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Guitar Hero

Activision using 'new studios' to 'reinvent' Guitar Hero

Jul 21
Considering the franchise's sliding sales, it wasn't shocking to learn that Activision had disbanded its Guitar Hero business unit and decided to not release a new title this year. The fate of the series hung in the balance, ... read

Activision: Guitar Hero not dead, on 'hiatus'

Apr 12
Activision has made a statement concerning the Guitar Hero franchise, seeming to backtrack on the idea that the series had been killed off for good. I guess the publisher realized there's money to be made from a big comeback ... read

On the heels of this week's Rocksmith announcement, I feel I should introduce another player to the line-up of games that promises to teach you real life skills.Rock Prodigy is an iOS app that has been available on the App St... read feature

Guitar Hero lives on, 'modern rock' DLC released

Mar 09
The death of Guitar Hero has been highly exaggerated, apparently. Or there's just a bunch of downloadable content that's been authored and is still sitting in Activision's pipeline…In any event, that means more music f... read

Co-founder finds Activision hate 'a little bit strong'

Feb 22
Activision co-founder Alan Miller believes that the resentment some gamers feel toward the evil publisher is a bit "strong" and has suggested we tone it down a bit. "As a publisher, you’re taking the risk," he said. "An... read

Former RedOctane CEO: Activision abused Guitar Hero

Feb 18
Kelly Summer, former CEO of RedOctane, has lashed out at Activision for the cancellation of the Guitar Hero series, stating that it could easily have continued, but the publisher abused the property. I think we all got that i... read

Analysts: Call of Duty won't be the next Guitar Hero

Feb 15
A number of analysts have discussed Activision's recent killing of the Guitar Hero franchise, where they declared the whole series to be a "fad" and added that Call of Duty won't go the same way, in spite of Activision's pote... read

Destructoid: LA Cave Stories, Guitar Martyr, and Halo 5?!

Feb 12
Good afternoon, denizens of Destructoid! 'Tis afternoon o'clock on a lovely Saturday afternoon, and that can mean only one thing - last night's episode of your favorite internet online video game show had technical difficult... read

There will be no more Guitar Hero DLC

Feb 10
When Activision said that Guitar Hero was getting killed, it meant the whole damn deal. A few people wondered if we'd at least get new downloadable content, but the publisher has stated that after February, the well officiall... read

Activision: Guitar Hero cost too much to be profitable

Feb 10
Yesterday we learned the rather stunning news that Activision was ending the Guitar Hero franchise, along with True Crime: Hong Kong. Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explained the reasoning behind the cull, which CVG has transc... read

[Update: During the conference, Activision just confirmed the death of DJ Hero as part of the Guitar Hero franchise. True Crime: Hong Kong was canceled because it was "just not good enough" to compete in the open world genr... read feature

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock's February Mega Pack DLC

Feb 09
Activision has released a new trailer highlighting the songs currently available in the February Mega Pack DLC for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The pack includes tracks from Marilyn Manson, Children of Bodom, Black Label S... read

Live show: Chill Bros play Guitar Hero pro gamer Ecstacy

Feb 01
Want to see how a Guinness World record holder plays Guitar Hero?  Tune in! Put your Guitar Hero thrashing skills to the test against one of the world champions, Annie "Ecstacy" Leung. She joins us today on Jus... read

Activision halves prices on major 360 DLC this week

Jan 11
Activision is having major 50% off sale on a lot of its digital Xbox 360 content this week, and because of that, I've learned a few things. One, I had no idea that Activision published Carcassonne or Golf: Tee It Up!; that's ... read

Nine Inch Nails, The Used, more coming to Guitar Hero

Jan 11
Activision's mapped out its Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock downloadable content for January, bringing tracks from Nine Inch Nails, The Used, and more.  read

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, DJ Hero 2 get price drops

Jan 10
Good things to come to those who wait, and by "good things" I mean saving a few bucks on Activision's Hero titles. Only a few months after their launch, both Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 are getting price drops... read

Kiss invade Guitar Hero, Linkin Park hit DJ Hero 2

Dec 22
Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas" is so depressing. Wouldn't you rather be listening to KISS and Linkin Park? Great! Activision is releasing KISS and Linkin Park track packs for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 resp... read

Megadeth's Guitar Hero tracks nominated for Grammy

Dec 10
Baba what now? Civilization IV isn't the only game with a link to Grammy nominations -- Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has now made it into the mix. Megadeth's track "Sudden Death" has been nominated for "Best Metal Performanc... read

Activision: Guitar Hero has lost some mass appeal

Dec 09
Evil publisher Activision has admitted that its Guitar Hero franchise may have lost some of the mainstream appeal that has raked in millions over the years. I don't suppose that could have had anything to do with the ten diff... read

Axl Rose sues Activision over Guitar Hero III

Nov 24
Guns N Roses frontman and professional shit Axl Rose has filed a lawsuit against Guitar Hero III publisher Activision, claiming $20 million in damages because the game contains a likeness of former guitarist Slash. Seriously.... read

Free DJ Hero, Guitar Hero DLC this week

Nov 23
Nothing screams "Thanksgiving" more than Macy's parade and some free downloadable content for Activision's latest music games. The free packs are courtesy of Coca-Cola, and include: Tiest Mix Pack Presented by Coca-Cola for D... read

Jim Sterling playing 2112 for Destructoid charity

Oct 07
This past weekend, the very kind people of Destructoid LA hosted Ronathon, a fundraising event to help Dtoid community member lv99ron raise money to pay a ludicrous medical bill. Event organizer Alex Barbatsis honored me by ... read

Activision replacing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock discs

Oct 01
Yesterday we told you about the faulty Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock discs we'd discovered, which randomly become unreadable and make it harder to reach all the awesome Rush songs. We contacted Activision for a comment and co... read

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock disc-read-errors

Sep 30
I recently received a copy of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and instantly canceled my afternoon's plans so that I could play 2112 twice in a row, then never pick up the plastic guitar again. Unfortunately, my progress toward... read

Regular Nick: "Hey, The Dillinger Escape Plan made it into Guitar Hero! That's awesome. And, nice... you can play through Rush's 2112, and it's narrated by bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee himself. Man, this is going to rock." Warrior Nick: "Sweet holy hell, why did I just turn into a f**ing rock n' roll chupacabra?" read feature

Warriors of Rock expands Wii/DS connectivity

Sep 14
With Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for Wii and Nintendo DS, more people will be crowded around your television trying to play the music game than ever before. The previous Guitar Hero game had introduced Wii and DS connectiv... read

Rock Guitar Hero: Metallica tracks in Warriors of Rock

Sep 14
The list of music you can play in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock just got a lot larger. That is, of course, if you already own Guitar Hero: Metallica. Activision has announced today that wannabe rockers will be able to export ... read

Maker of real guitars pokes fun at Guitar Hero

Sep 07
Usually I hate people who pull the ridiculous "play a real guitar" argument, but this advertisement for Sparrow's range of guitars is pretty classy. The general message is that no videogame can replace a real guitar, and I do... read

DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero 6 demos available on Xbox Live

Sep 07
The Hero games are invading Xbox Live Marketplace, with demos available now for both the upcoming DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The DJ Hero 2 demo will feature four mixes: Pussycat Dolls Featuring Busta Rhymes ... read

A look at Guitar Hero's crazy Warriors of Rock

Sep 02
Totally new and totally metal is the new Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock character artwork and this nifty new trailer! Despite what some people say about the series, I think it looks interesting. Of course, I love heavy metal a... read

Dave Mustaine brings 'ass kicking' to Guitar Hero

Aug 31
Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine wants to kick your ass. Well, not literally, but with the original track he wrote for the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The song "Sudden Death" (spoiler alert!) plays during the game... read

Full Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tracklist unveiled

Aug 18
More than a month prior to its release, Activision has revealed the full setlist for its upcoming mult-instrument title, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.The 90-plus song soundtrack falls squarely into the rock category, with a... read

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