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Gaming Addiction


UK news report on game addiction clinic upsets gamers

Nov 04
Gamers are getting angry over a UK news report on the game addiction clinic that we talked about yesterday. The West Country Tonight (haha) ran a story on the clinic, based in Somerset, with the kind of "look at these crazy ... read

Britain gets its first game addiction clinic

Nov 03
Where there is a trendy new affliction, there is an expert with the answer. Thus it is that Britain is now host to its very first "game addiction" clinic in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Broadway Lodge treats about four hundre... read

Kick your World of Warcraft habit for just $14,000!

Sep 07
Where there are World of Warcraft players, there are people with dollar signs in their eyes lining up to take advantage. Cue Washington State's ReSTART clinic, a rehab center that aims to help WoW players beat their addiction... read

Daily Mail says Britain's full of 'screenagers'

Aug 17
British tabloid and glorified comic book The Daily Mail loves to attack videogames, probably because Grand Theft Auto IV has more journalistic integrity than the average Mail writer. The latest in its long line of attempts to... read

Therapists join World of Warcraft in the name of science

Jul 29
MMO addiction is a hot topic these days, and there are plenty of "experts" out there who want to "help." British Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Graham is among these brave few heroes, and he's so concerned about... read

China ends electric shock treatment for Internet addicts

Jul 14
Did you know that China has been introducing game-loving children to the wacky world of electric shock therapy? That's right -- parents have been willingly signing their children up for a course of jolts in order to stop them... read

MTV True Life to cover game addiction, wants you

Jun 21
Bitching about MTV is pretty much something everyone loves to do except for tween girls, but to be honest ever since Singled Out there's been a show on there that I'd watch, and now that there are practically no music videos ... read

Someone hasn't learned: Cooper Lawrence talks videogames on FOX again

Jan 08
It's been a while since FOX found an excuse to talk rubbish about videogames, but luckily if you can't find something real to talk about, you've always got "videogame addiction" on standby. Not only that, but FOX ... read

Gentlemen, resume Byron love! Game deriding show recorded last year

Apr 17
Yesterday there was a bit of a stir over Dr. Tanya Byron's new TV show Am I Normal? in which videogame "addiction" was compared to heroin abuse, and WoW was written off as "childish fantasy." I didn't want... read

Chicken Soup for the homicidal soul: Gaming is good for you

Apr 02
I love the smell of years of experiential evidence finally gaining validity in the morning! Today, two researchers from Middlesex University are presenting the findings of a study involving 292 World of Warcraft players, rang... read

Psychiatrist urges that gaming addiction be recognized as a mental illness

Mar 18
Doctors are big on relying on their pedigrees to weigh their opinions as somehow more significant than those of the general public, but there are occasions in which their thoughts can hold some merit, no matter how depressing... read

Videogame Addiction debate on CHCH: Canadian television knows I exist

Jan 08
Appearing on Attack of the Show via webcam was the coolest moment in this little geek's life, so imagine the uncontrollable happy dance I did when a local Canadian TV station contacted me to appear as an expert (shows what... read

Plans to classify gaming addicts as basket cases opposed by experts

Jun 25
A short while ago, I reported that gaming addiction could well be classified as a mental disorder if certain misguided folks had their way. Today however, Reuters relays that not only is the American Psychiatric Associatio... read

Addicted to videogames? You could soon be officially mental!

Jun 16
Usually when a reviewer calls a game addictive, that's a compliment, but to some psychologists, addictive games are a crippling menace, on par with drugs and alcohol. In a new report, presented to the world via Game Life,... read

"Dear Cosmo, I own every game ever made but am still a virgin. Help?"

Jun 12
Via IGN's "Ultimate Setup" series, Nate Polston has revealed to the world his 900+ game collection, and 30+ console collection. Aww Dark Wizard and Sonic CD... You remind me of a time when life was easier and g... read


May 24
Now, we all know that video games cause misanthropy, violence and sadistic murder, but did you know that they are also the vile, sordid root of isolation, depression and suicide for some people? That's right folks, this l... read

The online PlayStation Museum ruins my life

May 10
Dear Dtoid tipster Mike, I'm a busy guy; I have work to do. I don't understand why you feel the need to ruin my entire morning by sending us a link to the online PlayStation Museum. Sure, there's plenty of great s... read

Dtoid forumite loves herself some Nintendo

Apr 17
Virutalgirl, a member of our very own Destructoid Forums, recently posted the results of a long-term timeline project for her graphic design class. The assignment? To create a three-dimensional display that chronicles the ti... read

Company of Heroes follow-up confirmed; Summa does happy dance

Apr 05
Fact: I love PC RTS games.Fact: I love Company of Heroes and what it tried to do with changing the way RTS games are handled.Fact: THQ loves me so much they decided to keep on keepin' on with the series and I couldn't... read

Subliminal audio to treat gaming addicts, subliminal audio addiction on the rise

Mar 17
The Korea Times, by way of Boing Boing, has an article about a company called Xtive that claims to have developed a system of subliminal audio cues designed to combat video game addiction. They claim that the messages are pla... read

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