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Import Spotlight

New info on Daigasso Band Brothers DX: Instruments and songs galore

Jun 05
Dale has already mentioned the sequel to Daigasso: Band Brothers the other month, but now we've got a few screens and some info regarding the game courtesy of Famitsu.The game boasts having over 200 songs to choose from when ... read

Nintendo 'explains' Smash Bros. Brawl European delay

May 19
Regular readers of Destructoid will know my long-standing complaints concerning the farcical period between Super Smash Bros. Brawl's North American and European/Australian release dates. Despite a range of excuses, Nintendo ... read

HAPPY! Taiko no Tatsujin DS sequel's menu translated

Apr 25
Today is a beautiful day, folks. No only did a new Taiko no Tatsujin game (Taiko no Tatsujin DS 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken) come out for the DS a few days ago, but thanks to the glory of the internet, I can read the menus in... read

Australia strikes back: GTA IV pre-orders canceled, imports inevitable

Apr 16
As we have stated many times by now, life sucks when you're an Australian gamer. Overcharged, underappreciated and barred from legally purchasing a variety of titles, the Australians don't have it easy, and it seems that the ... read

Daigasso Band Bros gets a sequel... wait, we never saw the first one!

Apr 09
Ah, Daigasso Band Bros. When I bring it up (or play it), people either ask "what the hell is that?" or say "oh, I love that game!" But it's something you'll never find on North American store shelves. This... read

Import Alert: Mario Kart Wii won't work with Freeloader

Apr 08
We thought that Datel's Wii Freeloader saved the day for importers. Up until now, it allowed you to play any Wii or Gamecube game, regardless of region, without modification. Importer Play-Asia is informing customers that thi... read

Tekken 6 hits US arcade in Houston

Mar 04
Capcom isn't the only one with a shiny new arcade mega-hit on the way. Tekken fans have been waiting patiently to get their hands on a US arcade release of Tekken 6, weird-ass characters and all. While the Japanese have been ... read

Europe rejoice: You can get Lost Odyssey early, in English, for super cheap!

Feb 04
While lazily perusing NeoGAF this morning, my jaw almost fell off its bloody hinges when I read that Play Asia was selling Lost Odyssey, right now, in English, on a region-free disc. Quickly burrowing my way into the thread l... read

Atlus brings Arcana Heart to US for $29.99

Feb 01
I love Atlus. They just seem to know what I want to play, and that's probably why my gaming shelf is packed with their titles. Somehow they knew I wanted to play Japanese brawler Arcana Heart, too, and now they've announced ... read

New Taiko No Tatsujin DS screenshots reveal RPG elements

Jan 22
Taiko No Tatsujin DS was by far my favorite import I played last year, and I have been too busy beating at my DS with sticks to even daydream about a sequel. Luckily Japan is way ahead of me, and recently pictures started pop... read

Final Fantasy IV DS lite accessory set

Dec 13
While we have a bit of a wait to play an English version of Square Enix's DS remake of Final Fantasy IV, nothing is stopping you from decking out your DS lite with this licensed accessory set from Hori.Play-Asia is accepting ... read

Japanese version of Lost Odyssey features an English voice track

Dec 07
Nihongo ga wakarimasu ka? Actually, you don't need to understand Japanese when listening to the dialog in an import copy of Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey.Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey features two language tracks: English and Japanes... read

Wii Super Famicom controller and Super Mario Galaxy OST available for import

Nov 21
Topher recently broke our hearts and told us that we'd have to hit eBay to nab the Super Famicom-lookin' Wii controller or the Super Mario Galaxy Platinum soundtrack, as both items were exclusive items available only to Japan... read

Sega to bring more import hotness to Wii-owning wide-eyed devils

Nov 07
In a move that we could only hope brings more cries of "best week EVER" from Retroforce GO's very own Chad Concelmo, Sega has promised to deliver more import Genesis titles to the Wii's Virtual Console. Following in... read

Valve speaks on recent software territory violations

Oct 28
It seems that Valve's territorial control for The Orange Box and other software has caused a bit of trouble for gamers who opted to import to save a few dollars. Some gamers found out about this territorial control the hard w... read

Play-Asia pre-order customers receive a Mandarin-speaking Master Chief

Sep 28
Reader Reggie Santiago sends us news of an unfortunate importer mix-up that had thousands of  pre-order customers watching Halo 3 cutscenes that star a Mandarin-speaking Master Chief. The mental image is funny, but you h... read

RetroforceGO!: Episode 16: The fine art of importing

Sep 17
So here we are back again for another Monday episode of RetroforceGO!, Destructoid's number one retro podcast. (And we're gunning for the number one spot on the site, too. So watch your back Linde ... /maniacal laughter!)&nbs... read

It came from Japan!: Otona no DS Kao Training

Sep 16
Far away in the mythical land of Godzilla, tentacle porn, and shrink-wrapped beauties, a treasure trove of unique and magical games awaits anyone who is willing to spend some serious money to get these games. If you're willin... read

RFGO! Recording episode #16 tonight: Import gaming; OMG it's Chad's birthday!

Sep 16
You should know by now, dear listeners, that today is Chad Concelmo's birthday. As such, there's a pretty good chance he won't be on the show tonight, as he is obligated to make his annual return to the undersea dolphin kingd... read

Stranglehold's collector's edition will be region-free

Aug 13
Siliconera links us to news that the upcoming limited collector's edition version of Stranglehold for the PS3 will be region-free. This news came from Midway's official forums as an answer to the demands by many fans. Now tho... read

Import Spotlight: Oneechanbara vorteX

Jul 10
Welcome to the first ever Destructoid Import Spotlight. Every episode of this feature will take a look at games that never quite make the journey to American shelves. What better way to launch said serial than with Oneechanba... read

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