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Mother 3


Destructoid interview: webmaster Reid Young

Oct 17
// Brad Nicholson
It has been a long journey for Reid Young, webmaster of For over a decade, he and a band of devoted followers have been fighting a losing battle with Nintendo of America. What Reid (popularly known by his handle ...

Fan translation of Mother 3 is finally finished!

Oct 15
// Chad Concelmo
Oh my gosh, I can’t believe the day has finally come (and before you yell, yes, I know this news was official a couple nights ago -- you can blame the blind, homeless children I have been reading bedtime stories to the ...

Free game is free: Fan made Earthbound spin off available now

Feb 08
// Jonathan Holmes
A lot of Western gamers have been sad for years over Nintendo's continued refusal to localize more games in the Mother/Earthbound series (the home of Smash Bros Brawl characters Ness and Lucas). But luckily we have the crazed...

Surfer Girl: Mother/Earthbound series to hit US, possibly next year

Dec 26
// Dale North
Even after talking to the famed tipster Surfer Girl, we still don't know what to make of her. We do know that she says a lot of things that we like to hear, and on Christmas she said that the Mother/Earthbound series will com...

To dream the impossible dream: The first ten minutes of Mother 3 now in English

Dec 16
// Jonathan Holmes
 Genesis does what Ninten-don't. For over a year now, their team of dedicated programmers have been plugging away on making a translation hack of the Japanese language only GBA game Mother 3/Earthbound2. And ...

The Smash DOJO!! recap: Two player co-op is in ... sort of

Oct 05
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
The week started off with a new challenger! Lucas has joined the Brawl and he has made his way from MOTHER 3. Masahiro makes a small mention towards Ness as well in this update. He will more than likely make it back. I made m...

Been awhile, kids -- it's your favorite Linde, freshly returned from the barbaric wastes of Hungary, where goose liver serves as both key component to every meal and a common substitute for drinking water. Them folks are craz...

 photo assaults Nintendo of America with envelopes, books

Aug 20
// Aaron Linde
You guys already know the score -- when there's movin' and shakin' in the way of EarthBound or Mother news, I'm usually the nerd on call to give you the skinny. And since almost every ounce of movin' and/or shakin' these days...

Marathon: Durandal port should come with Dramamine

Aug 02
// Dale North
Bungie's classic Mac first-person shooter Marathon: Durandal is now available for download on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. A mere 800 points nabs you this Freeverse-made remake, souped up in high-definition. It's just too bad t...
 photo's EarthBound Anthology

Jul 06
// Aaron Linde
Sure, some might stare a bit cockeyed at the EarthBound fan community, but you can't say they're not resourceful, dedicated, and above all, tenacious. Proof positive: over 250 pages of devotion bound in one book, the ...

Two teams make one in ongoing quest for a Mother 3 translation

Jul 04
// Aaron Linde
Destructoid is no stranger to the myriad Mother 3 translation dramabombs that have dropped since the game's original Japanese (and nowhere else) release of the game, mostly due to my corrupt influence. But now we've g...

Mother 3 soundtracks available on US iTunes store

Apr 02
// Nick Chester
Hello, people outside of Japan! How are you today? I have some exciting news! You can finally now download your favorite tunes from the Game Boy Advance game, Mother 3! Two soundtracks have been made available -- Mother 3+ a...

Mother 3 translation actually making progress; take THAT Aaron!

Mar 03
// Earnest Cavalli
Remember when Aaron so somberly wept over the last shreds of hope regarding a proper translation for Mother 3? As it turns out, he wept a bit prematurely.HarassmentPanda (which, we're going to assume is not his Christia...

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