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Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson believes God struck down Take-Two, doesn't say it subtly

Jan 01
Jack Thompson recently cited God’s wrath as the reason Take-Two’s stocks have been plummeting. In a conversation with Game Politics Thompson created his own headline by saying “GOD STRIKES TAKE-TWO DOWN.&rdq... read

How excited are you about Jack Thompson's disbarment? Want a timer for it?

Oct 06
I'm not much for celebrating anyone's hard times, but let's face it, Jack Thompson has incited a lot of rage in the hearts of happy gamers who felt their favorite pastime could be threatened by his antics. With the recent new... read

Jack Thompson: Were we wrong to feed the troll?

Sep 27
Jack Thompson was one of the gaming community's most hated villains. The man waged a one man war on videogames with lies, half-truths and social misconceptions as his only weapons, and he received much coverage in the gaming ... read

OBJECTION! Jack Thompson has been disbarred

Sep 25
It's been a long time coming, but silver-haired game hater Jack Thompson has been permanently disbarred. That's right folks, in thirty days time, the man who once so proudly flaunted his lawyer credentials in peoples' faces w... read

BREAKING NEWS: Jack Thompson finds sense of humor!

Sep 05
Jack Thompson is famous for being too serious about everything, especially videogames. What a surprise, then, to see this picture posted on GamesPolitics, as a part of a cryptic email he sent their way this morning.The email ... read

Jack Thompson is a pretty funny guy

Jul 24
I may not like Jack Thompson's methods but, from the first time I viewed candid conversation with him, I knew he was a charming dude. The man has a sense of humor that we don't often get the chance to see. You know, because h... read

GP editorial: 'Jack Thompson a curious choice for freedom award'

Jul 05
Just in case you missed all the fun, GamePolitics (a site run by perhaps the only guy who could ever claim to be a "games journalist" seriously) recently ran an editorial questioning the state of Utah's funny deci... read

Employing Jack Thompson

Jun 17
As you may or may not know by now, it seems likely that Jack Thompson is to lose his career as a defense attorney. The Florida Bar seems to have gotten the strange impression that he's a lying, manipulative, offensive duncebr... read

Jack Thompson gets a visit from the feds

Jun 17
Jack Thompson has very recently been paid a friendly visit by a pair of U.S Marshals following one of the silver-maned crusader's madcap letters. In writing to Chief Judge Federico Moreno, the notorious defense attorney (for ... read

Jack Thompson walks out of hearing, court recommends disbarment

Jun 04
The jaws of karma continue to clamp ever tighter around Jack Thompson's jugular as the prospect of disbarment becomes more and more real. Today, the silver-haired crusader walked out on his disciplinary hearing, in which the ... read

Jack Thompson, guilty man: 27 of 31 misconduct charges recommended by judge

May 20
Jack Thompson, controversial attorney and hater of Grand Theft Auto has been recommended guilty in twenty-seven of his thirty-one misconduct charges by Judge Dava Tunis. Last year, the madcap defense attorney was on trial for... read

Ten Golden Rules of the anti-videogames lobby

May 05
We have had many useful commandments for loyal readers over the course of our Ten Golden Rules series. From learning how to be an online gamer and fanboy, to crafting a successful JRPG or Survival Horror, there have been fail... read

The Podcastle episode 11: When Sterling met Thompson

May 01
What happens when two of the biggest egos in games media sit back and discuss arguably the biggest release in videogame history? We'll let you be the judge of that, as we welcome controversial defense attorney Jack Thompson t... read

The Podcastle episode 11 records tomorrow: Sterling versus Thompson

Apr 29
What happens when two of the biggest egos in games media lock horns in a head-on debate over Grand Theft Auto? Two of the most outspoken men in the games violence hysteria will draw their lines and discuss the mother of all i... read

Jack Thompson is OVERRULED! Florida Supreme Court lays down the sanction!

Mar 20
GamePolitics has just released some breaking news about game hating attorney Jack Thompson. Following the Florida Supreme Court's complaint about Jack's frivolous and time wasting suit filings, it has just come to pass that t... read

Jack Thompson tells me to rape a child: Advocating molestation is not cool

Mar 17
Jack Thompson is my best friend in the whole wide world. I know some of you don't like the guy and are sick of hearing of him, so by all means go read one of our many other stories, but for those of you who love our notorious... read

Manhunt 2 UK ban is lifted! Let the controversy begin anew

Mar 14
As you should know, we have been covering the BBFC's ban of Manhunt 2 for the past year, from the original decision, to Rockstar's appeal, and the BBFC's counter. Well, it seems that freedom of expression has won out, as the ... read

'Reality vs Fantasy': The Jack Thompson music video

Feb 25
I don't know about you, but I really am sick and tired of hearing about Jack Thompson. Usually, I try to stay the hell away from his idiotic campaigns. Thanks to Geoff over at the always hilarious PurePwnage, I had to make th... read

Thompson: Gamers don't care about dead people

Feb 18
The Destructoid community is abuzz with the arrival of its newest member (and avid Destructoid reader) Jack Thompson. Thompson, a man who still clings to the obsolete belief that gamers are sociopathic children, chose to make... read

Games as murder simulators = laughable

Feb 17
Crack-a-Jack Thompson has been out in full force since the NIU shooting, going so far as to send tips to Destructoid and even join its community. It's very clear that the murders of youngsters excite him, as he grows steadily... read

Jack Thompson is a scum sucking parasite: We can say that, right?

Feb 15
Another school shooting, another chance for Jack Thompson to slither onto Fox News with his "informed" opinion. In the above video, Thompson uses the Northern Illinois University rampage to provide his usual brand o... read

Jack Thompson versus The Unholy Alliance: Madman targets Defense Department

Dec 27
It's been a while since we poked fun at the silver-haired maniac known as Jack Thompson, but the videogame-obsessed protectobot of chilluns everywhere is making sure he's not forgotten. His plans for the new year involve a ne... read

Hey Mr. Thompson: Sarcastic Gamer goes for the satirical jugular once more

Dec 05
If there's one thing you can rely on Sarcastic Gamer to do, it's create an absolutely merciless satire of something or someone in the form of a well spoofed song. Hey Mr. Thompson is the latest offering from those sarcastic o... read

GDC: We didn't invite Jack Thompson

Nov 06
Yesterday we told you that GamePolitics found news that Jack Thompson might be attending the Game Developers Conference as a keynote speaker, but it turns out that the GDC knew nothing of this. Now it looks like Jack is that... read

Jack Thompson to debate at the Game Developer's Conference?

Nov 05
It's possible that our favorite attorney will be making an appearance at the GDC to reprise his recent debate at this year's VGXPO, where he had it out with Lorne Lanning. GamePolitics found this news in a motion filed b... read

They're letting Jack Thompson on TV again: Halo 3 + churches + Thompson = ???

Oct 11
Here's a curious one. Last week I posted (rather controversially) a story about church ministers using Halo to lure children like Gary Glitter into the waiting arms of Baby Jesus. I do believe it was asked by one of our reade... read

The Jack Attack continues, this time he sues the Alabama Bar

Oct 09
Our favorite sue-happy, one-man train wreck of an attorney Jack Thompson has already hit up the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court, Crecente's Hair Palace, other people that poke fun at him with lawsuits, and now he's goin... read

Destructoid reader warns Jack Thompson about the true evil in America

Sep 28
This letter was shared with us by Destructoid reader Steve Menegozzi AKA kariomart, where he made a shocking and terrible discovery about the true source of corruption in America's youth. Usually we wouldn't run something lik... read

Jack puts Target in his sights: sting, or aiding in child delinquency?

Sep 27
GamePolitics is reporting that the man everybody loves to hate is at it yet again. This time he fell for the hype, and sent his underage son on a mission to secure a copy of Halo 3 from Target -- in the name of justice:Miami ... read

Jack Thompson sends gay porn to judge, doesn't even buy dinner first

Sep 26
My friends, it's almost time to start popping champagne corks, for the glorious day must surely be soon upon us when Jack Thompson's legal career is curb-stomped savagely into a fine red mist. For quite some time now things h... read

Mad Jack Thompson serves fake cease and desist to webcomic artist

Sep 23
Tipster Pablo sent an email in to us regarding an amusing, if somewhat sad new adventure in the chronicles of crazy Jack Thompson. Scott Johnson, the creator of My Extra Life, has been served an unofficial cease and desist fr... read

Halo 3 versus Jack Thompson: The unstoppable force meets the immovable idiot

Sep 22
We all know that Jack Thompson's ideas aren't exactly the most sensible or intelligent. Maybe his plan is to continue spouting the most insane babble on Earth to keep himself in the news, but hey, so long as he's doing things... read

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