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Insert fist in mouth: Deadly Premonition now available

Feb 23
Deadly Premonition. Either you "get it," like us, or you're a normal human being and will never be able to comprehend what makes it so entertaining. Hopefully you have already seen these two posts on the game -- each contains... read

Sumotori Dreams: Drunken sumo wrestling for $4

Dec 19
  You might not have the exact name, Sumotori Dreams, tattooed on your brain, but many of you will instantly recognize the game as soon as you start up this video. Usually, physics-based games require thinking, or some f... read

Those Xbox 360 wireless N adapters are out this week

Nov 10
Yes, yes -- wireless functionality on the Xbox 360 does came at a fairly substantial price. What else is new? With that out of the way, let's talk about the newfangled wireless N adapters that became available this week. $100... read

The month in Xbox: Games on Demand, Avatars, and deals

Oct 09
While it's freakishly convenient when companies cram all sorts of knowledge into their press releases, it also saddens me in a way. With an abundance of information, it can be hard to find room for the funny or otherwise offb... read

Red Dead Redemption screens are cooler than Westworld

Oct 09
If there's one thing for me to take away from my time spent on Fallout 3, it's that exploration is one of my favorite things to do in games now that technology is catching up with our imaginations. Combine that with my longin... read

Spend an evening with some NES and Dreamcast papercraft

Jul 30
Papercraft is easy to get overly excited about, there's no denying it. The problem, however, is seeing it all the way through. If any of you have a short attention span like I do, you can only make it a good thirty minutes be... read

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