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Jack Thompson

Manhunt 2 UK ban is lifted! Let the controversy begin anew

Mar 14
As you should know, we have been covering the BBFC's ban of Manhunt 2 for the past year, from the original decision, to Rockstar's appeal, and the BBFC's counter. Well, it seems that freedom of expression has won out, as the ... read

'Reality vs Fantasy': The Jack Thompson music video

Feb 25
I don't know about you, but I really am sick and tired of hearing about Jack Thompson. Usually, I try to stay the hell away from his idiotic campaigns. Thanks to Geoff over at the always hilarious PurePwnage, I had to make th... read

Thompson: Gamers don't care about dead people

Feb 18
The Destructoid community is abuzz with the arrival of its newest member (and avid Destructoid reader) Jack Thompson. Thompson, a man who still clings to the obsolete belief that gamers are sociopathic children, chose to make... read

Games as murder simulators = laughable

Feb 17
Crack-a-Jack Thompson has been out in full force since the NIU shooting, going so far as to send tips to Destructoid and even join its community. It's very clear that the murders of youngsters excite him, as he grows steadily... read

Jack Thompson is a scum sucking parasite: We can say that, right?

Feb 15
Another school shooting, another chance for Jack Thompson to slither onto Fox News with his "informed" opinion. In the above video, Thompson uses the Northern Illinois University rampage to provide his usual brand o... read

Jack Thompson versus The Unholy Alliance: Madman targets Defense Department

Dec 27
It's been a while since we poked fun at the silver-haired maniac known as Jack Thompson, but the videogame-obsessed protectobot of chilluns everywhere is making sure he's not forgotten. His plans for the new year involve a ne... read

Hey Mr. Thompson: Sarcastic Gamer goes for the satirical jugular once more

Dec 05
If there's one thing you can rely on Sarcastic Gamer to do, it's create an absolutely merciless satire of something or someone in the form of a well spoofed song. Hey Mr. Thompson is the latest offering from those sarcastic o... read

GDC: We didn't invite Jack Thompson

Nov 06
Yesterday we told you that GamePolitics found news that Jack Thompson might be attending the Game Developers Conference as a keynote speaker, but it turns out that the GDC knew nothing of this. Now it looks like Jack is that... read

Jack Thompson to debate at the Game Developer's Conference?

Nov 05
It's possible that our favorite attorney will be making an appearance at the GDC to reprise his recent debate at this year's VGXPO, where he had it out with Lorne Lanning. GamePolitics found this news in a motion filed b... read

They're letting Jack Thompson on TV again: Halo 3 + churches + Thompson = ???

Oct 11
Here's a curious one. Last week I posted (rather controversially) a story about church ministers using Halo to lure children like Gary Glitter into the waiting arms of Baby Jesus. I do believe it was asked by one of our reade... read

The Jack Attack continues, this time he sues the Alabama Bar

Oct 09
Our favorite sue-happy, one-man train wreck of an attorney Jack Thompson has already hit up the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court, Crecente's Hair Palace, other people that poke fun at him with lawsuits, and now he's goin... read

Destructoid reader warns Jack Thompson about the true evil in America

Sep 28
This letter was shared with us by Destructoid reader Steve Menegozzi AKA kariomart, where he made a shocking and terrible discovery about the true source of corruption in America's youth. Usually we wouldn't run something lik... read

Jack puts Target in his sights: sting, or aiding in child delinquency?

Sep 27
GamePolitics is reporting that the man everybody loves to hate is at it yet again. This time he fell for the hype, and sent his underage son on a mission to secure a copy of Halo 3 from Target -- in the name of justice:Miami ... read

Jack Thompson sends gay porn to judge, doesn't even buy dinner first

Sep 26
My friends, it's almost time to start popping champagne corks, for the glorious day must surely be soon upon us when Jack Thompson's legal career is curb-stomped savagely into a fine red mist. For quite some time now things h... read

Mad Jack Thompson serves fake cease and desist to webcomic artist

Sep 23
Tipster Pablo sent an email in to us regarding an amusing, if somewhat sad new adventure in the chronicles of crazy Jack Thompson. Scott Johnson, the creator of My Extra Life, has been served an unofficial cease and desist fr... read

Halo 3 versus Jack Thompson: The unstoppable force meets the immovable idiot

Sep 22
We all know that Jack Thompson's ideas aren't exactly the most sensible or intelligent. Maybe his plan is to continue spouting the most insane babble on Earth to keep himself in the news, but hey, so long as he's doing things... read

Jack Thompson whines about possible GTAIV spoof

Sep 18
It seems that Jack Thompson, my favorite person in the whole wide world, is an avid Game Informer reader. After recently reading an article printed in the magazine, Thompson is worried that he's being parodied by Rockstar's G... read

Ludicrous is not the word to describe this news, but I'm going to go ahead and tell it to you anyway. A man in southern China died after a three day stint at a Cybercafe playing an MMO, per the reports of the state media. Her... read feature

Jack Thompson sends his son to buy BioShock because he is tough

Sep 14
Jack Thompson, the whimsical and lovable old kook that enjoys discussing videogames has recently and proudly announced that he sent his own 15-year old son into a Best Buy so that he could purchase a copy of the M-rated BioSh... read

Jack Thompson to subpoena ... the president!?

Sep 06
The craziest man to ever be declared sane, Jack Thompson, has pulled one of his wackiest moves yet as he has filed to subpoena George W. Bush for a deposition in his bid to keep his law license. Thompson of course is facing t... read

Did Sonic The Hedgehog cause the Virginia Tech shooting?

Aug 30
When Seung Hui Cho went on his murderous killing spree at Virginia Tech, one man got giddy with perverse, possibly erotic, excitement. It's because this latest insanity meant that he could be on television again. That man, of... read

Shrink says Jack Thompson is sane? That's crazy!

Aug 21
Jim told us last month that famed attorney and anti-violence crusader Jack Thompson was ordered to undergo psychological testing, but now it looks like video gaming's very own "Whacko Jack-o" isn't so whacked after ... read

Jack Thompson DESTROYS BioShock ... oh wait ... no he doesn't

Aug 19
Last week, Jack Thompson promised "big trouble" for the eagerly awaited BioShock. While I felt dirty that such a beautiful game was being uttered from the filthy mouth of the silver haired panty-buncher, I patiently... read

China's Jack Thompson: online gaming is a major cause of stupidity and crime

Aug 18
Jack Thompson may be the one most of us associate with the anti-videogame stance, but he's hardly cornered the market with his view on the subject. Hailing out of China is a 61-year-old Sociologist named Tao Hongkai who has a... read

Karma's a bitch: Jack Thompson has heart trouble

Aug 03
You know what karma is; it's that concept by which if you live a good life, you're reborn as a golden cow, and if you're bad, you're liable to spend your next incarnation trapped in the body of a hideous predatory mantis who ... read

Study claims you all have friends, but none of you can read

Jul 06
Ars Technica has a piece up today regarding a study published in the June edition of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine with enough science to choke Thomas Dolby. According to a survey of American adolescents, th... read

Jack Thompson ordered to take a psychological test & faces a suspension

Jul 03
It's been a good week so far for those of us who want better treatment of videogames, and the great news isn't about to stop. Jack Thompson, the slightly more insane Joker to the videogame world's Batman, has been... read

The Non-Newsround #5: A bit like that fairy going "listen" for nothing special

Jun 17
I hate that fairy so much. I'd pull its wings off and throw it to the spiders, that's what I'd do. Hello and welcome, of course, to the Non-Newsround, your weekly round up of the news tips that Destructoid's b... read

S.A.P.S: Sony foretold the coming of Jack Thompson

Jun 07
I showed this fantastic commercial for the original Sony PlayStation to the rest of the Destructoid crew and sadly, being a European-only advertisment, none of my American colleagues were at all familiar with the satirical-ah... read

ESRB: We love smaller retailers too!

May 31
In a move to show that not just the big retailers deserve proper backing from a self-regulated organization that enforces video game ratings, the ESRB announced yesterday that it is partnering with Ingram Entertainment in or... read

[Cease and Desist] is coming to the Xbox 360! [Updated for Internet Matlockery]

May 28
I have been waiting for many months to finally say this, and today is the day. [Cease and Desist] will not be a [Rhymes with "Bony"] exclusive. It has been confirmed that it will make its way to the&n... read

Failure of governance: The regulation of video games

May 25
Look, I rarely drink. Being the happy go lucky lad that I am, I also don't usually pay much attention to polititicans, lawyers, or even public service announcements for that matter. However, sometimes an article will land... read

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