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Kane & Lynch

A quick glimpse at the Kane & Lynch comic book

Jul 29
We previously told you that a Kane & Lynch comic book was on the way. All well and good, especially considering the flawed-but-interesting nature of K&L, but now we have something even better: a couple of pages from t... read

Kane and Lynch 2 demo hitting PS Plus on Tuesday

Jul 18
All you PS3 owners out there who have been waiting to get your hands on the Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days like 360 owners have been doing for a while now don't have to wait much longer -- as long as you pay Sony 50 bucks a year ... read

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days getting released a week early

Jul 13
Can't wait to step into the shoes of a schizophrenic sociopath and shoot Chinese policemen in the face? Good news is coming your way then, with news that Square Enix is publishing Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days a week earlier i... read

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days screenshots are for looking at

Jul 09
A fresh batch of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days screenshots are here for your amusement. Look at them if you like looking at screenshots of things.  After having played the demo, I am keeping myself optimistically hopeful ... read

Kane and Lynch 2's Arcade Mode gets screens

Jul 03
We've already told you all about Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days' multiplayer mode "Fragile Alliance," and I'm sure you're chomping at the bit to get some time with it. However, you might want to take a step back and get some prac... read

I'm one of the most forgiving writers you'll find on the subject of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. No, it wasn't a good game, packed full of balancing and technical problems, but its commitment to miserable protagonists and unco... read feature

Get the Kane & Lynch 2 demo today, possibly

Jul 01
So, Nick told you about the forthcoming Kane & Lynch 2 demo. I'm here to remind you it's no longer forthcoming. While a traditional open-to-all demo is coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 before the game comes out, ... read

Exclusive Kane & Lynch 2 demo hitting Xbox 360 in July

Jun 25
[Update] We've clarified with a Square Enix rep that "exclusive" means for a limited time only, and that PlayStation 3 and PC gamers can expect a "consumer demo" in the future, as well. No timing has been revealed, so if you ... read

Exclusive: Kane & Lynch 2 comic book cover

Jun 22
We've known for a bit that Square Enix's Kane & Lynch 2 would be getting its own comic book. The game story's comic, which further explores the duo's past, is getting its adaptation from DC's Wildstorm label, and is writt... read

E3 10: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days show floor video thing

Jun 17
I am seriously running out of clever headlines to inform you of gameplay videos on the E3 showroom floor. We just have a seriously staggering amount of them to show off for you, as you have most likely noticed. Next up is so... read

Kane and Lynch's Kane drunk dials us, has wrong number

Jun 11
So around 10:30 last night, I received a phone call from an unknown number. I sent the call to voice mail for two reasons. One, I gave at the office. Two, I was trying to watch RoboCop with my wife. Priorities. Turned out it... read

This trailer for Kane & Lynch 2 is piquing my interest

Jun 08
I didn't play Kane & Lynch, myself. The reviews more or less convinced me to stay far, far away. But this E3 trailer for Dog Days is making me consider picking it up just to get to know more about the characters. Th... read

Kane and Lynch movie director has left film

May 29
More disappointing news for those who thought a quality videogame movie might be on the horizon (all one of you). The Latino Review is reporting that the upcoming Kane and Lynch movie, starring Buce Willis and Jamie Foxx, has... read

Kane & Lynch 2's "Cops & Robbers" multiplayer mode is basically the game's deathmatch. Six players will be the criminals that need to escape with the loot while the other six will be the cops that need to take crimin... read feature

So it's bad enough that you have to worry about people betraying you in Kane & Lynch 2. That worry amps up when you go into "Undercover Cop" mode. The gametype plays out just like "Fragile Alliance" with the addition of ... read feature

Destructoid is bringing you previews of Kane & Lynch 2's multiplayer mode ever Wednesday this month! Today we're looking at the "Fragile Alliance" mode, which is more or less an online version of the "Arcade" mode that y... read feature

Kane & Lynch movie poster confirms Jamie Foxx as Lynch

May 11
Empire Magazine was in Cannes recently and stumbled upon something that might be of interest to you. That something is a poster decorating the front of the Majestic Hotel, officially promoting the Kane & Lynch movie. As y... read

There are a few multiplayer modes in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. This preview is going to cover the Arcade mode, which is a single-player version of the "Fragile Alliance" online multiplayer mode. Expect a few more prev... read feature

Artist Mona Mur provides soundtrack for Kane & Lynch 2

Apr 28
German musician Mona Mur has been confirmed as the soundtrack composer for the upcoming Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Mur, an "underground" artist who's garnered cult status in certain scenes, has worked on games before -- sh... read

Family friendly games like Kane & Lynch hit Xbox 360 Games on Demand

Apr 27
Wake up the kids -- the Xbox 360 "Games on Demand" channel has been hit with three great family-friendly classics this week! First up is Ubisoft's Far Cry 2, for $29.99. Kick back with your 4-year-old and explore the jungles ... read

Kane and Lynch 2 scores some box art

Apr 12
Kane and Lynch aren't exactly the most gentlemanly fellows to grace cover art, but for Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, it actually kind of works. The intentional imperfect presentation style of the game -- artifacts, blur, washed... read

Kane and Lynch 2 trailer familiar, totally extended

Apr 07
No doubt this Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days trailer looks familiar. I personally posted it not long ago, along with some info from a chat I had with Karsten Lund from IO Interactive, the game's developer. But stick with it and ... read

IO expects Kane & Lynch 2 review scores to be 'better'

Mar 31
If any studio knows about reviews scores, it's IO Interactive. After all, one of Kane & Lynch's scores caused a particular writer to get fired from a particular outlet. Incident aside, Kane & Lynch was given a firm cr... read

Kane & Lynch 2: Texture resolution isn't everything!

Mar 18
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days looks like a YouTube video. Shaky cameras, rough textures, and pixelated violence are all part of the package. Don't adjust your TV set though, that's on purpose. For IO Interactive, creating a gr... read

Kane & Lynch 2 director talks monsters and losers

Mar 18
Beyond the grit and the shaky cam, the latest trailer for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days kicks off where the game itself begins. Kane has been called to Shanghai by Lynch, who has made the massive, bustling Chinese city his ho... read

Kane & Lynch sequel get its dog day dated

Mar 17
IO Interactive has announced the release date for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days today, and that date is August 24 for North America and August 27 for PAL territories. Along with the announcement, the official Web site has upda... read

Years after the events of the original game, Lynch has found himself a new home in Shanghai. Lynch is part of a small crime syndicate made up of ex-patriots from various countries and the group has been making money by doing ... read feature

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