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Mad Catz

Mad Catz to re-release Rock Band 3 this holiday

Aug 10
[corgi head tilt] Accessories company Mad Catz has entered into an agreement with Harmonix to re-release Rock Band 3 this holiday season. Last year's hit music game will come back this holiday as a bundle, published by the co... read

Mad Catz officially signs on to make Xbox 360 games

Jul 08
Not controllers. Games.  Mad Catz, the guys behind all many of third-party controllers and accessories out there, announces today that they've entered into a Publisher License Agreement with Microsoft. This agreement all... read

First off, let me apologise for the length of this video; it is an epic twenty minutes long and at no point during recording did I want to cut it short. Anyone who has seen my videos with Alex from MadCatz will kno... read feature

["This Thing That I Do" is a feature on Destructoid where I interview people who work in the gaming industry or people who have achieved something noteworthy to give us some insight into how it all works.] The world of PR has... read feature

That's Mad, Cat: Mad Catz' net sales up 91 percent

Feb 10
Mad Catz sent out a press release today just to tell us that they made a f*ckton of money this year. I'm happy for them. I remember when used game stores would not accept trade-ins on anything with the Mad Catz name on it. No... read

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick announced

Feb 01
You knew it was coming, but now it's official. Mad Catz has officially announced their Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition sticks, just in time for the game's release on February 15th. Marvel and Capcom h... read

Mad Catz bringing you more Gears of War stuff this fall

Jan 26
Expect more Xbox 360 accessories with COG logos and smatterings of blood this fall. Mad Catz has announced its entered into a deal with Epic Games to produce Gears of War peripherals to coincide with the release of the third ... read

Mad Catz bringing new 'Brawl' Stick/Pad for WWE All Stars

Jan 19
Here's something you probably never expected! Yes, Mad Catz and THQ have teamed up to release a special Arcade BrawlStick and BrawlPad for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The new WWE All Stars plays a lot more like an arcade ... read

CES: Mad Catz has 3DS accessories, mini Wii controllers

Jan 08
Getting a 3DS and need accessories? Mad Catz is on the case. Or, they're making cases for the 3DS. They're making cases, styluses and screen protectors. I saw their new line-up at CES yesterday, where all of this was on displ... read

CES: Rock Band 3 Midi Pro Adapter hits shelves full force

Jan 08
The Rock Band 3 Midi Pro Adapter technically came out at the end of 2010, but they're still pretty hard to find out in the wild. Best Buy had a few at launch, but that was about it. Those musicians that wanted to try connecti... read

Don’t you just love Christmas? You get to spend a ton of money buying gifts for people you can’t stand or have endless difficulty buying the right gift for the significant other in life. Since I am the resident sh... read feature

PAX 10: Pushing Chun-li's buttons with Mad Catz

Sep 05
Since I love you all so much I have decided to grace you lovely lot with two video interviews with Alex from Mad Catz; I assure you his energy is contagious. This time we take a look at Mad catz limited edition Chun-Li fight... read

PAX 10: First look at Call Of Duty: Black Ops headset

Sep 04
Alex, global PR for Mad Catz, is PR incarnate. The man is brilliant to interview with more energy and enthusiasm than you can shake a stick at. Once I saw him at the Mad Catz booth here at PAX Prime, I knew we needed to do a... read

GC 10: Rock 'n' rolling with Mad Catz

Aug 19
If at any point you had convinced yourself that I wasn't rock and roll, this video will indeed disprove that notion! Meet Alex, the global PR for Mad Catz, a company who specialize in peripherals with one of their biggest li... read

Mad Catz bringing Sonic-themed DS travel cases

Jun 14
Sonic has been getting around lately. We've got Sonic 4 arriving on multiple platforms, Sonic Colors for the Wii and DS, and now the Kinect-enabled Sonic Free Riders for the 360. With all this Sonic love in the air, Mad Catz ... read

Mad Catz ready with Kinect accessories

Jun 14
Microsoft officially demonstrated Kinect earlier today, and already third-party accessory maker Mad Catz has announced a line of molded plastic for use with the new motion-control peripheral. Excuse me while I put on my surpr... read

Pre-E3: Keyboards and Pro instruments for Rock Band 3 detailed, priced

Jun 10
Sure, you'll be able to pop the Rock Band 3 disc in and start rocking using all of your existing instruments. But if you want to really take advantage of what the game has to offer -- updated support for a keyboard peripheral... read

Call of Duty: Black Ops Mad Catz accessories incoming

Jun 01
I'm not entirely sure how many controllers one needs, but MadCatz is banking on you needing at least one this November, and that you want it branded with Call of Duty: Black Ops crap. The peripheral manufacturer has announced... read

Street Fighter champ Daigo Umehara signs with Mad Catz

Apr 27
If your parents told you all of those hours spent playing Street Fighter at the arcade were wasteful, send her a link to this story, please. Mad Catz has announced that it has teamed with fighting game champ Daigo Umehara (pi... read

Mad Catz now a peripheral partner for Rock Band

Apr 23
Harmonix and Mad Catz are now buddying up. The accessory maker is now the principal peripheral partner for their Rock Band music game franchise. First Capcom's Street Fighter and now Rock Band? Damn, look at you, Mad Catz! Wh... read

Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 VLX Edition will eat your soul

Apr 05
Despite many thinking that Japan only produces rape games, there was once another product that would shock and awe western gamers: the Hori Real Arcade Pro series of joysticks. Having recently had their supremacy challenged b... read

Over the years, the prestige surrounding "arcade stick" controllers has ballooned into something epic. Back in the days of the NES Advantage, stick controllers were made to help ease old-school gaming fans, who weren't as com... read feature

CES 2010: You dirty R.A.T.

Jan 10
I probably played entirely too much Shadowrun (the tabletop game, not the bastardization of same name for Xbox 360) in high school, because I've heard people tell me that these mice look silly but I refuse to believe it's tr... read

Mad Catz paid $300K to miss out on Guitar Hero's success

Jan 08
Oh, Mad Catz. Does your ignominy know no bounds? The accessory manufacturer, whose name has long been synonymous among gamers with inferior peripherals -- sturdy FightSticks aside -- recently admitted to a decision that looks... read

CES 2010: Brag: Mad Catz gave me a free FightStick

Jan 08
Yeah, they didn't really give me a free lovely v2 Street Fighter IV FightStick. Not a real one, anyway. I'm not one of the famous Street Fighter champs that they send the free units to. We might get one for review later, but ... read

CES 2010: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom FightStick close-up

Jan 08
The Capcom fighting title Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is almost perfect on the Wii as is, if you ask me. The only thing missing is a good controller.  Mad Catz brought along the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Arcade FightStick along to ... read

CES 2010: New Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightStick demo

Jan 08
Our friend Alex from Mad Catz was kind enough to show us around their newest controller, the new Street Fighter IV Arcade Tournament FightStick. It's got a new body, a new look, and new parts and functionality that make it e... read

CES 2010: Some serious flight sim stick action

Jan 08
If you're serious about flight sim games, and I mean really freaking serious about flight simulation games, then you'll likely dig this new Saitek Pro Flight X-65F system. The stick itself? It does not move. At all. Instead, ... read

CES 2010:Mad Catz to make new FightSticks and FightPads

Jan 07
Mad Catz plans to follow-up on Capcom’s Street Fighter IV follow-up with more licensed Fight Sticks and Fight Pads. This afternoon, the manufacturer announced the Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition “S&rdqu... read

Mad Catz to release Cyborg-brand mice this Spring

Jan 07
Mad Catz is entering the luxury gaming mice business. On January 6th, the third-party manufacturer announced plans to release a range of Cyborg-brand gaming mice in the spring 2010. So, what’s in the mice? Just think pr... read

Tatsunoko FightSticks to ship alongside game this January

Jan 05
Wii remotes and Nunchucks aren’t ideal devices to play games with, no less games within the fighting genre. So, we weren’t that surprised this afternoon when Mad Catz revealed that its line of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom... read

Mad Catz officially announces Tatsunoko vs. Capcom line

Dec 18
We already kind of knew about this, but today Mad Catz makes it official. They've officially announced a relationship with Capcom to produce a line based on the upcoming Wii release Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. T... read

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