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Come to the Machinima and Destructoid party at PAX East!

Mar 08
Destructoid has teamed up with Machinima to host a night of drunkeness at PAX East 2011 this week! Oh hell yes, that's right. We're first with the party before everyone else! How you like us now?! The party is happening this ... read

Day three of IGDaily's GDC coverage, now with Tara Long

Mar 03
Two days ago, Hamza appeared on Machinima's Inside Gaming to help with the show's GDC coverage. It was great. Yesterday, Max and Nick appeared on the show as well. It was also great. Today, Tara Long co-hosts the show, and i... read

Day one of Dtoid and Inside Gaming's GDC coverage

Mar 02
In case you haven't noticed by the Machinima player that pops up on the right of the page every now and again, we've teamed up with Machinima! I was a guest host on Inside Gaming Daily with the lovely Adam Kovic where we tal... read

Dragon Age machinima is canonical

May 23
Machinima can be some pretty impressive and well done stuff. However, almost everything that happens in it doesn't pertain to the actual world of the game; it's just a fan's story in most cases. is changing tha... read

Crackdown 2 the latest game to get its own miniseries

May 21
Under normal circumstances, "Crackdown" and "miniseries" are two words that don't seem like a natural fit. Do you remember the story of the first game? It was a glorified Mega Man tale. I guess Ruffian Games and Microsoft wa... read

The latest Red vs. Blue does something you'd never expect

Apr 20
At least to me, I would have never expected. I've watched this series since the beginning and never did I think the Rooster Teeth guys would break up the formula that we've become so used to in the Red vs. Blue series. I, fo... read

Videogames meet real life with Rooster Teeth's new series

Apr 07
Rooster Teeth is famous for their Red vs. Blue series and various other Machinima shows. The boys are now dabbling with real life stuff in their new show called "Immersion." Basically, it's Myth Busters but with a videogame ... read

360 owners rejoice: MikuMikuDance getting ported to XNA

Mar 16
Alright, this bit of news isn't directly related to videogames, but doubtless there are reasons for gamers to get excited over it. Fans of the singing virtual characters known as "Vocaloids" (the most famous being Hatsune Mik... read

Modern Warfare 2 sweeps Inside Gaming Awards

Dec 15
Machinima held their first ever awards show last Friday at the Red Bull's North American Headquarters in Santa Monica. Awards were given, games were played and Red Bull was had. So who won? Modern Warfare 2 took home six awa... read

I weigh-in on Machinima's Inside Gaming Awards

Dec 01
Our friends over at Machinima are holding their first ever award show. The Inside Gaming Awards takes place on December 11 and will cover the best game of the year, best trailers, best art and several other award categorizes... read

Inside Gaming invited me back on to their show again where had a discussion on The Conduit’s poor sales and FPS games. We also made dick jokes. The Conduit had a lot going for it and wasn’t that bad. I’ll ... read feature

Dead Fantasy IV is full of summons and clones

Jul 21
The new chapter to the Dead Fantasy brawl is out and it’s a lot better than Dead Fantasy III. I’m a big fan of fight scenes with multiple characters (FOX X-Men cartoon FTW!) and the last episode really didn’... read

Machinima's latest episode of Inside Gaming features a Shark

Jun 26 has a weekly series called Inside Gaming where they talk about all the hottest videogame news from the past week. Even though it's stuff you probably already know about, the presentation is rather funny and the ... read

You got Zeno Clash in my Garry's Mod

May 11
The developers of Zeno Clash are the kind of people who love giving stuff away, and lucky for them, I think most of us are the type of people who enjoy getting stuff for free.The first bit of downloadable content for the game... read

StageSet: make virtual films in PlayStation Home

May 05
You know how PlayStation home has guys chasing girl avatars that are really guys? Or how you always walk past a crowd making racist slurs toward other people online? It's great fun! Okay, so not really. But a new space called... read

Here are the nominees for the 2008 Machinima Filmfest

Oct 03
The nominees for the 5th Machinima Filmfest have been announced! If someone like me who rarely ever pays attention to machinima can recognize a few names on the list, you know the entries mean business.With more than fifteen ... read

Dead Fantasy 2: The epic chick fight continues

Mar 24
First off, if you haven't seen part one, then do so immediately. Once you're caught up, watch part two of this Team Ninja vs Square Enix super fight. The fight is pretty even between the two teams until a certain lady from N... read

Part two of Half-Life 2: Full Life Consequences: Rockets are my weakness too!

Feb 27
 The epic Full Life Consequences saga continues. This time, John Freeman gets revenge for the death of his brother by giant GMan. But before he can get revenge, he has to go get a new motorcycle and new weapons. Along th... read

Halo 3: The Bag Boy

Feb 20
In the rough and tumble days of the 26th century the constant threat of combat can make raising a child an even more difficult task than normal.  Kids just grow up so fast, and even regularly bonding over the slaughter o... read

Horrible, yet awesome, fan fiction: Half-Life: Full Life Consequences

Jan 23
 In most cases, fan fiction is always horrible. Sometimes though, they are so horrible, they end up being hilarious. Take for instance this fan fiction for Half-Life written by a 6-year-old. Yes, that's right, a 6-year-o... read

Don't taze me bro: Megaman machinima scolds Vancouver airport security

Jan 03
Tweedman would dig this: A Mega Man 2 machinist has responded to last year's Vancouver airport security shitstorm. You may vaguely recall the incident: A Polish immigrant and airport authorities had a failure to communicate w... read

WoW Machinima gets extremely naughty ... and we like it [NSFW]

Nov 28
This is exactly what the Internet was created for ... well, this and military purposes, but this is way cooler than that. Madcow Productions decided to add to the ever growing collection of World of Warcraft machinima videos ... read

Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2: A match made in LOL

Nov 09
Garry's Mod is a thing of beauty. Many Machinimas and wacky videos from the Half-Life universe have all been possible thanks to Garry (and the awesome Concerned comic too). The latest version of Garry's Mod is going through s... read

Give Beowulf a Machinima enema

Oct 26
Our friends over at Machinima are holding a contest! The contest is split up into two parts and is related to the upcoming movie Beowulf. For the first contest, you need to mash-up the trailer for Beowulf using the clips prov... read

Dead Fantasy 1: From the guy who did Haloid. Also, CHICK FIGHT!

Oct 10
A few months ago, a video was released called Haloid that brought together Halo and Metroid into an all out battle to the death. Today, montyoum is back with his latest epic masterpiece called Dead Fantasy 1. Dead Fantas... read

Crisis Core Trailer now with subtitles - much easier to understand

Aug 29
[Well, deadpixel didn't have much --well, anything, to write about this video that he made while he was bored at work. To be honest, even understanding Japanese, I really wouldn't be surprised if they were actually sayin... read

Videogames get a 'boot to the head'

Aug 14
Destructoid has some of the best readers in the gaming universe, and just to show how much the staff here at Dtoid loves you, we've decided to give you all ... a boot to the head.Back in 1986, a Canadian comedy troop called ... read

Mama Frank is fed up

Jul 28
Dead Rising's Mama Frank is a hard working, fully domesticated cross dressing ... person that will stop at nothing to prepare a fine meal his/her boys. The daily grind really drains the life out of Frank, but he/she sticks... read

The final episode of Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles

Jun 28
The final episode of the Blood Gulch Chronicles was released late last night and after watching all three different endings, I think there is no way this series is over. For one thing, there are way too many loose ends. The ... read

Half Life 2 machinima, Shadows of the Dead, looks better than 28 Weeks Later

May 01
Something is wrong when a trailer for a machinima film is more exciting than that of a "real" movie. Or maybe, something is so very right.  This trailer for a Half Life 2 machinima film, Shadows of the Dead, hi... read

Haloid: the craziest fan movie you'll see this week

Apr 18
Haloid is quite possibly the most interesting Halo-related fan movie in existence. It manages to combine multiple genres and provide non-stop action as well as answer the question, “who would win in an ultimate showdown... read

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