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Mega Ran contest photo
Five copies up for grabs
Originally a commission by a hardcore fan, Mega Ran Com: Mission, was recently unlocked for the general public, and we've got five digital copies to hand out to lucky readers! To enter to win, just leave a comment in the...

Destiny music photo
Destiny music

This Destiny guitar medley is pretty rockin'

I think we can all agree it has great music
Jan 28
// Chris Carter
One of the best soundtracks I listened to all year was easily Destiny. For all the problems that the game had, it was a joy to listen to, especially while in orbit waiting for a group or a connection. Guitarist Ryan Abu...
Spotify on PS4 photo
Spotify on PS4

Sony partners with Spotify, shutters Music Unlimited

PlayStation Music app coming to PS4, PS3 this spring
Jan 28
// Kyle MacGregor
Spotify is coming to PlayStation Network this spring, Sony and Spotify announced today. The streaming service will launch via a new "music destination" called PlayStation Music, which will allow users to link their PSN accoun...
Dragon Age music photo
Dragon Age music

Download some tavern songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition for free

Jan 28
// Chris Carter
The music in Dragon Age: Inquisition is great, and now you can get a chance to sample a few tracks compliments of BioWare. Evidently the team got a lot of requests asking where to find the tavern songs in particular...
Gravity Ghost photo
Gravity Ghost

Ashly Burch plays a giant rapping mouse in Gravity Ghost

It's 'more of a schoolyard chant'
Jan 22
// Jonathan Holmes
Gravity Ghost is finally seeing release on Jan 26th, and as a reminder, it's still not too late to take advantage of the game's 33% off pre-order sale. You get an extra copy for pre-ordering too, so it's worth going in ...

Little Mac's true calling revealed

Jan 19 // Jonathan Holmes
Samba de amiibo photo
Words can't bring him down
Believe it or not, but someone at Nintendo actually liked the Captain Falcon's ass tribute amiibo video we did last month. Thanks to that happenstance, I ended up with an extra Little Mac amiibo a couple of days ago. I ...

Twitch music photo
Twitch music

Twitch deems these 500+ songs okay for streaming

Okay for streaming but not necessarily human ears
Jan 15
// Jordan Devore
Last year, Twitch rolled out an audio-recognition system that scans archived broadcasts for copyrighted music and mutes the offending segments. Now, the game-streaming site is offering broadcasters a library of 500+ songs (wi...
Super Smash Bros. photo
Super Smash Bros.

PSA: Today is the last day to register for the free Super Smash Bros. soundtracks

Go to Club Nintendo
Jan 14
// Darren Nakamura
If you are anything like me, you put off registering products on Club Nintendo until months (or years) later, when they aren't worth as much. If you bought both the 3DS and the Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. and you have...
Austin Wintory photo
Austin Wintory

Journey composer Austin Wintory threatened by musician's union

Band Geeks 2
Jan 13
// Mike Cosimano
Austin Wintory -- the Grammy-nominated composer behind Journey, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, and The Banner Saga, among others -- has been fined by the American Federation of Musicians for "violating union rules," Varie...
Hotline Miami 2 photo
Hotline Miami 2

Grab some headphones and listen to this Hotline Miami 2 song

Magic Sword
Jan 13
// Jordan Devore
The music and gameplay of Hotline Miami are so intertwined in my mind that I'm hesitant to listen to tracks off the sequel's soundtrack beforehand. Oh, what the hell? One can't hurt! This song, "The Way Home, comes from Magi...
Hidden Nintendo song photo
Hidden Nintendo song

Hidden 'Totaka's Song' discovered in Mario Kart 8

You sly dog
Jan 12
// Jordan Devore
Composer Kazumi Totaka has been hiding this tune in Nintendo games for over two decades now. While some of us will best recognize "Totaka's Song" from Mario Paint, it has turned up in titles like Link's Awakening, Luigi's Ma...

The best One Direction songs to describe indescribable gaming feelings

Jan 07 // Brett Makedonski
"Up All Night" Right off One Direction's debut album, the quintet couldn't contain their affection for late-night gaming at a buddy's house. "It feels like we've been livin' in fast forward, another moment passing by," they say. You know, that feeling when you start up a new game and time somehow skips ahead eight hours. That's such a great emotion. But, they continue "I wanna stay up all night, and jump around until we see the sun...Hold on to the feeling, and don't let it go." If there were ever any doubt that this is about a gaming-fueled sleepless slumber party, I think all the evidence is right there. Then they sing "Up all night, like this, all night, hey" over and over because they're not the world's greatest poets. "Live While We're Young" This one's similar to the previous entry, yet so thematically different. Whereas "Up All Night" deals with the company of others, "Live While We're Young" touches on that memorable moment when you bring a new console home. Almost the entirety of the chorus practically spells it out in black and white. "Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy 'till we see the sun. I know we only met, but let's pretend it's love, and never, never, never stop for anyone. Tonight let's get some and live while we're young." Everyone knows that feeling, One Direction; you're not alone. You and your new console may be near strangers, but you just want to spend the rest of your life together. You block the rest of the world out. It's like life means something again. Well put, 1D. "Kiss Me" "Kiss Me" is more personal than One Direction's other forays into the gaming world. It quite obviously details a passionate, intimate experience shared with an Xbox 360. It covertly describes that unreal connection the first time blue eyes and green lights meet. It's about softly kissing the console's side as the overworked processor pumps hot air on your neck. And, its raw emotion conveys the thrilling sense of danger when you first get your tongue stuck in the disc tray. I have to say, though: One Direction did a good job of dressing this one up like they're kissing a lady. We're savvy enough to see through that. "You & I" I think we can all agree that there's nothing better than some local cooperative videogame playin'. One Direction's of that opinion, too -- so much so that they even wrote a song about it! Wow! "You and I...We can make it 'til the end. Nothing can come between you and I." Well said, 1D. It really conveys that sense of solidarity when you're plugging away at Contra or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game with a friend. Your drive for success is equal parts desire for victory and wanting to not let your partner down. That's a really special bond. "Something Great" Everyone's favorite band wants Half-Life 3 just as badly as we do. "One day you'll come into my world and say it all...I want you here with me like how I pictured it, so I don't have to keep imagining." Some day, One Direction. Some day.
Oh yeah, 1D photo
This is what makes you beautiful, 1D
It's 2015. It's an age of sexiness and carelessness, a time when Snapchat and Tinder are far more popular than table etiquette apps (much to my chagrin). Yet, this blasted Internet webpage is writing about decidedly unsexy to...

Hotline vinyl photo
Hotline vinyl

Holy crap, this Hotline Miami 2 vinyl is cool

Wait until you see the jacket art
Dec 18
// Jordan Devore
iam8bit has opened pre-orders for the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Collector's Edition Vinyl ahead of its first quarter 2015 ship date. (Is that when the game is releasing? Hope so!) At $60, the three-record set features 28 ...
Promoted Blogs photo
Promoted Blogs

Happy holidays and a musical gift

Promoted from our Community Blogs
Dec 16
// Alphadeus
[Dtoid community blogger Alphadeus asks for some help. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do and it means a lot that he would come to us. I think we can all relate to needing a little help from our friends. He also sh...
Music photo

OC ReMix celebrates turning 15 with, yep, you guessed it

Free remixes
Dec 12
// Jordan Devore
OverClocked ReMix has given us a ton of amazing remixes over the years. Longer than I realize, sometimes -- the game music community celebrated its 15th anniversary this week. Crazy. For the big one-five, the site has release...
Free music photo
Free music

Grab some free tunes from the Dungeonmans soundtrack

Andrew Aversa emulates Hitoshi Sakimoto
Dec 09
// Darren Nakamura
I spent a lot of time listening to Hitoshi Sakimoto's work with the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Tactics. Heck, it is still in my rotation for background music during board game nights. From the sound of it, Andrew "zircon" A...
Promoted Blog photo
Promoted Blog

New Album "2AD14 - II" - Always Free!

Promoted from our Community Blogs
Dec 08
// Alphadeus
[Dtoid community blogger Alphadeus is back with another lovely album! From his brain space to the tips of his fingers to your ears, this is a journey worth taking. Want to see your own stuff appear on the front page? Go...
Game Music Bundle photo
Game Music Bundle

Wow, Game Music Bundle 8 sounds fantastic

Dec 04
// Darren Nakamura
Can you believe the Game Music Bundle is on number eight? We haven't covered every single iteration of it, though the last one got some shameless self promotion here on Destructoid. That said, this one deserves special mentio...
Saints Row photo
Saints Row

This is Saints Row: Gat out of Hell's musical number

When Clancy Brown tells you to do something, you listen
Dec 03
// Jordan Devore
"It's a whimsical, weird fucking game," former Volition creative director Steve Jaros said of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell when I spoke with him about the Disney-inspired standalone expansion. It's true: there's a musical num...

Inside My Radio is a rad rhythm-platformer

Nov 16 // Steven Hansen
But boomboxes are a big, dead cultural artifact. Inside My Radio, one of the coolest projects I checked out at Game Connection Europe, puts you in the role of a lively LED inside of a dying boombox. Your goal is to bring back the funk (or, actually, the electro, dub, and disco).  Inside My Radio is structured similarly to underrated rhythm-platformer Sound Shapes, with a number of stages making up the track list in an album. Within the musical genres of electro, dub, and disco, there will be subgenres and styles represented, which will wind up with their own albums, so it won't be a three-tune affair.  Unlike Sound Shapes, though, the music here isn't just tonal, visual set-dressing. Here, your main movements--jump, dash, slam--have to be synchronized with the backing beat, or nothing registers. A bit closer to Crypt of the Necrodancer, perhaps, but with a more consistent rhythm rather than a tile based affair. Should you slip up and lose the beat, prompting a complete meltdown, as is often the case in rhythm games, a button press brings up a metronome-like visual indicator around the LED chap that you can follow to get back on track.  Aside from rhythm-based precision platforming, there are a few puzzle sort of things to deal with, as well as the ability to slightly alter the style of track within the level you're playing, depending on which bit you prefer. The dubworld even has a giant mixing board you can manually adjust for the sound you want.  The music I've heard is good, the visual style is lovely in its colorful lighting and sharp angles (the cutscenes, too, which look a little different). I'm excited to check out more Inside My Radio, headphones on, soon. PC and "consoles" are currently confirmed, though it may be a tip that the studio's last, very different game came to PS3 and Vita alongside PC. 
Inside My Radio photo
Get in my radio (an Austin Powers joke)
There are things to consider when it comes to playing music in public. Are you in an open space, perhaps a park, with enough distance between you and others so that your tunes don't dance on over into unwilling ears? Are you...

Review: Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit!

Nov 12 // Brittany Vincent
Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit! (PS Vita)Developer: MeteorisePublisher: XSEED GamesReleased: November 11, 2014MSRP: $14.99 Bon Appétit! gathers the entire Senran Kagura cast for a cooking competition set up to offer the winner a scroll that can grant a solitary wish. With such an astonishing prize on the line, word travels quickly to all the sprightly young ninja as they enter the cook-off to nab the scroll for themselves. Of course, it's all a front, a scheme from a geezer who wants to see the girls traipsing around in sexy aprons, but you can't fault an old man for trying. The girls give it their all and set out to humiliate one another in the name of making their dreams come true, and that's where you come in. Once you've started the game proper, Story Mode is where you'll want to head first to unlock special outfits, accessories, and extra content. You can choose from a healthy amount of the Senran Kagura girls, like Asuka, Ikaruga, Hibari, Hikage, and the rest of the gang. Each girl is saddled with her own brief snippet of visual novel-styled narrative as to why she's pursuing the special scroll. Most are hilariously awful, littered with double and triple entendres that revolve around the male anatomy or breasts. Asuka is one of the worst perpetrators, but I was consistently astounded by the localization team's unmatched efforts to go the extra mile and ensure line after line was simultaneously corny and sexually charged. [embed]283649:56308:0[/embed] It's fairly impressive, to be honest, and despite how absolutely inane it can be, refreshing to see a game nearly devoid of male characters take casual racy speech and toss it out so carelessly. It may be considered fanservice "for men," but it certainly isn't the men the girls are not-so-subtly flirting with in-game, and that's something I can get behind. If I were a lesser person, that could have been a dirty remark, but I'll refrain for the purposes of this review. After you've chosen a girl you'll partake in a multi-stage cooking competition, which locks your girl in fierce combat with varying opponents. Like a racier Iron Chef, dishes are established at the beginning of the match for both parties to create, with both girls assigned a station and their own cooking tools and materials. Except you don't ever actually do any cooking. Instead, you whip up the tasty meals assigned to you by way of pressing buttons in time to the beat -- this is a rhythm game, after all. Near the bottom of the screen are two tiers where symbols corresponding to the Vita's face buttons appear. It's your job to hit them as the music plays, a la Bust A Groove or PaRappa the Rapper. Sometimes you'll need to tap the note until the number above it reaches zero. You'll have to hold notes occasionally as well, while tending to button presses above or below it. The directional buttons come into play as well, so you'll have to think fast when two are on-screen at the same time. It's quite challenging on the highest difficulty setting, especially when it comes to songs with a higher BPM, though you're never given the option to select a song for each stage. There are three breaks in each song where the judge (the lecherous Grandpa himself) takes a moment to sample the dishes you've crafted thus far, and if you've managed to keep your ninja's meter full (as opposed to your opponent's color filling the bar) you'll come out on top. If by the end of the match you've created the superior dish each time, you'll emerge victorious. At the end of each judging round, the player on the losing end of the battle will have her clothes ripped in strategic places a bit more each time until she's left totally naked but for chibi anime faces to cover up the naughty bits -- because we're not adults here or anything and a little bit of nipple is far more scandalous than making penis joke after penis joke -- but I digress. At the end of each song the victor is subjected to a "humiliating" pose in which they're drizzled with chocolate syrup or various dessert toppings as they pose sensually. And then it's gone, done, onto the next one, because if you want to see the rest of the characters, you've got to get to work unlocking them through Story Mode. Otherwise, you could choose Arcade or Free Play for the thrill of the rhythm game without the unlockables. Unfortunately, the game's biggest pitfall comes in the form of the songs themselves. They're not exactly what I'd call memorable, with tunes channeling wedding marches, bizarre Christmas-like holiday doppelgangers, and a cavalcade of instrumental (and occasionally vocal) songs that are instantly forgettable. While you're locked in a heated cooking battle, it's easy to forgive this fact, but the most basic building block of a rhythm game is its songs. These songs simply aren't strong enough to act as the backbone of a title that revolves solely around them. There are a couple with vocals that will at the very least stand out, but for the most part they feel like accompanying background tracks in any run-of-the-mill JRPG. Luckily, they're just rollicking enough to provide a challenge and I suppose that's all that's really warranted here, though some cutesy pop songs could have spiced things up considerably. Still, this is a surprisingly meaty title that'll have you coming back again and again to best one difficulty level after another, even if it's just to collect special accessories with which you can outfit your girls. They're hilariously pandering (I chose a military outfit paired with a pacifier and cat ears) but they do alter the way your girl appears in each scene, even when she's hard at work cooking. It also seems that band-aids are the lingerie of choice for most of the girls. Who knew? I was hoping for some hardcore BDSM gear to really round things out, but the best I could find was a collar. The outfits paired with dialogue snippets make for some side-splitting screenshots, but if you take them be forewarned that the Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit! logo will be superimposed at the bottom right of each one for some unknown reason. Everything in this strange little rhythm game comes together in some weird way, from the girls posing as desserts to the fact that this is a musical cooking competition. It's a fluffy bit of cotton candy that works well with the core cast of characters, and Senran Kagura devotees as well as rhythm game fans alike should find something to enjoy here, even if it's just the fact that nearly every character route has inappropriate banter.
Bon Appétit! Review photo
Light and delicious
Some may call Senran Kagura inherently tasteless, but the series of action-packed brawlers has depth and satisfying combat. The games have swept the handheld community mainly because of their increasingly risqué conten...

Promoted Blog photo
Promoted Blog

The Quiet Return of the Composer

Promoted from our Community Blogs!
Nov 11
// Alphadeus
[Dtoid community blogger Alphadeus creates the most lovely music. He is a prime example of a truly talented community member sharing his gift with us. It's an honor and pleasure to share this on the front page with all of you...

Review: The Voice: I Want You

Nov 08 // Brittany Vincent
The Voice: I Want You (Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3 [reviewed])Developer: bitComposer GamesPublisher: Activision Release:  October 21, 2014MSRP: $39.99 Perhaps a bit of background information is in order. I've played nearly every single karaoke title available to me. That spans the older generation of consoles up to the current round of systems -- everything from Microsoft's short-lived Lips series to Disney: Sing It. I also like to write and record song parodies. I don't think I'm an excellent vocalist, but I have a smattering of gold ratings in Rock Band, namely "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" and "Space Oddity." I've plunged the depths of musical despair with the karaoke app on Xbox 360, and I spent four hours at Duet 35 on my last trip to New York wishing I could live and die in that tiny room with phonebooks full of instrumentals music. And yet, while playing through this game, I found myself longing to return to titles that should, by all intents and purposes, be lesser games, like the Karaoke Revolution PlayStation 2 series or even Smule's mobile Sing! Karaoke app.  [embed]283579:56259:0[/embed] It's immediately apparent as soon as you begin the game proper that if you purchased the game looking to channel the vibe from the popular television show, you've been duped. There's no sign of Christina Aguilera or Blake Shelton anywhere. There's not even a Gwen Stefani or glimpse of Pharrell. It's only you, faceless silhouettes that act as "judges," and the cold of your living room.  It's not as if the game is broken, however. It's simply generic to the core, from its default WordPress template menus to its everyman and everywoman singers that accompany you during songs. You can head into quick play to choose from a meager listing of songs, check out Voice Coach mode for a slim selection of quick and dirty vocal lessons, or play a "season" that mimics the actual television show. If you've got friends over clamoring for a turn (and enough mics) you can play Party Mode with seven different players. The modes are surprisingly robust, and would be welcomed in any other game.  However, several different modes of play mean nothing if the track listing and songs themselves fall flat, which they do. Big time. Once you get started, you might notice there's something a little off about the track list, which includes upward of 20-something songs -- Alicia Keys' "Fallin'" and the venerable "What Does The Fox Say?" rounding out tracks that both please fans of new music and obfuscate others. It's the most random assortment of songs since Elite Beat Agents and its inclusion of Deep Purple's "Highway Star."  I couldn't be sure whether the goal was to appeal to those who enjoy music straight off their local pop station or if these were simply the cheapest songs that could be obtained easily. For every "September," you've got "Stay." For "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" there's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," sung by a male artist and completely altering the landscape of the song. It's bizarre.  This was no doubt a move to keep things cheap on the studio's part, but if asked directly, Activision might respond with the fact that cover songs help channel the spirit of The Voice on NBC, where several different singers take on tunes that aren't their own. Either way, they're embarrassingly low-quality. They would be serviceable covers if this were some sort of high school musical that couldn't afford the real songs. When it comes to a game that judges you on pitch, phrasing, and how close you can get to the singer's range, timbre, and vocals, altering the original song is absolutely unacceptable. The cover artist can never match the nuances of the recording artist's performance exactly, and if you're meant to match the vocal tubes of each song to one you've heard hundreds of times over, you're already being set up to fail. It becomes less about finding your own voice and more about mimicking a lesser version of your favorite tune. It's painful.  With regard to vocal coaching, the "lessons" are simply laughable. You'll receive such sage advice as breathing between phrases, what the notes in a song are like (long and short!) and "advanced" topics like implementing vibrato. It's understandable if you've  never sung before, but the coaching mode is so rudimentary that it's unfair to even call it coaching. It's a series of text and accompanying examples to "practice" with. You'd be better off looking up videos on YouTube of proper breathing techniques and scale practice. Besides, the only feedback you'd be getting within the game is what the game can match to your vocals with the included microphone.  Playing a season is just as underwhelming, where coaches "competing" to have you on their team amounts to a few simple exclamations of "That was a solid performance!" and similar airy quotes coming from a set of "professionals" assigned to a specific music genre. They may as well all be the same person, and your only real input when it comes to having them choose you over AI-controlled opponents is, well, singing the song. Match the correct pitch at least some of the time and you'll be golden. There's no real reward for participating in a season, and the different qualifiers mean little more than the fact that you sang a song and managed to not fail. Congratulations? What's frustrating is the fact that The Voice: I Want You could very well have been a decent game. It had every opportunity to take what it was given and work with it. Even simple tweaks, such as improving the quality of the vocal covers or offering better and more nuanced coaching would have improved it tenfold. As it stands, The Voice: I Want You is a title that you may be able to spend about an hour with before reaching for something meatier in the realm of singing games. And, when you're seriously considering going back to the American Idol karaoke titles on the Xbox 360 because at least Simon, Paula, and Randy were included in the game, there's something very, very wrong happening. Pass up the The Voice on consoles and just catch it on television. Or, sing in the shower. You'll get more out of it. 
The Voice review photo
♫ I knew you were treble when you walked in ♫
Do you live for the thrill of belting out your favorite songs whenever you've got five minutes to yourself? Are you an amateur singer looking for guidance, or a professional looking for something fun to brush up your vocal te...

Flyin' to my heart: Seven videogame songs that actually excite me

Oct 29 // Brittany Vincent
Gitaroo Man - "Flyin' To Your Heart" [embed]282759:56152:0[/embed] "Flyin' to your heart, like a wind into the sea" The upbeat electronic sound effects grab me and don't let up, and the urgency of the lyrics, whether it's the Japanese or English version of the first stage of Gitaroo Man, remind me that special things are on their way. I'd better look my best, strut my stuff, and puff my chest out because things are about to be especially exciting. I still remember listening to this song in the backseat of my parents' car back in 2011 in the days leading up to my first E3. I was pumped. Despite the crushing disappointment of my first trade show, I returned to this song over and over to remind myself that it wasn't the end of my budding career, and I could still be the young writer who was going places. And these days, I come back to it when I'm blow drying my hair and getting ready to go out, even if it's just to Target to pick up some supplies. It awakens something in me. I'm not sure what.  The World Ends With You - "Déjà Vu" [embed]282759:56154:0[/embed] "I don't believe in fantasy..." Sometimes in addition to getting pumped I must also remember that I need a no-nonsense approach to whatever I'm facing. Usually, I let this play when I'm thinking about applying an overabundance of effort when it comes to different situations, like creating a resume for a company I really wanted to work for to reflect the exact structure of one of their reviews, or creating an entire mock magazine for another that looked just like their own publication. I like the transcendent implications and the otherworldly, dreamlike themes of the song, and how beneath the "I'm getting played by you" narrative the song carries, there's an air of defiance. "Turn me into sensation," indeed. Space Channel 5 - "Mexican Flyer" [embed]282759:56155:0[/embed] This is the reason I put some swagger in my walk when I go from my shower to my closet to get dressed for the day, or for when I'm about to go through something difficult, but totally awesome. I imagine strutting just like Ulala down the sidewalk or a store in the mall, or into an interview that I'm totally going to nail. It works even better if I'm with friends, so we can go ahead and summon that entire Space Channel 5 vibe. It's bold and badass, and I love it.  Hotline Miami - "Hydrogen" [embed]282759:56156:0[/embed] I don't go out to clubs or anything of that nature, but if I did I imagine I'd want this type of music to accompany me, especially the beat that kicks in at 1:01. It's nigh impossible to stay in a bad mood when this is blasting from my speakers, and it instantly gets me pumped. Even if I just need to power through a few hundred emails and finish up several reviews and features for the day, a little "Hydrogen" makes it possible.  Bust-A-Groove 2 - "Happy Heart in the Sunshine" [embed]282759:56157:0[/embed] "I've got to get out of this place!" Nearly everything about this bright and cheery song reminds me that it's okay to sit back and appreciate what I have, particularly when I'm excited about seeing someone or going somewhere. Not only that, but the "rambling heart" line resonates with me. This English version of character Shorty's stage in this dance game (one of my personal favorites) takes me back to a simpler time and allows me to look forward and stay positive without being as anxious, and it instills nothing but happiness the entire time it's coming through my speakers. I am sear-ching ev'ry daaaaaaay! We ♥ Katamari - "Disco * Prince" [embed]282759:56158:0[/embed] "Minna daisuki, I love you!"  The buildup to 2:43, where this relaxing Katamari track escalates into pure euphoria is a hilarious amalgam of Japanese and English lyrics before later referencing a classic Katamari tune, "The Moon and the Prince" from the same artist. It's such a bouncy, danceable tune that's even more motivating if you tackle a long project and dance in your seat along to it. Near the end of high school, I thought I was ridiculously clever for using the aforementioned buildup as the voicemail on my Samsung flip phone. The quality was terrible, but I found that I'd call to listen to it during the day when I needed a smile, and it worked. Whatever the future is gonna bring, I'm ready! DDRMAX -Dance Dance Revolution 6thMIX CS - "Kind Lady" [embed]282759:56159:0[/embed] "I'm not like the rest, boy, I'm a kind lady"  First of all, just listen to the song. See if you're not pumped by the "don't you think - don't you think - don't you think" crescendo up until the song begins. Okuyatos, you nailed it. I'll present this one without comment, but know that the "Interlude" version of this song is every bit as awesome if you ever plan on listening to it. 
Seven exciting songs photo
I'm getting played by you, déjà vu
It's tough for me to get excited these days. I ain't jaded, I just hate it. Actually, it's not like I hate everything. I simply feel anxious nearly every waking moment of my life. I need something to look forward to, no matte...

Gamer's Rhapsody photo
Gamer's Rhapsody

Gamer's Rhapsody will gather music and games on November 15-16

Minnesota in the middle of November? Cool
Oct 29
// Darren Nakamura
I have previously expressed that we, the Destructoid community, need to find a new meetup to replace PAX, since PAX is too big to handle now. Maybe Gamer's Rhapsody can be a contender. Probably not for this year, but maybe in...
Half-Life 2 photo
Half-Life 2

Smell the ashes while listening to City 17

It's like hearing Dr. Breen's own playlist
Oct 25
// Alasdair Duncan
I've been a fan of the various You Are Listening To... streams for a few years now. Initially, you could listen to the police banter of various North American cities while a stream of ambient and instrumental music played at ...
The Voice photo
The Voice

The Voice still looks like garbage, but I want to play it

♫ I got garbage~~! On a clooooudy day~! ♫
Oct 16
// Brittany Vincent
Let it be known that I play any and all karaoke games, no matter how bad they are. Hell, I even bought Disney's Sing It because I thought there might be a couple Hannah Montana songs I could rock out to. But I think Activisio...

Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft composers join up for a concert

Coming to Naka-Kon in Overland Park, Kansas
Oct 16
// Dale North
Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and World of Warcraft composer Jason Hayes are teaming up with their respective bands, The Earthbound Papas and Critical Hit, to perform live at Naka-Kon in Overland Park, Kansas this Nove...

Zone Runners: Sonic-themed hip hop

This exists
Oct 13
// Dale North
Sonic-themed hip hop exists. Check out Zone Runners, a game music-inspired hip hop trio that just released their debut album of Sonic the Hedgehog type tunes. They run through a number of zones over the 11-track release, with...
Favorite game music photo
Favorite game music

What's your favorite game music to work to?

Let's build a playlist
Oct 09
// Jordan Devore
Every so often while working, I'll listen to some new pop song that isn't very good but has managed to seem good, over time, because I keep encountering it. After a couple days of this, tops, I'll inevitably wear myself out a...

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