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11:43 AM on 11.05.2007

Jack Thompson to debate at the Game Developer's Conference?

It's possible that our favorite attorney will be making an appearance at the GDC to reprise his recent debate at this year's VGXPO, where he had it out with Lorne Lanning. GamePolitics found this news in a motion filed b...

Dale North

4:57 AM on 10.11.2007

They're letting Jack Thompson on TV again: Halo 3 + churches + Thompson = ???

Here's a curious one. Last week I posted (rather controversially) a story about church ministers using Halo to lure children like Gary Glitter into the waiting arms of Baby Jesus. I do believe it was asked by one of our reade...

Jim Sterling

11:55 AM on 10.09.2007

The Jack Attack continues, this time he sues the Alabama Bar

Our favorite sue-happy, one-man train wreck of an attorney Jack Thompson has already hit up the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court, Crecente's Hair Palace, other people that poke fun at him with lawsuits, and now he's goin...

Dale North

11:57 AM on 09.28.2007

Destructoid reader warns Jack Thompson about the true evil in America

This letter was shared with us by Destructoid reader Steve Menegozzi AKA kariomart, where he made a shocking and terrible discovery about the true source of corruption in America's youth. Usually we wouldn't run something lik...

Jim Sterling

1:05 PM on 09.27.2007

Jack puts Target in his sights: sting, or aiding in child delinquency?

GamePolitics is reporting that the man everybody loves to hate is at it yet again. This time he fell for the hype, and sent his underage son on a mission to secure a copy of Halo 3 from Target -- in the name of justice:Miami ...


12:46 PM on 09.26.2007

Jack Thompson sends gay porn to judge, doesn't even buy dinner first

My friends, it's almost time to start popping champagne corks, for the glorious day must surely be soon upon us when Jack Thompson's legal career is curb-stomped savagely into a fine red mist. For quite some time now things h...

David Houghton

9:29 PM on 09.23.2007

Mad Jack Thompson serves fake cease and desist to webcomic artist

Tipster Pablo sent an email in to us regarding an amusing, if somewhat sad new adventure in the chronicles of crazy Jack Thompson. Scott Johnson, the creator of My Extra Life, has been served an unofficial cease and desist fr...

Jim Sterling

8:22 AM on 09.22.2007

Halo 3 versus Jack Thompson: The unstoppable force meets the immovable idiot

We all know that Jack Thompson's ideas aren't exactly the most sensible or intelligent. Maybe his plan is to continue spouting the most insane babble on Earth to keep himself in the news, but hey, so long as he's doing things...

Jim Sterling

11:34 AM on 09.18.2007

Jack Thompson whines about possible GTAIV spoof

It seems that Jack Thompson, my favorite person in the whole wide world, is an avid Game Informer reader. After recently reading an article printed in the magazine, Thompson is worried that he's being parodied by Rockstar's G...

Jim Sterling

Man in China dies after three day MMO session photo
Man in China dies after three day MMO session
by Colette Bennett

Ludicrous is not the word to describe this news, but I'm going to go ahead and tell it to you anyway. A man in southern China died after a three day stint at a Cybercafe playing an MMO, per the reports of the state media. Here's a bit more of the old word for word:

The web-user, estimated to be 30 years old, suddenly collapsed in front of his computer terminal in Guangdong province, and emergency personnel were unable to revive him, the Beijing News reported.

"According to preliminary findings, the length of time this man spent online might have triggered heart problems," the paper quoted a local hospital emergency medic in the city of Zhongshan as saying.

Do I think it's ridiculous that he died? No, of course I don't, although some of these Korean MMOs could likely kill me with boredom in less than three days. What is laughable is the concept that being online for three days straight will kill you. Personally I can vouch having been online for large chunks of time and I'll bet my chocobo collection that the rest of you can too. 

It's speculative tripe like this that gives Jack Thompson the fuel for his fires. Stress is stress, and it can be generated any number of ways that have nothing to do with playing games. Sitting in front of the computer surfing porn can give you a heart attack too, depending on if you make it as far as or not. A bigger issue lies with internet addiction in general, which apparently has become so acute that the Chinese government has forced some gaming sites to dock the points of gamers who don't know when to quit.

I think the most likely result of this situation is a Chinese horror film that suggests you die in three days if you play a game without stopping. The curse of the MMO! Move over, Ringu!

[Thanks Mabec!]

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2:13 PM on 09.14.2007

Jack Thompson sends his son to buy BioShock because he is tough

Jack Thompson, the whimsical and lovable old kook that enjoys discussing videogames has recently and proudly announced that he sent his own 15-year old son into a Best Buy so that he could purchase a copy of the M-rated BioSh...

Jim Sterling

9:25 AM on 09.06.2007

Jack Thompson to subpoena ... the president!?

The craziest man to ever be declared sane, Jack Thompson, has pulled one of his wackiest moves yet as he has filed to subpoena George W. Bush for a deposition in his bid to keep his law license. Thompson of course is facing t...

Jim Sterling

7:06 PM on 08.30.2007

Did Sonic The Hedgehog cause the Virginia Tech shooting?

When Seung Hui Cho went on his murderous killing spree at Virginia Tech, one man got giddy with perverse, possibly erotic, excitement. It's because this latest insanity meant that he could be on television again. That man, of...

Jim Sterling

11:11 AM on 08.21.2007

Shrink says Jack Thompson is sane? That's crazy!

Jim told us last month that famed attorney and anti-violence crusader Jack Thompson was ordered to undergo psychological testing, but now it looks like video gaming's very own "Whacko Jack-o" isn't so whacked after ...

Dale North

11:16 AM on 08.19.2007

Jack Thompson DESTROYS BioShock ... oh wait ... no he doesn't

Last week, Jack Thompson promised "big trouble" for the eagerly awaited BioShock. While I felt dirty that such a beautiful game was being uttered from the filthy mouth of the silver haired panty-buncher, I patiently...

Jim Sterling

10:48 AM on 08.18.2007

China's Jack Thompson: online gaming is a major cause of stupidity and crime

Jack Thompson may be the one most of us associate with the anti-videogame stance, but he's hardly cornered the market with his view on the subject. Hailing out of China is a 61-year-old Sociologist named Tao Hongkai who has a...