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PC deals

Weekend PC deals: Total War, Bethesda, Trials Evolution

GOG has a great range of indie titles reduced too
May 10
You should already have seen that Black Ops II is free to play this weekend and 33% off to own, and the Bit.Trip games are reduced all week so it just leaves me to tell you that Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is 25% off this ... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC deals: Star Wars, EA, Tomb Raider

Ghost Recon and a host of vehicle sims are reduced
May 03
Back in the day before EA was getting voted the worst company in America, it was publishing pretty stellar PC games. Some of those games are reduced by 60% in's weekend sale, including the Ultima, Dungeon Keeper and W... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC deals: Rockstar, Total War, Hotline Miami

There's bundle deals you should check out on Green Man Gaming
Apr 26
Along with cutting Brutal Legend to half price and taking 75% off the price of Defense Grid: The Awakening, Steam has a weekend promotion running on games from Rockstar. Each day will see a new franchise reduced, so right now... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC deals: Portal 2, FIFA 13, GTA, Telltale Games

GreenManGaming has up to 75% off a selection of indie games
Apr 19
If you haven't played Portal 2 on PC, then you have no excuse -- none I tell you -- not to pick it up with a 75% price cut on Steam. Also on offer is Worms Revolution, which is free to play all weekend and half price to purch... read
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PC Deals

Weekend PC deals: Interplay, Dishonored, Scribblenauts

Plenty to keep you inside whilst spring still fails to arrive. For me, anyway.
Apr 12
I always wonder about what title to start these posts with, but this week there's no doubt Dishonored is my pick of the weekend deals. Arkane's stealth-action game was one of my favorites from last year and it's half price on... read
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PC Deals

Weekend PC deals: Dead Island, Painkiller, and Omerta

Dungeons and Dragons titles also reduced
Apr 05
Weekend Deals is back after a two week break due to PAX East and a week's vacation in New York but the chances to save some cash on PC games never ends. The Dungeons and Dragons rulesets have resulted in some classic RPGs, so... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC deals: Ubisoft, Saints Row, indie gems

Catch up on Saints Row before IV hits
Mar 15
Ubisoft is throwing a big promotion this weekend on Steam, offering new daily deals every 24 hours. Right now, I Am Alive, Rayman Origins and From Dust are all reduced between 66-75% in price. Check back on Saturday and Sunda... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC deals: Max Payne 3, Killing Floor, Sonic

Plus money off Trials Gold pre-orders
Mar 08
If leaping through the air whilst shooting guns and sporting bad Hawaiian shirts and whiskey breath is your thing, then you owe it to yourself to pick up Max Payne 3 on Steam this weekend. Rockstar's latest title is reduced b... read
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PC Deals

Weekend PC download deals: Save on Apogee, Nordic Games

So many deals, so little space
Feb 22
The chance to save a bundle of cash on PC and Mac downloads this weekend has been flying in from all angles. Hamza's already let us know about's crazy End of February sale and BioShock Infinite's crazy pre-order de... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC download deals: Square Enix, Borderlands 2

Dungeon Siege and Deus Ex franchises also reduced
Feb 08
Allistair has already let you guys know that Counter-Strike: GO is half price this weekend to celebrate all the new content that's been released for the game, so it just remains for me to let you know Borderlands 2 is half pr... read
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PC Deals

Weekend PC download deals: Square Enix, Grimrock, Risen 2

Save up to 75% on Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs
Feb 01
If you missed out on the Square Enix sale last weekend, then the publisher is giving you a chance to save up to 75% on some of their biggest titles like Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs. Greenmangaming have Square Enix tit... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC download deals: Magicka, THQ, Guilty Gear

Another chance to nab THQ titles for cheap
Jan 18
If you missed THQ's Humble Bundle, then you've got another chance to buy some really cheap games from the troubled publisher. has a THQ bundle including Space Marine, Homefront, and Metro 2033 for $11.99, a reducti... read
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PC deals

Weekend PC download deals: EA, Ravaged, The Walking Dead

You still have money left after holiday sales right?
Jan 11
Now that we're firmly into 2013, you're free to start spending money on weekend deals, not that you ever stopped, right? You can help yourself to a whole heap of titles from Digital Game Factory at 60% off, including the stil... read

Weekend PC download deals: Hitman, Rockstar, and Blood

Oh, and I hear Steam has some discounted games...
Dec 21
Hey, so I hear Steam might have some games discounted or something...  but seriously, you all know to check Steam for the daily discounts and flash sales. Right now, the standouts are Dishonored for half price ($29.99) a... read

Weekend PC download deals: RPGs, Crysis, and EVE

Chivalry, Awesomenauts, and Hitman also reduced
Dec 14 has launched its holiday sale this week reducing 475 games in the catalog with some great daily deals. Right now, you can get indie RPGs like Torchlight and Legend of Grimrock for $3.74 each (that's 75% off). GamersGa... read

Weekend PC download deals: FTL, Myst, and SEGA

Stuck for your workplace, Secret Santa?
Dec 07
As the Dtoid staff furiously argue with each other up to crown a game of the 2012, two titles keep popping up in our discussions: FTL and Hotline Miami. If you haven't sampled their particular charms then you can buy them on ... read

Weekend PC download deals: Unreal, Paradox, and bundles

You didn't spend all your money on Black Friday, right?
Nov 30
Black Friday and all its attendant madness may have been a week ago but that just means GamersGate can start up its Winter Promo. They've got four daily deals and a great variety of bundles too, including a rotating Indie For... read

Weekend PC download deals: Everything's on sale!

Ease your turkey hangover with some deals
Nov 23
Okay, maybe not everything but GamersGate, Steam, Amazon, and Green Man Gaming all have Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales, so here's a couple quick picks: - Metro 2033 for $10, BioShock and BioShock dual pack for $4... read

The Real Texas on more platforms, discounted, plus OST!

Everything's cheaper in Texas
Nov 21
Oh deary me! You haven't forgotten about The Real Texas, have you? It left quite the impression on me, to say the least. I would say that not a week goes by in which I don't think about it. I've been waiting for the soundtrac... read

Weekend PC download deals: Tropico, the USSR and Orcs!

This post brought to you by El Presidente
Nov 16 cut the price of a big swathe of strategy titles in its USSR Invades promo, including IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, Perimeter, and the not-actually-a-strategy title Cryostasis. Jordan's already let you know about Amazon's gre... read

Weekend PC download deals: GTA, Telltale, LEGO Batman

What is the plural of LEGO, anyway?
Nov 09
GamersGate has been running a week-long Heads Up sale which is still ongoing but their specific weekend deals are 75% off GTA IV and its DLC, and Sleeping Dogs is reduced to half price along with its accompanying DLC pac... read

Weekend PC download deals: EA, Tomb Raider, Dark Souls

Prepare to die! Cheaply!
Nov 02
I suppose having Halloween in the middle of the week means you can celebrate the weekend before and after, right? In any case, GamersGate has a spooky promotion running this weekend in which you can get a great bundle includi... read

Weekend PC download deals: Payday, Assassin's Creed, GOG

Spend! Download! Play!
Oct 19
After showed off its crazy Interplay bundle, the announcement of the PC and Mac Classics promo went under the radar a bit. The likes of Sim City 2000, Theme Hospital, and Crusader: No Remorse are all available for bet... read

Weekend PC download deals: EA, Focus Interactive, Ubisoft

$10 gets you Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City
Oct 12
There is an absolute glut of titles released by Focus Interactive on sale this weekend on Steam; franchises such as Cities XL, Sherlock Holmes, and Game of Thrones are all reduced by up to 75%. Also reduced by 75% and free to... read

Weekend PC download deals: Elder Scrolls, THQ, Atari

Oct 05
If you were pondering buying any titles from the Elder Scrolls franchise but missed out on the Steam midweek sale, then GamersGate has you covered with up to 60% off Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. They also have a sale on t... read

Weekend PC download deals: 1C, Square Enix, Secret World

Sep 28
If you're looking to jump into Funcom's nontraditional MMORPG The Secret World, then you should make sure you pick it up at half price this weekend. has two standout offers for you; EVE Online: Inferno is redu... read

Weekend PC download deals: Pirates, Saints Row and Atari

Sep 21
With "Talk Like A Pirate Day" occurring this week, it's not a huge surprise that GamersGate has a pirate-themed sale happening, with reductions of up to 70% off titles like Tales of Monkey Island, Jolly Rover, Age of Booty, a... read

Weekend PC download deals: Sam & Max, Battlefield, DnD

Sep 14 is holding another interesting promo this weekend, reducing some legendary Dungeons and Dragons RPG titles by up to 65%, including the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale franchises, plus Planescape: Torment. The more you ... read

Weekend PC download deals: Trine, Crysis, point-and-click

Sep 07
Apologies for the lack of last week's roundup, but I was in the grips of PAX and I'm still getting over it. Well, my jet lag at least. Let's take a look at what's for sale this weekend. To start, Steam has a pair of sales hap... read

Mutant Mudds is out on PC, has hardcore grannie action

Aug 30
Didn't get to experience Mutant Mudds on the 3DS? Hankering for some buttery smooth platforming on a larger screen? Then you're in luck! Today is the day that the PC port of Renegade Kid's golden child hits digital distribut... read

Weekend PC download deals: Buy Just Cause 2, okay?

Aug 24
If the success of Day Z has proven one thing, it's that a well-made mod can breathe new life into a game. The massive multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 hasn't matched the popularity of Day Z, but it's got people playing Just C... read

Weekend PC download deals: Unreal, Cities XL, Alan Wake

Aug 17
It took me by surprise how many shooters were actually on, so it was a pleasant to see the likes of the Far Cry, Unreal, and Blood franchises included in the FPS blast promotion. These titles are all reduced to half p... read

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