European devs favoring PS4 over One, looking toward crowdfunding
GDC's European State of the Industry Survey
2:01 AM on 07.08.2014

Ninja Theory talking unreleased games at GDC Europe
Footage of a next gen game and other pitches that never came to market
1:00 AM on 05.15.2014

Ubisoft's new Child of Light: Squaresoft-styled JRPG
Wild, isn't that right?
8:30 AM on 08.19.2013

PlayStation Vita gains momentum with European devs
Survey suggets growing interest in the platform
3:30 PM on 07.25.2013

Nintendo coming to GDC Europe for the first time
Session details TBA
11:00 AM on 07.12.2013

A last minute hack helped GoldenEye 64's release

5:15 PM on 08.14.2012

Spec Ops dev laments poor sales, moves on to new project

6:30 PM on 08.13.2012

GDC Europe to feature a Goldeneye 007 postmortem

7:00 AM on 07.19.2012

Epic president Mike Capps to give keynote at GDC Europe

2:30 PM on 07.19.2011


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