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Gaming Trends


PC gaming not really dead after all

Apr 23
Despite what you may have heard, PC gaming isn't really dying. Sure, the consoles get all the attention and as well they should. But the niche market of the PC is still very alive and very strong. Hell, even I have return... read

Arcade perfect: A tribute to a much missed part of gaming culture

Apr 21
I realised a few months ago that the Christmas of this year marks my 15-year gaming anniversary. I know for a fact that that’s not quite true, as the number of years I’ve actually been playing tails much further b... read

A shooting tragedy, Jack Thompson is there to take advantage

Apr 16
Right now, right this very second, Mr. Jack "video games cause cancer" Thompson is on FOX news talking about today's Virginia Tech tragedy. Mr. Thompson has already dropped some video game names and will surely ... read

Go get your Wii fitness on

Apr 11
And so it begins ...Just like DDR, the Wii is slowly but surely making its way into the minds and ideas of fitness-crazed folks looking for a way to get fat kids off the couch. Put down the Cheetos and check out what's g... read

EA marches toward world domination, invests $200M in Chinese company

Apr 09
Not content with meaningless microtransactions and the music business here in the good ol' U. S. of A., Electronic Arts, it has just been revealed, is now sinking $200 million into the major online Chinese game company T... read

Double crikey! Aussies also fell madly in love with the DS

Apr 05
We neglected to tell you, but Dtoid is going full Aussie now, so excuse us with all the sudden news related to Australia. After just seeing how well the PlayStation 3 has done, take a look at what Nintendo's little handhe... read

Crikey! The Aussies love them some PS3

Apr 05
After the UK sorta-kinda love fest that took place with the PlayStation 3, it now seems as if the land of big knives and beer and ex-cons -- oh, and apparently girls that love Nex? -- is also madly in love the with the cons... read

New Hour of Victory screens and video; WWII shooter? Not you again

Apr 04
Another year, another flood of WWII first-person shooters. In case your memory is a bit foggy, Midway's Hour of Victory for the Xbox 360 is attempting to do something just a tad different from other WWII FPS titles by let... read

LEGO Batman confirmed for a 2008 release

Mar 27
To be featured on all consoles, Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive have confirmed they will be working together to release a LEGO Batman game in 2008.With all the LEGO video game madness lately, I am kind of... read

Line Rider does World 1-1

Mar 23
digg_url = ''; A quick glance through Youtube would lead you to the conclusion that Line Rider has become the new Ghostriding the Whip. ... read

Gaming industry rollin' in the dough; where's our cut?

Feb 21
Still think video games are just a fad? Just a hobby? Think again. Look at what the industry pulled in according to the latest NPD numbers:Whatever way you cut it, the game industry got off to a great start in 2007. This week... read

The Linearity Question

Feb 21
Seven years ago, “nonlinear” was a word that, in the video game world, meant next to nothing. Free-roaming gameplay? Branching storylines? Isn’t that what old-school adventure games did? Ten years ago, it di... read

Purr Pals announced for the DS, kittens plan world takeover

Feb 08
Nintendogs is one of the best selling games on the DS. Therefore it's no shock to see Crave announcing Purrpals, a pet simulator that focuses on kittens rather than puppies.Unlike puppies however, cats are insane creatur... read

Top 20 Game Developers of 2006

Jan 08
At the mention of new projects by certain developers, do you squirm and touch yourself? Yeah, me too. Gamasutra satisfies the itch with their top 20 Developers list, via Game Developer. There were a lot of tidbits in here I ... read

Why you have a sad, sad wallet

Dec 20
In a recent report, Forbes sheds some interesting light on the topic of game pricing -- for those of you in possession of inquiring minds. According to them, the $60 price tag that Xbox 360 games are now proudly sporting is ... read

Get your multiplayer out of my single player!

Dec 12
I've invested quite a bit of time into Final Fantasy III DS since its release. Sure, I've been hemorrhaging cash in various other directions too, but FFIII has been my little go-to buddy, filling morning commutes and lazy aft... read

Hotel Dusk scores one for the avant-garde

Dec 06
Wowee zow. Anime fans and DS fans alike, lend me your ears. DS Fanboy posted a bucket of fantastic shots from the upcoming Hotel Dusk. Seeing games like this hit the market thrill me. In a sea of generic first person shooters... read

It's raining men: My mancrush on Final Fantasy XII

Nov 13
I want more heroes like Final Fantasy XII's Balthier. No, wait -- I want all heroes to be Balthier. Let's simply replace every character in every game with Balthier and be done with it. No more stoic, angry ex-cons wh... read

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