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Indie Nation


Indie Nation #62: Perri's Games

May 22
You may know Anthony Perri from his position as Resident Person Named Anthony Who Isn't Anthony Burch in the Destructoid community.* But did you also know that he makes artgames, as well? Surprisingly good, minimalist artgame... read

Indie Nation #61: Today I Die

May 15
Every Friday, Destructoid highlights a fun, innovative, or just plain interesting independently-made game for our Indie Nation series. I've been putting off highlighting Daniel Benmergui's work for months, but now that Today ... read

Indie Nation #60: Spewer

May 08
Anthony is letting me fill in for him this week on Indie Nation. Now, on to the good news. Spewer is a new puzzle/platformer from the creative team of Eli Piilonen (Stranded) and Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy), and it's way... read

Indie Nation #59: Windosill

May 01
If you've ever played a flash-based, pointer controlled adventure game with no inventory puzzles like, say, Samorost (or Myst, if you don't know what Samorost is), Windosill belongs to that as-yet-unnamed game genre. Whatever... read

Indie Nation #58: Igneous

Apr 24
Every Friday, Destructoid highlights a fun, interesting, or just plain weird game produced without funding from a major publisher for our "Indie Nation" series.I understand how boring that screenshot looks, but that... read

Indie Nation #57: Enviro-Bear 2000

Apr 17
Every Friday, Destructoid highlights a fun, meaningful, or just plain interesting independently-made game for our "Indie Nation" series.  Voting is still open for's Cockpit Competition, but regard... read

Indie Nation #56: Snow

Apr 10
Snow is a game about a girl buying a cup of coffee. Not in a symbolic sense or in a pretentious artgame sense where you have to decipher what the actual mechanics and input buttons mean on a metaphorical level, and then that ... read

Indie Nation #55: Trilby: The Art of Theft

Apr 03
Quick -- name every stealth game you've ever played that didn't suck. Not the great ones, not your favorites, not the ones that will stand the test of time, but merely the ones which did not suck.If you're anything like me, y... read

Indie Nation #54: Strange Adventures in Infinite Space

Mar 20
Time for another Indie Nation, wherein we highlight a kickass independently-made game that may be worth your time. What with all my endless bitching about games that waste the player's time, now seems as good a moment as ever... read

Indie Nation #53: Rescue the Beagles

Mar 13
Another Friday means another Indie Nation, wherein we highlight cool, independently-made games that offer something you just can't get from the mainstream. After last week's anti-JRPG clusterf*ck, I suggest something I hope w... read

Indie Nation #53: The Linear RPG

Mar 06
Playing Lost Odyssey to completion taught me one very important thing about myself: I hate RPGs. Not the fun sort of hate that evokes a misanthropic glee -- the kind of hate one usually reserves for Fox News and Uwe Boll -- b... read

Indie Nation #52: Jumpman

Feb 27
It takes some serious balls to call your game Jumpman. Such a title mentally conjures a significant amount of videogame history, beginning with Donkey Kong and ending with this pretentiously-titled little indie title. It comp... read

Indie Nation #51: Xoldiers

Feb 20
Xoldiers, by Cactus and Terry Cavanagh, is so damn fun you might not even notice it's an artgame. The premise -- you simultaneously control an entire squadron of soldiers who must kill everything that stands in their path --&... read

Indie Nation #50: Lugaru

Feb 13
As far as I know, there are only two artistic works in existence that prove bunnies can be badass: Watership Down, and Lugaru.Lugaru's been around for quite a while -- four years, to be exact -- so if you've never heard of it... read

Indie Nation #49: The Legend of Princess

Feb 06
Oh, look -- it's another installment of Indie Nation, wherein I highlight a really good indie game you should play.The Legend of Princess is, in the end, a pretty typical action platformer. It's got a neat method of selling y... read

Indie Nation #48: Aisle

Jan 30
I don't consider myself at all knowledgeable about text adventures, but it bears mentioning that of the dozen or so I've played to completion, I've totally fallen in love with at least three. My favorite of the three is ... read

Indie Nation #47: Games I do not understand

Jan 23
Since the very first Indie Nation, I've received several requests to highlight two different games: Toribash, a turn-based ragdoll fighter, and Dwarf Fortress, a dungeon keeper/crawler. Several times over the course of the la... read

Indie Nation #46: Spelunky

Jan 09
Have you ever played a game that was so incredibly punishing, yet so ridiculously fun and rewarding that you couldn't help but play it for hours and hours despite losing at least two hundred lives in that span of time? Have y... read

Indie Nation #45: Gravity Bone

Jan 04
Sorry for the late Indie Nation. I'd make an excuse, but it wouldn't be a great one.Though people frequently use the phrase "style over substance" as an insult, I've never been more happy to label a videogame as pos... read

Indie Nation #44: Games about games

Dec 26
I love self-reflexive art. I don't really know why, but stuff like Adaptation or The People of Paper just drives me wild. Maybe it's the fact that the author is respecting his or her audience enough to admit that everything h... read

Indie Nation #43: Auditorium

Dec 19
I don’t really play all that many indie games. It’s not that I’m prejudiced towards high-profile, big-budget titles -- I love PixelJunk Eden, for example -- but most of the games that Anthony has highlighted... read

Indie Nation #42: Minotaur China Shop

Dec 12
You liked Jetpack Brontosaurus and Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. That was not a question. The guys who made those, Blurst, just released a new game. It is called Minotaur China Shop and it is, in my opinion, their best game y... read

Indie Nation #41: Garden Gnome Carnage

Nov 21
As Thanksgiving is only a few days away and my creativity is as limited as my enthusiasm, it's time for a Christmas-themed Indie Nation! Yay! Thankfully, however, this week's game isn't anywhere near as annoying as hearing "J... read

Indie Nation #40: Fantastic Blood Boy

Nov 14
Fantastic Blood Boy isn't just remarkable because it's a fun game (though it is), or because it has awesome visuals and an awesomely almost-but-not-quite-annoying soundtrack (though it does), but because, when explained verba... read

Indie Nation #39: The Graveyard

Nov 07
Throughout the course of the Indie Nation series, I've highlighted action games, text adventures, art games, platformers, and everything else I could get my pretentious, elitist hands on. However varied and unusual those game... read

Indie Nation #38: RunMan's Monster Fracas

Oct 31
In retrospect, I probably should have saved last week’s Indie Nation, Cottage of Doom, for today. Then again, I forgot today was Halloween until this morning, when I decided to dress up as Tim from Braid (this involves ... read

Indie Nation #37: Cottage of Doom

Oct 24
With Left 4 Dead less than a month away, and my "Top Ten Most Badass Zombie Games" list still a glimmer in my eye, I thought it'd be worth mentioning one of the coolest zombie-related indie games in recent memory. Cottage of ... read

Indie Nation #36: Karoshi 2

Oct 17
Karoshi 2.0 is the following things: -Insane -Clever -Hilarious -Rule-breaking -Free, and downloadable here. Since much of Karoshi 2.0's charm comes from its ability to consistently surprise and befuddle the player, I won't s... read

Indie Nation #35: World of Goo

Oct 10
It's not technically out until Monday, but World of Goo is so awesome that I just plain didn't want to wait to talk about it. I was initially exposed to it during GDC, and though I found it marginally interesting, it wasn't a... read

Indie Nation #34: I'm O.K.

Oct 03
What with Jacky Thompson being disbarred and all, why not revisit the greatest JT-related indie game ever made? I'm O.K., for those of you who don't remember, was created following Thompson's "modest video game proposal," in ... read

Indie Nation #33: Mega Man 7, the 8-bit version

Sep 26
It's been a very Mega Man-filled week, and don't expect it to stop anytime soon. I've hopefully got a Rockman-related video coming next week, and, before writing his review of Mega Man 9, our own Jonathan Holmes alerted me to... read

Indie Nation #32: Iji

Sep 19
There hasn't been a balls-out action title highlighted on Indie Nation as of recent, and more than a few people have suggested spotlighting Daniel Remar's Iji. Though it doesn't do anything particularly new, what it does it d... read

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