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Sega Dreamcast scheduled for American release in fall 1998

Apr 01
You've been waiting anxiously to hear this news, and we here at Destructoid are proud to finally break it. Originally code-named Black Belt, the Sega Dreamcast will be the first 128-bit console to hit the market, and feat... read

Three grungy-looking snapshots of the upcoming WarHawk PS3 game surfaced today with complete EA-style arcade instructions on how to pilot both the air ship and the (seemingly underdeveloped and dare I say unwanted) ground co... read feature

God of War 3: PS3, 1080p and ... vibration?

Mar 13
1UP's Matt Leone attended the God of War 2 Sony event, blogging some very curious words about the supposed future of GOW3 from the lips of director Cory Barlog. Captain obvious had previously informed us that the game wo... read

Gamedeals commissions giant NES pad

Mar 12
How does modest independent Canadian game shop draw in passerbys and passing window-shopping spaceships orbiting the sun? With a godzilla-sized classic NES pad! Hardcore Nintendo fan Eyes5 became friends with the shop keepe... read

Today Anna Nicole Smith collapsed in a casino just north of me, dying at the hump age of 39. Despite a long adult life she will only be remembered for having large breasts, leaving Texas, marrying a (very!) old man for his m... read feature

It's officially movie month here at Destructoid folks. First, Robert had the full Dead or Alive movie for your viewing displeasure. Then I gave you the preview of Game Box 1.0. DMV gave us a little Weekend Reading about ... read feature

A retro skin for the classic Wii controller

Jan 22
It almost looks good. Almost. The buttons in the middle seem to kind of float in the middle of limbo and disrupt the horizontal lines abruptly, but overall it does make the controller look a lot like the ones we threw and cra... read

The Texter reinvents typing on consoles

Jan 15
It's a fact -- playing MMOs on a console often sucks for a variety of little annoying usability reasons. Among my top gripes is slow text input. The only real alternatives are using a daisy chain of USB cords to bring a P... read

CES 2007: Falcon 3D mouse: hands-on

Jan 15
The 3d mouse that made waves and stole show awards away from the Wiimote and Sixaxis is finally coming to mass market.  The Novint Falcon 3D mouse is essentially a little robot with three arms that tracks your mouse move... read

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2007: Pictures with porn stars, part two

Jan 14
So yeah, here's more pictures from the Adult Entertainment Expo that I promised and you wanted. I'll be flowing these in throughout the day, so stock up on that lotion, boys, and for you curious ladies, charge the batteries.Continued - more galleries of the AVN Expo (part three)  read

In addition to PS3 intercoolers, dongles, guitars, HDMI cables and other shiny accessories we also spent some time with Nyko's new Sixaxis alternative, the Zero series controller. The design is a near mirror image of their P... read feature

CES 2007: Three new ways to revive Sixaxis

Jan 10
As you may already know, charging the Sixasis with the stock 4 foot USB bundled with the console is a joyless experience; a corner cut surely to keep the price down on the PS3. Players that want to charge more than one contr... read

One lucky Xbox 360 controller

Dec 26
Alexandra loves Gears of War and looks damn good lovin' it. Sorry guys - unfortunately she's also already spoken for and her husband is strong enough to throw cars at people. Nevertheless, she was cool enough to flo... read

Wii FPS games cause motion sickness?

Dec 22
It's ok. Don't feel like a big gamer wuss. There are others like you. Nobody's talking about it. It has to be said. Wii have a new problem, but it doesn't have a catchy name -- it's Wii First Person Shoote... read

Once you go black...

Dec 21
...well, you know the rest. Mad gamer scientist Alcaron gives us an excellent step by step on how to create this cool little Xbox controller mod. Not only is it cool, but it's cheap -- only $5 to make! I love seeing mods ... read

This week we received the new Zero Wireless Controller from Nyko, a futuristic industrial-styled controller for the now aging PlayStation 2. I'm always hesitant to review third-party controllers because they're usual... read feature

Nothing makes me happier than swag ... except when brown little packages of the non-poop variety show up at my doorstep for hardware review on Destructoid. This weekend we received one from RetroUSB which contained their new ... read feature

Wiimote joystick on Windows update!

Dec 03
Update! Someone has responded to the Wiili order and created a demonstration video of just how useless and awkward the Wiimote is on Windows to a newb. With some practice I'm sure this can become the #1 way to surf for po... read

Advantage belt buckle repels women, scares geeks

Dec 01
The design of the NES Advantage joystick, when rotated 90 degrees, vaguely resembles the anatomy of somebody who's light in the pants. It would behoove you to attempt to grind up on somebody at a club with this thing on, ... read

How not to destroy your home with your Wiimote

Nov 26
C'mere, son. Set aside that remote and take a knee. You and me, we're gonna have us a little talk about common sense. That newfangled Nintendo system you've got there -- the Wii? Yeah, she's a real beaut. Sle... read

The biggest dork in Hyrule becomes you

Nov 22
Look. Link can dress Santa's little helper, never get a haircut, go around in oversized booties, carry a bird-adorned sword and shield and still look gangsta. The rest of us? Tools. It's one thing to terrorize events ... read

Demystifying the Wii sensor bar

Nov 21
This video details the workings of the Wii remote and sensor bar by demonstration, setting the record straight on exactly how Wii technology functions in plain English. The more people that watch this, the less likely we ar... read

Wiimote strikes again!

Nov 21
CheapyD, my favorite video game-based Web site operator (Oh god, don't tell Niero! He'll beat me!), has yet another hilarious story about the Wiimote going on a rampage and smashing high-end electronics to bits.This t... read

Taito's Bullet Train game gets Wii controller

Nov 13
All-are-bored!!! Could you imagine a more mundane game than driving a speeding train? Millions would disagree with me, as games of this nature are quite popular in Japan. We saw a few of these eastern mass transit simulators ... read

Dtoid PSA: How to prevent Wiimote stress

Nov 13
As you may have seen, Nido and I spent a lot of time at the Miami Nintendo Wii event this weekend and Robert Summa also received his Wii last Friday (Don't miss his various videos from unpacking to gameplay ). Besides ha... read

China dissects the PS3 SIXAXIS controller

Oct 28
Kotaku's weekend crew spotted a Playstation 3 SIXAXIS controller autopsy a Chinese gaming site, which candidly shows the motion sensing system slapped on top of the controller board and two cavernous grip areas where the ru... read

Abuelita can almost program the Wiimote

Oct 25
I'll tell you two things about my grandmother. To be frank, she can't finish World 8-4. It's hard. Jumping over those tight-gapped lava pits requires youthful dexterity & anxiety. That said, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to t... read

PlayStation Eyetoy turns cute girl into mime

Sep 30
The PlayStation 2 Eyetoy is infamous for its ability to bring the party games to the sofa, but, unfortunately, it does not ship with a bubbly gamer girl. Generous souls have caught footage of some in the wild and it is just... read

Surfin' the web on the Wiimote (Update 1)

Sep 30
Update 1: (Now I can say it) Alas! The Wii vs. PS3 video browser was pulled from YouTube before all could enjoy it, but worry not. All of the Opera browser videos are hosted by Nintendo on The text on this site is ... read

More Wiimote steering madness

Sep 09
As reported earlier, and you can see from my new diagram above, the wheel will still let you use the Wiimote's buttons with your thumbs, and my beer is also situated in the distance. But I'll have you know, I've been worki... read

Sega Activator, the crappiest game peripheral

Aug 14
Among the crappiest of the crappy, the Sega Genesis Activator reigns as the worst possible video game peripheral ever made. Just watch the video and take pity on these two guys. Somewhere they must live with the burden o... read

Siliconera revisits Nintendo's Life Fitness

Aug 10
Long before Dance Dance Revolution and a few steps after running like a sissy, Nintendo partnered up with a fitness company to produce an exercise bike that through ethernet would allow you to peddle your way through a mounta... read

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