videogames games were released to retailers in America this year according to Electronic Entertainment Design and Research. That's a little more than the amount of games released in 2008, which was 1,092. While it would... read

Rock Band DLC: 30 Seconds to Mars, Rubber Soul

Dec 11
I hate it when Nick Chester makes me do the Rock Band DLC post. So anyway, here is some music and stuff from some musicians and stuff. You get music from Green Day, All-American Rejects and 30 Seconds to Mars this week. Good ... read

Bundle time: PixelJunk Monsters, Racers, and Eden for $20

Dec 10
A recent post on PlayStation.Blog by Dylan Cuthbert has seemingly slipped under everyone's radar -- specifically, it's about about PixelJunk Shooter -- but wait, there's more. Right at the end, he mentions a deal Q-Games will... read

REO Speedwagon: The Game (we're not sh*tting you!)

Nov 05
REO Speedwagon is getting its very own videogame, heading to the PC and Mac. I know you don't believe it, or at the very least think we're talking about a funny Flash game. We sh*t you not, however, this is a real, official, ... read

Analyst: DJ Hero demand is well below expectations

Oct 26
It's got the "Hero" name and is being backed by the Activision marketing machine, but analyst Doug Creutz of Cowan and Company believes DJ Hero is not setting the world afire as one might expect. The latest addition... read

The Beatles: Rock Band defeats Guitar Hero 5

Oct 20
Evil publisher Activision recently claimed that Guitar Hero 5 outsold MTV Games' The Beatles: Rock Band and maintained its dominance in the music game genre. However, it looks like Activision may have told an evil lie, becaus... read

U2 likes the idea of music games, would love to be in one

Oct 07
Musicians have been very quick to sh*t all over music games with their "play a real instrument" demands and whining that titles like Guitar Hero and Rock Band discourage kids from wanting to learn music. However, Ir... read

25 million Americans played music games in April

Jun 26
A new report by Interpret has indicated that, despite having ten million Guitar Hero games released a week, America is yet to get sick of the music game saturation. According to the research, over 25 million Americans played ... read

Want a $200 Guitar controller? Logitech has you covered

May 12
If you love your Guitar Hero and want only the best for those late night strumming sessions, perhaps you may want to consider swapping out your squeaky plastic guitar for this decadent $200 bastard from Logitech. You will eit... read

Rock Band 2 DLC almost ready for Wii ... Nick Chester made me do this story

Dec 26
When Rock Band 2 was announced for the Wii, Harmonix promised that downloadable songs would finally be available. It's been a week, but where are they? They're certainly not on any hard drives SD cards right now.If you're one... read

Rock Band attracts talent, Wii Music attracts pedophiles (probably)

Dec 10
Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman has confidently claimed that the Rock Band franchise has a much easier time attracting musical talent than its competitors, thanks mainly to its owned networks and better positioning to promote the ... read

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