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10:00 AM on 03.08.2011

Come to the Machinima and Destructoid party at PAX East!

Destructoid has teamed up with Machinima to host a night of drunkeness at PAX East 2011 this week! Oh hell yes, that's right. We're first with the party before everyone else! How you like us now?! The party is happening this ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:00 PM on 03.03.2011

Day three of IGDaily's GDC coverage, now with Tara Long

Two days ago, Hamza appeared on Machinima's Inside Gaming to help with the show's GDC coverage. It was great. Yesterday, Max and Nick appeared on the show as well. It was also great. Today, Tara Long co-hosts the show, and i...

Jonathan Holmes

4:00 AM on 03.02.2011

Day one of Dtoid and Inside Gaming's GDC coverage

In case you haven't noticed by the Machinima player that pops up on the right of the page every now and again, we've teamed up with Machinima! I was a guest host on Inside Gaming Daily with the lovely Adam Kovic where we tal...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

10:00 AM on 05.23.2010

Dragon Age machinima is canonical

Machinima can be some pretty impressive and well done stuff. However, almost everything that happens in it doesn't pertain to the actual world of the game; it's just a fan's story in most cases. is changing tha...

Matthew Razak

1:00 PM on 05.21.2010

Crackdown 2 the latest game to get its own miniseries

Under normal circumstances, "Crackdown" and "miniseries" are two words that don't seem like a natural fit. Do you remember the story of the first game? It was a glorified Mega Man tale. I guess Ruffian Games and Microsoft wa...

Jordan Devore

9:00 PM on 04.20.2010

The latest Red vs. Blue does something you'd never expect

At least to me, I would have never expected. I've watched this series since the beginning and never did I think the Rooster Teeth guys would break up the formula that we've become so used to in the Red vs. Blue series. I, fo...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

6:00 AM on 04.07.2010

Videogames meet real life with Rooster Teeth's new series

Rooster Teeth is famous for their Red vs. Blue series and various other Machinima shows. The boys are now dabbling with real life stuff in their new show called "Immersion." Basically, it's Myth Busters but with a videogame ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

5:00 AM on 03.16.2010

360 owners rejoice: MikuMikuDance getting ported to XNA

Alright, this bit of news isn't directly related to videogames, but doubtless there are reasons for gamers to get excited over it. Fans of the singing virtual characters known as "Vocaloids" (the most famous being Hatsune Mik...

Josh Tolentino

8:00 PM on 12.15.2009

Modern Warfare 2 sweeps Inside Gaming Awards

Machinima held their first ever awards show last Friday at the Red Bull's North American Headquarters in Santa Monica. Awards were given, games were played and Red Bull was had. So who won? Modern Warfare 2 took home six awa...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

6:00 PM on 12.01.2009

I weigh-in on Machinima's Inside Gaming Awards

Our friends over at Machinima are holding their first ever award show. The Inside Gaming Awards takes place on December 11 and will cover the best game of the year, best trailers, best art and several other award categorizes...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:30 PM on 08.07.2009

Machinima and I have a talk about The Conduit and FPS games

Inside Gaming invited me back on to their show again where had a discussion on The Conduit’s poor sales and FPS games. We also made dick jokes. The Conduit had a lot going for it and wasn’t that bad. I’ll ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

2:00 AM on 07.21.2009

Dead Fantasy IV is full of summons and clones

The new chapter to the Dead Fantasy brawl is out and it’s a lot better than Dead Fantasy III. I’m a big fan of fight scenes with multiple characters (FOX X-Men cartoon FTW!) and the last episode really didn’...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

3:20 PM on 06.26.2009

Machinima's latest episode of Inside Gaming features a Shark has a weekly series called Inside Gaming where they talk about all the hottest videogame news from the past week. Even though it's stuff you probably already know about, the presentation is rather funny and the ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

5:40 PM on 05.11.2009

You got Zeno Clash in my Garry's Mod

The developers of Zeno Clash are the kind of people who love giving stuff away, and lucky for them, I think most of us are the type of people who enjoy getting stuff for free.The first bit of downloadable content for the game...

Jordan Devore

12:20 PM on 05.05.2009

StageSet: make virtual films in PlayStation Home

You know how PlayStation home has guys chasing girl avatars that are really guys? Or how you always walk past a crowd making racist slurs toward other people online? It's great fun! Okay, so not really. But a new space called...

Dale North