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The iNiS Corp-developed karaoke title Lips should be available in stores today, and with it Microsoft has revealed the first batch of downloadable content for the Xbox 360 exclusive. Starting tomorrow, November 21, Micro... read feature

Here are some Lips clips, but no nip slips. What a gyp

Nov 17
[video]111721:735[/video]After playing SingStar for twelve hours in the name of charity, I must confess that I've gained a new appreciation for singing games. It's little wonder, then, that I am actually looking forward to Mi... read

Full Lips soundtrack and game modes revealed as Nintendo sh*ts itself in fear

Oct 22
I don't want to laud myself as a singing game expert or anything, but I must admit that I'm eying Microsoft's casual-gamer bait Lips with a measure of curiosity. It's quite clear that MS expects Lips to net it some of the mai... read

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