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9:32 PM on 12.26.2007

Sessler wants you to buy more Wii games, we don't know which ones he means

In this week's Sessler's Soapbox, the host of G4's X-Play is upset with Wii owners. No, Adam's not necessarily mad at you, friends; if you're reading Destructoid, the chance that you picked up a copy of Super Mario Galaxy ove...

Nick Chester

6:23 PM on 12.12.2007

X-Play reveals new, enhanced format

Hey you! Yeah, you, the one complaining that G4 has lost touch with its roots, and that you're more likely to see a re-run of C.O.P.S than an interview with Ken Levine. This one is for you.X-Play has officially revealed an en...

Nick Chester

12:00 PM on 11.29.2007

Sessler's Soapbox: Play with your damn kids!

In the latest edition of Adam Sessler's soapbox, the X-Play host laments the lack of parents who actually take the time to play (and understand) videogames with their children. He references the recent study that indicated th...

Nick Chester

1:52 PM on 11.16.2007

First gameplay footage of Ghostbusters revealed

G4 has received exclusive in game footage of what the new Ghostbusters game will look like. In the video, you watch as a Ghostbuster tortures Slimer and tries to capture various other ghosts. We also see what looks like will...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

8:07 PM on 11.10.2007

Attack of the Show makes the world's largest Arcade Machine

Attack of the Show has created the world's biggest Arcade Machine. It's 14 feet tall, has a 75 inch screen, weighs 1300 pounds, and has 150 arcade games built into it. It even requires quarters to play (3 inch sized Quarters ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:03 PM on 10.23.2007

Chad Concelmo vs. Chris Kohler ... Ready? ... FIGHT!

Actually, I’m just being dramatic. Game|Life’s Kohler was on the other side of the Attack of the Show discussion I just recorded regarding E for All, but we didn't fight. We just butted heads a little on how we th...

Chad Concelmo

3:04 PM on 10.23.2007

Chad runs from raging SoCal infernos; finds solace on Attack of the Show

Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news: I am going to be on The Loop segment of Attack of the Show tonight (huzzah!). The bad news: the show was originally scheduled to be all about dolphins, but has now...

Chad Concelmo

7:14 PM on 10.15.2007

G4TV's big announcement: Part Two

But wait, there's more! Tonight, G4TV's Attack of the Show crew added to last week's big announcement with news of two more new shows. Starting on November 9, G4TV will be bringing you coverage of six Major League Gaming tour...


11:01 PM on 10.11.2007

G4TV's big annoucement: Cue the crickets

After not revealing their announcement on the actual day that they were suppose, and then giving us a week of re-runs, G4TV and Attack of the Show have finally gotten it together and have announced their big news tonight. Wai...


7:23 PM on 10.11.2007

Sessler sez Halo 3 is awesome, swears at the nonbelievers

For the last few months it seems that the entire world has been comprised of two groups of people: those who love Halo 3 and those who hate it (despite the vast majority of their ranks who have yet to play it). The above cl...

Earnest Cavalli

7:45 PM on 09.25.2007

G4TV has got a secret ... shhh!

Apparently, G4TV has a big announcement they plan to reveal this Thursday night during Attack of the Show. No word yet on what it could be, but the rumor is that G4 will be going to HD format for all their shows.Does Cops com...


10:35 PM on 08.24.2007

Blogwatch: Nick Chester and Guitar Hero on Attack of the Show

Once again, Destructoid is taking over the airwaves on G4TV. We just saw Chad appear earlier on the show, and now we've also got an appearance from Nick. Sure, Nick may have appeared before Chad, but can you blame me when I'm...


7:32 PM on 08.24.2007

Chad doesn't really attack the show ... more, like, tickles it a little

You know how when you hear your own voice on a recording you instantly are embarrassed and can’t believe you talk like that? Well, multiply that feeling by about a thousand and you will know how I feel right now.But, to...

Chad Concelmo

1:26 PM on 08.24.2007

Chad. Attack of the Show. Tonight. AMAZING!

Finished BioShock already? Is your beloved Ghost Whisperer a rerun? Depressed about not going to PAX? Well, turn that frown upside down and check me out tonight on Attack of the Show as a panelist on The Loop! Granted, I am n...

Chad Concelmo

8:45 PM on 08.18.2007

It was a red ring of DEEEEEATH!

We here at Destructoid love our death metal. We also love our death metal that criticizes faulty Xbox 360 consoles, which is why we declare this video, Red Ring of Death by (snicker) Distended Warranty to be made of a win mos...

Jim Sterling

10:54 PM on 08.10.2007

Colette attacks the show (and has a lot of fun doing it!)

 Likely you already checked the video out on the Community Blog of the remarkable Electro Lemon, but if not, here's me attacking the hell out of The Loop. It was hard not to do an interpretive dance to express how I felt...

Colette Bennett