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Destructoid's games of the week for 02/25/07: erotic contraption edition!

Feb 25
// Earnest Cavalli
This is a sex machine. Any questions?

Sam and Max possibly coming to 360, Orbach possibly coming back from dead

Feb 25
// Earnest Cavalli
Gamespot has done some investigative snooping only to come up with the hypothesis that the recent Sam and Max games may be heading to the Xbox 360. While it is just a rumor, signs including Telltale's (the developers beh...

Gametap is cheap and easy, like a good whore should be

Feb 22
// Colette Bennett
A few days ago, superstar editor and sometimes gastrointestinal specialist Aaron Linde said to me, "You know, I want to check out Myst Online: Uru Live and Gametap is having an introductory special where the first mont...

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