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Games as Art


Decorative Wii makes our heart go aflutter

Jun 29
We know that you like videogames, or else you wouldn't be browsing right now. For some enthusiasts, games transcend the confines of hobbyist enjoyment and enter into the realm of art. Usually, this territory quickly becomes m... read

The secret is finally out! Afrika details revealed

Jun 04
The PlayStation 3 game Afrika has been shrouded in mystery ever since some strange (but stunning) footage was unveiled at the Sony press conference at E3 in 2006. While gorgeously rendered, the footage showed nothing more tha... read

Exclusive: The truth about the 'Holocaust' game

Mar 10
Some gamers have chosen to call it "creepy" and "disgusting." Media outlets, those even belonging to the videogame press itself, have misrepresented it as "Holocaust DS" or a "Nazi torture game." The truth of the matter is th... read

Shadow of the Colossus' controls are an exercise in art

The "videogames as art" movement is a funny thing
Feb 29
Artsy wonks like myself love to wax philosophic about the potential that games have in terms of narration or eliciting meaningful, emotional player responses. We laud innovative game designers for forcing us to make morally a... read

Love, the MMO: I promise it has nothing to do with drugs and the sixties

Feb 26
If you heard Rev Anthony's RevRant from this week's RetroForceGo! you've already heard a little about the amazing indie showing at GDC. It's truly one of the richest gatherings of indie work you're likely to see, and if you l... read

Luc Bernard is a 21 year old graphic designer and game developer on the cusp of making his big splash in the game industry with the upcoming WiiWare title Eternity's Child. After seeing Luc's work, it doesn't take long to see... read feature


Passage, the greatest five-minute-long game ever made

Dec 11
Passage, created by Jason Rohrer, is an exercise in gaming minimalism. Made for korokomi's gamma 256 competition, It's only five minutes long, it weighs in at less than 500kb, it takes place on a 100x16 field of pixels, and i... read

Narrative brilliance and social irrelevance in Call of Duty 4

Dec 03
I recently played all the way through the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare single player campaign and, upon completing it, I felt two significant emotions. Firstly, I was filled with elation stemming from the fact that I had... read

Ebert the moron: Uses Hitman movie to continue his 'games aren't art' crusade

Nov 26
Roger Ebert has something to prove to the world it seems, as he continues his asinine viewpoint that videogames "will never" be art. You know what art is, right? It's that completely subjective thing that by its ver... read

Alarmingly These Are Not Lovesick Zombies: well, they aren't (I think)

Oct 30
Jason Nelson is the manic, over-caffeinated Salvador Dali of gaming.If the games-as-art debate has been missing one crucial element it's the surreal: that area where the human mind frays a bit, midgets are all backmasked and ... read

Videogames and Art: Destructoid hits the book launch and seminar

Oct 26
The life of a games journalist is an exciting one. We get to attend geek conventions and musical extravaganzas, as well as get to grips with upcoming videogames. Sometimes though, we have to become more refined, more fringe, ... read

It's about time! Okami for the Wii confirmed

Oct 18
Let me get this out of the way first … woo hoo!Eurogamer is reporting that Capcom has (finally!) announced it is bringing its critically adored PlayStation 2 game Okami to the Nintendo Wii in spring 2008.... read

Videogame BAFTA awards: Will Wright gets love + full nominations

Oct 15
The BAFTAs are the most prestigious awards that the UK has to offer after the British Comedy Awards, and for the first time they will honor videogames. Spore creator Will Wright shall be receiving a Fellowship BAFTA for his y... read

Halo 3 and its place in the art debate: A New York Times counterpoint

Sep 28
I've just finished reading a very interesting article by New York Times writer Daniel Radosh, in which he discusses Halo 3, its artistic merits and its impact on the 'games as art' debate as a whole. While these types of arti... read

BioShock Etch-A-Sketch art: Prepare to pee on yourself

Sep 20
I'm speechless. Who the HELL rocks out this hard on an Etch-A-Sketch? The Etch-A-Sketchist (who you may remember from his God of War offering back in July) has drawn everything from Kanye West to the World Trade Center, but i... read

Book critic fails at BioShock, says it's not art because he's not depressed

Sep 17
The whole 'games as art' debate is getting very tired now, with people on both sides of the fence doing little more than scoring points for their own preferred medium of entertainment, but this is one of the funnier examples ... read

Eternity's Child moved to the Wii

Sep 13
Eternity's Child was originally announced last year as an XBLA title, but it seems that size restrictions have actually pushed the title onto the Wii, which I'm sure pleased UK based creator Luc Bernard to no end. He has also... read

Leipzig GC 2007: The French team preserving gaming history for the future

Sep 04
"Dave, you've got to get over to Hall 5. There are some guys over there who've got every console ever on free play.""Every console ever?""And a couple of arcade cabinets. And the consoles are all set ... read

The Memory Card .12: Wander's brave friend

Aug 16
The theme of friendship is entirely prevalent, though commonly unnoticed, in the world of videogames. From Ratchet & Clank, to the entire epic casts of Final Fantasy, having two (or more) characters work... read

Siskell's lesser half still refutes games as art, calls Barker a 4-year old

Jul 24
I’m sure the world at large is well aware of who Roger Ebert is. Although, what the rest of the world may not know, or care about, is his position on whether or not video games are art.In case you were wondering, his po... read

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