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Flagship Studios


Flagship Studios goes the way of the Dodo

Jul 13
It was only a month ago when our own PC editor Justin Villesenor spoke with Flagship Studios programmer Guy Somber in regards to a post he made on his blog that made it sound as if things were looking dismal for the future of... read

Flagship: Things here are running business as usual

Jun 11
Over the past couple of days several gaming sites have been raising a fuss over an entry Flagship Studios programmer Guy Somber had made on his blog. Making it sound as if members of the Hellgate: London staff were leaving en... read

Hellgate: London is golden, single-player demo out on Friday

Oct 17
That’s right, Hellgate: London has gone gold. If you weren’t in the beta, you’ll still have a chance to try out the game before it’s released on October 31 with a demo that’s due out this Frida... read

Hellgate London beta has begun. I like Hellgates. London, not so much

Sep 17
As somebody who lives in London, I can already confirm that it represents the many circles of Hell quite efficiently, but if you want to experience our demonic capital city for yourself, you might be interested to know that H... read

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