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Digital Grab Ass photo
And then there's that Quick Draw game too
You know what's awesome? Wild-west style duels. You know what else is awesome? Touching butts. Fortunately for you, dear reader, Papa Spencer is here to deliver. I ran into Stephen Morris at Indiecade at E3 this year and I'm...

NYCC: Until Dawn is a horny horror flick that you control

Oct 12 // Dale North
Jess and Mike are pretty hot to trot by this time, but they're not opposed to taking a little stroll in the woods to find this cabin. They make an adventure out of it, trying to scare each other as they trudge through the snow in the dark. Animals moving in the woods spook them a bit, but they're still having fun. For now.  The fun of Until Dawn is in its presentation. It plays out exactly like a horror film, complete with the pop-out scares and sharp, snarky writing you'd expect. There's also plenty in the way of funny dialogue and situations, coming directly from well-versed horror film writers. Until Dawn is unique in that it uses the PS Move controller exclusively. Most of the time it serves as a flashlight for the eight game characters. Movement is controlled by pointing the torch in the desired direction, and the analog trigger controls the speed of movement. The main action button on the controller takes care of most of the world interactions and puzzle solving. In the times where a character is using an item, 1:1 movement of the Move controller lets the player take over. Turning a key, pulling blinds, or firing a gun are done exactly as you'd expect. The trek to the cabin stays fun until the couple hears a strange noise and soon after finds a deer that looked to be ripped open by something terrible. As they examine it, it's ripped away. Scared shitless, they take off running until they find the cabin, and then they lock themselves inside.  In the normal world, strange noises and dead animals would have killed the mood. But in the world of horror flicks, the lovebirds are ready to rock in minutes. First, Jess insists, the blinds must be closed and the fireplace must be warm. More strange noises hinder their progress for a bit, but eventually Michael gets her down to panties and bra.  Just when the getting gets good, Jessica is violently ripped through the window of the front door by some unseen attacker, leaving a trail of blood out the door and through the snow, leading out to the woods. Mike runs to follow the trail, rifle in hand. This leads him into the depths of an abandoned mining operation, where he finds Jessica's maimed body laying in a heap on a lift. Just as the attacker sneaks up on Mike the screen goes black. If you're keen on this particular kind of teen horror flick, I think you'll really enjoy Until Dawn. It stretches the typical movie story into a 5 or more hour adventure where you'll eventually control each of the eight cast members. They all can die, or you can complete the game with all surviving -- it's up to you. I could see Until Dawn being a great game to play with a small group, with the lights out and cold beers on hand. The group could make calls on how to proceed, and the Move controller could be passed off.  I'm looking forward to popping some popcorn for Until Dawn.

Announced at gamescom earlier this year, Until Dawn puts players in control of the cast of characters in what looks to be a classic teen horror film. It's a PS3 title set for next year, and it uses the PlayStation Move contro...


Panty shot! New PS Move game Until Dawn announced

Aug 14
// Dale North
A beautiful cast, a dark secret. A panty shot. Sony announced new PS3/PS Move game Until Dawn at their press conference at gamescom today.  You'll play as 7 different characters, with relationships that develop over the...

E3: The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel looks silly

Jun 04
// Jordan Devore
Holy hell! Look at this thing! Sony has announced a new peripheral for fans of racing games who aren't content with their current methods of input. The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel, as it's been so eloquently named, will be ...


50% off Mass Effect 3 plus Lightning Deals on Amazon

Apr 24
// Jordan Devore
Despite any criticisms one can have with Mass Effect 3, it's still very much a game worth playing and seeing for yourself. I mean, most of us got collectively obsessed there for a reason. Today on Amazon, all versions of ME3 ...

Smite peons as God in Babel Rising

Oct 27 // Wesley Ruscher
Babel Rising (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade [Previewed], PC)Developer: Mando ProductionsPublisher: UbisoftRelease: Spring, 2012 As God in Babel Rising, your objective is simple; prevent the Babylonians from building one of their famous towers to the skies above. If they reach you, you fail and, as I can only assume, the Babylonians then throw a wicked Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey-esque party at your expense. To prevent this from happening you will use the power of the elements; fire, water, lighting, and earth (Go Planet!) to kill every last peon who dares defy your right to live in the heavens. If you couldn't already tell, you're not a very nice and welcoming God but that's part of Babel Rising's devious charm. The Kinect controls for smiting are fairly simple and intuitive. Your right hand controls the camera, which you can spin freely around the tower, and it also directs the aiming reticule for targeting the little Babylonian bastards. Your left hand -- if you haven't already guessed -- controls the smiting. Depending on the element selected -- in my demo only fire and water were available -- simple flicks downward will cast fireballs and rainstorms to either destroy or impede the construction of the tower. Holding out your left arm and swiping your right hand, back and forth, creates diabolical fire roasting and ice freezing attacks. If you're in a pinch, there is also the Ultimate attack, which when charged can be cast by swiping both arms down simultaneously. I only saw the fire version of this attack, but the onslaught of meteors was impressive . Though you are God, unfortunately the omnipotent powers aren't infinite. Each skill has a certain amount of uses before it must be recharged, so smiting wisely is a must. There are also voice commands, which allow for faster switching between elements and for casting ultimate attacks. While I didn't get to try the voice controls I can only imagine the joy of shouting "ultimate attack" and laughing to myself as the carnage unfolds.   Babel Rising may be toted as an action God-game, but it shares a lot of with the tower defense genre -- even if you are preventing one from being made. Managing your resources and assessing the types of Babylonians approaching -- such as healers -- is key to being a successfully ruthless God. The level I played was fairly straightforward, with my building nemeses only coming from one path, but I was told later stages can be quite hectic with enemies coming from all sides. Babel Rising is set to hit the three major downloading services on consoles and PC, hopefully, by next spring. Controller options are available as well and there is even a competitive multiplayer mode to accompany the campaign. Strategy fans and casual gamers alike should pay attention to this one. Whether you fancy the tower defense genre or are just looking for a diabolically clever game to show off at parties, Babel Rising should contain just the right amount of fun for everyone.

Have you ever wanted to cast down the wrath of God with great vengeance and furious anger? Babel Rising -- Ubisoft's upcoming title for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC -- may just be the game for you, or at the v...


Ken Levine has just gotten done making a very impressive U-turn on his previous criticism of motion control in order to open the way for PlayStation Move support in BioShock Infinite. Selling the implementation as a way of op...

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