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Gaijin Games

PS4 photo

Bit.Trip Runner2 jumps to PS4 this month

Cross-buy with Vita version
Feb 07
// Kyle MacGregor
Runner2 is coming to PlayStation 4 on February 23, Choice Provisions has announced. The auto-run platformer will support cross-buy compatibility with the Vita port Choice Provisions released a couple years ago. Unfortunately,...
Sup Holmes photo
Sup Holmes

The masters of Rhythm Platformer design on the art of controlled chaos

Sup Holmes every Sunday at 2:30pm EST!
Jan 24
// Jonathan Holmes
[Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show for people that make great videogames. It airs live every Sunday at 4pm EST on YouTube, and can be found in Podcast form on Libsyn and iTunes.] Recently on Sup Holmes, we...
Bit.Trip photo

Bit.Trip collection coming to PS4, PS3, Vita

Cross-buy and cross-save for $10
Dec 05
// Kyle MacGregor
All six of Choice Provision's original Bit.Trip games now available on PlayStation systems, Sony announced today during its keynote address at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco. The collection will support both cros...
Laserlife photo

Bit.Trip studio set to release rhythm action game Laserlife this month for PC and PS4

Skeleton astronaut laser action!
Sep 12
// Ben Davis
Choice Provisions, the studio responsible for the Bit.Trip series, has been teasing the idea for a similar rhythm action game called Laserlife since way back in 2010. It seems the idea will finally come to fruition later this...

Crazy racer has you drive multiple cars at once

Sep 06 // Kyle MacGregor
It's controlled chaos, though. Luckily, you need only take control of one vehicle at a time. However, in what might be one of the better "it's a feature" excuses yet, the computer in this game is as dumb as a post. AI-controlled cars (both yours and your opponents') are largely incompetent. This requires players to hop from one track to the next, either taking the lead or putting the computer in a position to do so before moving on to the next track. The challenge is more about management and strategy, rather than pure driving skill. And given there can be up to six tracks on any raceway, all of which sport differing speeds, steering your team to victory can be quite a handful. While Drive!Drive!Drive! is still somewhat early in development, it can be a  pretty rough ride. During my time in the driver's seat last week in Seattle, I discovered the title doesn't handle anywhere near as well as, well, any mainstream racers I've had the pleasure of playing in recent years. [embed]309532:60259:0[/embed] Midwood was the first to admit the experience could use some fine tuning, as sharp turns often resulted in messy pile-ups and ramps can send your vehicle flying onto another track with no means of returning to the correct one. But there's still time to fix mechanical issues and tighten up the controls, especially since the concept and aesthetics are already so attractive. The visuals are minimalist, but the pastel color palette and otherworldly track layouts more than make up for some technically unimpressive graphics. The trippy vibe is also enhanced by a trippy soundtrack, courtesy of synth artist Zombi, giving the game a distinctive look and feel. On top of that, there's a track creator, which should give the experience some legs, allowing players to build and share their own designs with the community, should one ever form around the game.  Drive!Drive!Drive! is targeting a 2016 launch on PlayStation 4, Vita, PC, and maybe more systems.
Drive!Drive!Drive! photo
On your marks, get set, go, go, go!
Game designers rarely go off-road when creating racing games and eschew lesser-traveled paths in favor of more established, familiar routes. Not Gordon Midwood, though; the one lone developer at indie studio Different Cloth i...

Shutshimi photo

Shutshimi: Seriously Swole coming soon to Wii U

Choice Provision's great goldfish shmup
Sep 01
// Alessandro Fillari
Just last week, we were graced with the release of Shutshimi: Seriously Swole on PC, PS4 and Vita. In this bizarre tribute to classic shooters, players take control of a team of gun-toting goldfish with memory issues as they ...
Space Dave! photo
Space Dave!

Space Dave! adds eyeball blasting with a Galaga twist

Sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that
Aug 30
// Jonathan Holmes
Woah Dave! was a pretty big success, though it's looking like the next title on the Dave! series won't be content to simply give us more of the same. While Dave's first adventure was heavily influenced by the 1983's Mario Br...

Woah Dave! is a success, Space Dave! coming soon

Jul 26 // Jonathan Holmes
You'd think that success was what motivated the studio to create Dave's all-new, upcoming outer-space adventure Space Dave!, but that's not actually the case. Jason went on to say he thinks "...Space Dave! would most likely still have happened even if Woah Dave! hadn't done well. The reason being is that MiniVisions games are largely driven, in all honesty, by us making games that we want to play ourselves. They're all kinds of experimental." "We're never sure if everyone else will be as in to these ideas as we are, but the passion on our end to make it is there, so we kinda roll with that. Also, probably worth nothing that Space Dave! is a surprisingly different formula, but still 100% a 'Dave' game." Choice Provisions is planning to reveal Space Dave! to the world at PAX Prime this August.
Woah Dave! photo
Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it
[Space Dave! Box in progress box art by GLIΓCH RIΓUΛL] Woah Dave! is a gaming underdog story if ever there was one. Inspired by his young son's passion of the original Mario Bros., developer Jason Cirillo's...

PS Plus photo
PS Plus

Heads up: Woah Dave! is free with PS Plus again

PS4 and PS Vita
Apr 03
// Jordan Devore
We heard about April's PlayStation Plus games earlier this week but here's another late addition: Woah Dave! from Choice Provisions. The penny-collecting, alien-dodging, egg-throwing arcade game was free for subscribers back ...
Woah Dave! Deluxe! photo
Woah Dave! Deluxe!

Woah Dave! Deluxe! out now, also coming to Wii U

Free content in this day and age?
Feb 25
// Kyle MacGregor
Woah Dave! Deluxe! is out now on Steam, Choice Provisions just announced. This is a free update (it's not often we get to say that these days) to the original game, featuring a myriad of enhancements, including two new level...
Woah Dave! Deluxe photo
Woah Dave! Deluxe

Woah Dave! Deluxe is a thing that's happening

And that's all the info we have!
Feb 03
// Kyle MacGregor
Good news, everyone! More Woah Dave! is coming! Check out our review of the original here. Jason Cirillo [Twitter]
Woah Dave! NES photo
Woah Dave! NES

You could play Woah Dave! on an actual NES cart

What other games would you like to see in cartridge form?
Jan 19
// Ben Davis
Do you ever think about what it would be like to play your favorite sprite-based indie games on the consoles they were influenced by? Well, you might be able to do just that with Woah Dave!, an NES-inspired game which could p...
Laserlife photo

Bit.Trip studio Choice Provisions teaming up with Intel for skeleton astronaut game Laserlife

Partnered for RealSense tech
Jan 07
// Darren Nakamura
Choice Provisions has been teasing Laserlife since the studio was called Gaijin Games. Back in 2010, Jonathan Holmes talked to Alex Neuse about the idea, but the trail went dark for a few years after that. Last year when the...
Woah Dave! Vita photo
Woah Dave! Vita

Woah Dave! out now on Vita, free for Plus members!

What a deal!
Jan 06
// Kyle MacGregor
Woah Dave!, the fantastic little arcade game from the house that built Bit.Trip, is now available on PlayStation Vita for the low, low price of $5 -- or nothing if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Cool boss Jonathan Holm...
Woah Dave! photo
Woah Dave!

Former Nintendo honcho makes Woah Dave fan game with his kids

Nov 09
// Jonathan Holmes
There's been a lot of Dad-related excitement on Destructoid this weekend. That hasn't been intentional. When it rains Dads, it pours Dads. This new Dad-centric story is proof of that. Last Sunday on Sup Holmes, we learned th...

Review: Woah Dave!

Nov 02 // Jonathan Holmes
[embed]283319:56180:0[/embed] Woah Dave! (Steam, iOS, 3DS eShop)Developer: Jason Cirillo, Choice ProvisionsPublisher: Choice Provisions, Mini Visions labelReleased: October 30, 2014MRSP: $4.99 (Steam, 3DS eShop) $1.99 (iOS) So why is the game called Woah Dave!? Probably for the same reason Nuts and Milk is called Nuts and Milk, or Fast Eddie is called Fast Eddie. There was a time in gaming when no one knew what would make a game marketable. Technical limitations prevented games from going for any level of realism. Mimicking the themes and concepts that made films or TV shows popular was out of the question. Instead developers tended to go with fun-to-say names, easy to pick up mechanics, and nonchalantly surreal scenarios. It was a time when AAA games were usually about abstract cartoon characters running around bizarre obstacle courses, avoiding death at the hands of cute monsters while collecting money, love, or food. Pretty weird stuff by today's standards. A little while back, I wrote about how Lone Survivor is one of my favorite games about psychosis. Woah Dave! might soon join that list, along with games like LSD and Deadly Premonition. That said, it's never made 100% clear that Woah Dave! is about hallucinating, or anything else for that matter. When Dave dies, everything we see transforms from a dreamlike landscape to a normal city scene. Does that mean Dave's been "living the dream" a little too well? Maybe. One thing's for sure though, titular hero Dave Lonuts has plenty of things to be paranoid about. Almost everything in his world can kill him, including giant green eggs, exploding skulls, and multiple forms of cyclopes. Where do these cyclopes come from, you ask? The fried eggs, of course. Worse, the lava underneath the floor makes cyclopes mutate, as dictated by laws of unexplained alien science.  Thus begins Woah Dave! adventure of constant risk, reward and crowd control. Your goal is to make as much money as you can before you die. The only way to do that is to kill. You kill with eggs and skulls. You can only carry one thing at a time, and either one will kill you if you hold on to it for too long. That forces you to be constantly picking things up, throwing them before they get too hot, running, jumping, and planning in pursuit of maximized profits.  Woah Dave! may be a little underwhelming on the first couple of plays because it's not immediately clear that with the preparation and skill, you can put together a huge plan for big, BIG money. If you take the obvious path of killing a few newborn cyclopes with an egg, you'll collect a penny per kill. Go about a game that way and you'll probably end up with $.20 or so before all three of your lives are through. With a little experience you'll learn that letting a cyclops get to the bottom of the screen causes it to mutate into a faster, red cyclops, which nets you two pennies per kill. Let a red one get to the lava and it becomes a blue hopping cyclops, worth three pennies. Let a blue mutate and it will grow wings. Kill that jerk and you get four pennies. Farming your foes for cash is the real name of the game, though encouraging mutation isn't something for the faint of heart. It's a similar design hook as Pac-man Championship Edition: DX, where rounding up a lot of ghosts and waiting as long as possible to kill them is the key to achieving a high score. Woah Dave! is different in that the passage of time brings other dynamic changes to the field, some of which may sneak up on you before you know it. First is the Woah Block, which falls from the sky at random if you're able to stay alive for a while. The block kills everything on screen at once, so if you're able to fill the world with higher level enemies, you can net $.30-$.50 in massive blow.  So carefully waiting things out can help you to get rich, but it also makes life way worse. You probably wont notice it at first, but the bottom floor of the screen (the one that covers the lava) is slowly disappearing. That gives you less space to maneuver, and more opportunities for the cyclops to evolve. So you'll get more mutants at a faster rate as time goes on and less places to hide from them. Increased potential risk reward, if you like it or not. It's just one of the subtle, organic ways the game gradually scales the difficulty without resorting to conventional methods. With a little experience, you'll learn to start anticipating your death the moment you start a game. Life is short, so you've got to make as much money as fast as you can. That means grabbing eggs and getting them to the bottom of the screen as soon as you start. You want mutants and you want them now. The bottom of the screen should be crawling with monsters within a few seconds if you're playing right. That'll makes the top of the screen the safer place to hang out, though not for long. Mutated cyclopes rocket out the lava upon contact, launching them to the top, and potentially into your butt. Being constantly aware of this is what separates the good Woah Dave! players from the masters. Like with Bit.Trip CORE, learning to stop focusing on individual points in the field and instead look at everything on-screen at once is the secret to Woah Dave! excellence. Woah Dave!'s only weakness comes from its relatively low ceiling of content. After a certain point, you stop getting concrete rewards for accruing more money and survival time. At first you get little acknowledgements of your success, like changes to the background graphics, added layers to the music, and previously mentioned Woah blocks. After the floor is completely gone, and you've bumped into a few tough to kill UFO's, you'll have seen pretty much everything in the game. On top of that there's 16 achievements to shoot for, and an unlockable Bonkers mode, which starts you off with UFOs and no bottom floor. It's a nice little assortment of rewards, but as far as I know, there is no "ending" or more content beyond what you might see at past that $1.50 mark. That might limit your motivation to keep playing regularly enough to ever hit $3-$5. That's where which version of Woah Dave! you pick up makes all the difference. The Steam version is the best value by far, as it has online leaderboards and 2-player "tug of war" mode where you compete with a pal to see who can get rich the quickest. The iOS version has online leaderboards too, whereas the poor old 3DS has local leaderboards only. The surprisingly fun 3D graphics, the portability and the traditional controls make the 3DS version my favorite in theory. In practice, the iOS and Steam ports win out thanks to those online leaderboards. Aspiring to be a global champion is the main reason to play the game long term. Without that draw, you may be done with regular Woah Dave! play after a week or so.  Still, a week with Dave is certainly worth $2-$5. There's hours of arcade fun, strange charm, and game design science here. If you can get past the game's deceptively simple surface and are content to challenge yourself after the game stops providing new carrots to chase, you'll find Woah Dave! to be well worth your pennies. 
Woah Dave! photo
Time to make the woah-nuts
[Note: Jonathan Holmes' name appears in the Special Thanks section of Woah Dave!'s credits. No one knows why. One guess is it's because Jonathan and Woah Dave! creator Jason Cirillo had a decent conversation at PAX East 2014,...

Tharsis: Commit cannibalism, save humanity

Sep 09 // Kyle MacGregor
That's the goal, anyway. More immediate concerns include not dying as the ship slowly edges toward to Mars. Some members of the crew are dead. Others are injured. Supplies are low. And all sorts of things need fixing. You know, things that threaten the crew's continued survival. To remedy these issues, players will need to send astronauts to deal with hazards as they arise. This is done by rolling dice and allocating the numbers to the myriad of problems before you. Tharsis is a game of damage control. It's about knowing when to play it safe, when to put it all on the line, and praying you get lucky enough to scrape by. One way to make do with dwindling rations is to cannibalize the corpses of your fallen comrades. Sure it's a little unsavory, but you're eating people for humanity, dammit! My experiences with this worked out okay, well, except for the part where my crew went insane. Look forward to seeing how that turns out when Tharsis launches on iOS and Steam in early 2015.
Tharsis preview photo
Eat folks for the greater good
Destructoid recently caught up with the folks at Gaijin Games Choice Provisions to check out the studio's next Bit.Trip game completely new project, Tharsis. The turn-based strategy game follows a team of astro...

Bit.Trip Flux is on Steam photo
Bit.Trip Flux is on Steam

Bit.Trip Flux is the best, now available on Steam

Commander Video takes his swan song to PC and Mac
Jun 05
// Kyle MacGregor
Bit.Trip Flux, the final entry in the Bit.Trip series, is now available via Steam, Gaijin Games Choice Provisions announced today. Flux takes inspiration from Pong, much like the first title in the series, Bit.Trip Beat. Play...
BIT.TRIP photo

Gaijin Games is dead, long live Choice Provisions!

Bit.Trip studio changes name, announces new games
Jun 05
// Kyle MacGregor
Gaijin Games is dead. Well, not really. They're just rebranding. After six years in business, the indie studio best known for its work on the Bit.Trip series, has decided it's time for a change. It will henceforth be known a...
PAX photo
Holmes talks with creator Jason Cirillo
One of the most common questions one gets asked when visiting a show like PAX East is, "what's the most fun game you've played this weekend." Woah Dave was my automatic response to any such query this past weekend. An a...

I almost collected a half dollar in Woah Dave! and that's pretty good

Apr 11 // Brett Makedonski
The game quickly turns into a semi-cerebral affair of throwing everything at everything to try to simply stay alive. Eggs get thrown at monsters. Skulls get thrown at monsters. Skulls get thrown at eggs. Eggs get thrown at other eggs because you just screwed up and AHHHH THIS IS SO CRAZY! Just because that wouldn't be confusing enough, monsters evolve if you don't clear them quickly enough. First, they just work their way downward. Then, they'll make their way up the level, too. Eventually, they turn into flying eye-creatures that exist solely to hunt your ass down. Quick! Throw an egg at that bastard! What's this madness for, though? To make money, of course. Each time something's defeated -- be it an egg or a monster -- they drop a penny. That's right, a single coin. Once you clear thirty cents, a "Woah" block (that's right, like in Mario Bros.) appears that destroys everything on the screen, providing a much needed reprieve. Talking with the developers, they said that a really impressive run might take five minutes or so. I certainly didn't make it that long. But, after exhausting my three lives, I walked away with $.49. It was good enough for the top of the leaderboard (even though PAX wasn't open yet, and that score is almost definitely bested by now). It might not sound like much, but Woah Dave! made me feel like I earned every single penny.
Woah Dave! preview photo
Penny by penny
Fifty cents doesn't sound like much, right? You could lose fifty cents in the couch cushion and not think twice about it. Well, I earned -- that's right earned -- almost that much in Robotube Games' Woah Dave!...

Gaijin at PAX East photo
Gaijin at PAX East

Gaijin Games bringing Destructamundo and Woah Dave! to PAX East

Both developed by Robotube
Apr 03
// Darren Nakamura
A few years ago, Bit.Trip series creator Gaijin Games acquired Robotube Games, but until recently we had not seen the fruits of that partnership. In just a couple weeks, Robotube's two new titles will be shown to the public....
Bit.Trip photo

Runner2 discounted to celebrate one million copies sold

The groove is in the heart
Mar 13
// Jordan Devore
Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien recently turned a year old. I know, I know -- you aren't impressed by the aging process. The rhythm-centric platformer also celebrated another milestone: selling one mi...
Runner 2 Vita impressions photo
Runner 2 Vita impressions

Runner 2 plays exactly how you would expect on the Vita

And that's only a good thing
Dec 19
// Brett Zeidler
Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien launched very early on in the year for just about every platform under the sun. We reviewed it, and really liked it. Not long after that, Gaijin Games announced that R...
Runner2 on Vita photo
Runner2 on Vita

Runner2 releasing on Vita in less than a week

I heard you like running, so we put Runner2 on a portable so you can run while you run...
Dec 12
// Darren Nakamura
The PlayStation Vita keeps proving itself to be a serious contender for independent games, with titles like Terraria, Rogue Legacy, and Spelunky either already on the platform or in the works. To add to that list, Gaijin...
War Thunder photo
War Thunder

War Thunder passes five million players in first year

Up next, tank battles
Nov 04
// Jordan Devore
It was only with the announcement for PlayStation 4 that I started to pay any real attention to Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder. The free-to-play WWII aerial combat title has surpassed five million players in its first ye...
Bit.Trip photo

Gaijin Games releases iOS version of Bit.Trip Runner2

Bit.Trip Run! available now via the App Store
Oct 31
// Kyle MacGregor
Commander Video is trotting onto the iOS App Store today in Bit.Trip Run!, Gaijin Games has announced. Bit.Trip Run! is the mobile version of the marvelous musical platformer Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of R...
Runner 2 DLC photo
Runner 2 DLC

Runner 2 'Good Friends Pack' hits 360 and Wii U this week

Also, Bit.Trip.Fate is 50% off on Steam
Aug 14
// Chris Carter
Although the Good Friends Character Pack for Runner 2 has hit the PS3 and PC platforms, it's been absent from the Wii U and Xbox 360 versions of the game -- until this week, that is. Straight from the developer, the 360 will ...
Good Friends Bundle photo
Good Friends Bundle

Good Friends Bundle now available on Steam

Includes six amazing games
Aug 02
// Chris Carter
Steam now has the Good Friends Bundle on sale for $24.99, and if you've been living under a rock, you may want to get in on it. Some of my favorite PC games of all time are a part of the bundle, including Bit.Trip Runner 2 (w...
INDIE photo

New Bit.Trip Runner2 characters like disco apparently

Watch the 'Good Friends' bond over a line dance
Jul 12
// Kyle MacGregor
Yes, that's Commander Video getting down on the dance floor with Cave Story's Quote. Bit.Trip Presents Runner2 is pretty cool like that. Gaijin Games released a downloadable character pack for its rhythmic pla...

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