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Fat Kids

Fitness blogger says games need warning labels

Jul 06
A fitness blog called Winston Salem Fitness recently published an editorial calling out the Wii Fit and suggesting that videogames be packaged with a label warning against the possibility of obesity from their use:Overall, I ... read

Obesity Awareness campaign champions 'exergames', whatever the hell that means

Nov 04
What should you do with a fat kid? No, don't lock him in a cage without food for a week, you jerk. Give him some exergames to play. What are exergames, you ask? Oh, just the latest catchphrase that describes videogames that a... read

Wii Fit tells a 10-year-old that she's fat, Nintendo responds

May 16
Yes, scoff the day away, tubby girl. A videogame told you that you're fat. Kidding. You're normal, according to this Child/Teen BMI calculator. After the news got out that Wii Fit told a 10-year-old girl that she was "fat," e... read

Wii Fit 'traumatizes' kid by calling her overweight

May 06
The launch of Wii Fit seemed to go off without a hitch in Japan, but you had to know that as soon as it found itself in the hands of sensitive Westerners, trouble would occur. The game has barely hit the UK, but already the f... read

Wii Fit gets $89.99 price tag, Nintendo World store pre-order bonus (Update)

Apr 15
Hey Flabby McFlabtown! Nintendo have announced details for this Summer's launch of their new interactive fitness game, Wii Fit! The game will ship bundled with the Wii Balance Board peripheral, and will be available at the Ni... read

Move over Pocket Pikachu: Ubisoft's pedometer revealed

Mar 11
Do you remember Pocket Pikachu? This was a step tracker disguised as a virtual pet. Your steps and movement would earn you "watts" to feed little Pikachu, and the idea was that you might get your lazy ass off the co... read

Can games stop you being a chunky f***er? Play Away the Calories finds out!

Feb 21
Nintendo and London's Science Museum are teaming up to ask the question: Could videogames make you healthier? With Wii Fit hitting Europe in April, Play Away the Calories aims to find out, by inviting both gamers and slimmers... read

Nintendo Japan: Wii Fit launches December 1

Oct 10
There was a lot of buzz about Nintendo's weird new foot/exercise peripheral during this year's E3, but we haven't heard much about Wii Fit since then. Now, Famitsu's Express Blog gives us a Japanese release date and price, st... read

Podtoid 32: Fat Japanese Girls edition

Sep 18
Evening, kittens. We’re coming up on a near year of Podtoid, and to celebrate this milestone the higher-ups thought that it’d be best if I destroyed the outfit as soon as possible, and therefore positioned me as h... read

Gamercize: Number one for choice and enjoyment

Sep 15
As a collective group, I'd say it's pretty hard for gamers to get motivated into exercising. Be it running, or picking heavy things up and putting them back down, the mere thought of moving is often enough to put us into coma... read

Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 brings the filthy wrestlers to Nintendo's DS

Sep 12
Wrestling is the modern era's poetry, a deep and philosophical journey toward the center of a man's soul. It represents the pinnacle of mankind's achievements, the highest of art and the most refined of our cultural creations... read

WF Portmanteau: Attack the cosplayers' weak spot for massive damage

Jul 30
Today's World Famous Portmanteau will be yet another experiment, as the "winner" will get to take over the feature this Friday while I play the booth babes and take pictures of the games at Blizzcon. The other difference is t... read

Help Reggie get Wii Healthy

Jul 12
Those of you following our E3 coverage have already heard about Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime's less-than-impressive showing at the Wii Fit demonstration. He tried the route of denial by claiming "heavy clothin... read

HGS 07: Clive Barker on fat people, Jericho, and videogames as escapism

Jun 28
Clive Barker is sort of a love him or hate him type of guy. For instance, I love his books, hate his movies. And by "his" movies, I of course mean the Hollywood bastardization of his works. But listening to this man... read

First screens of Pokemon Dungeon

May 15
The good news: we found over 20 screenshots of the new Pokemon Dungeon DS game. The bad news: there aren't any dungeons pictured with realistic Pikachus chained to the wall, famished and beaten. Why toy with our emotions... read

Guild Wars: Eye of the North developer chat

May 10
Look I drink...And that usually means I get asked the questions. Stuff like, "Would you please let the sheep go, put your clothes back on and get down from the kids slide?" If you're like me, I am sure ther... read

Wii goes next-gen dancing with Boogie; game drought officially over

May 04
Now here's something that is perfect for the Wii: A game designed for everyone of all ages that utitlizes the Wiimote and peripherals just as they were intended. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the upcomi... read

Go get your Wii fitness on

Apr 11
And so it begins ...Just like DDR, the Wii is slowly but surely making its way into the minds and ideas of fitness-crazed folks looking for a way to get fat kids off the couch. Put down the Cheetos and check out what's g... read

Recap: Cooking Mama Cook Off Challenge (NYC)

Apr 03
What's that burning smell? Is it the building? Did the knifeless hibachi chef get bored and start lighting things on fire? Could it be that Majesco's Cooking Mama: Cook Off for the Nintendo Wii is selling like h... read

April Fools: Greatest Hits

Apr 01
Ah April Fools… this is the time of year I like to have an authoritative-sounding man call my mother and tell her I was in a horrible car accident. Then as they're lowering the casket into the ground I pop out at... read

According to Subway, gamers are fat and will die prematurely

Mar 31
It seems that lovable fata*s-turned-skinny-white-guy Jared isn't cutting it anymore. He's tired, played out. Sooo 2006, as it were. Without Jared, how is Subway supposed to sell sandwiches? By playing on people's ... read

SXSW 07: First impressions

Mar 10
The interactive arm of the South by Southwest exposition kicked into full gear today at the Austin convention center, steps away from the craptacular Radisson Hotel whose computer system has been down since 9 a.m. and has us ... read

Man finds gun-shaped onion ring, Resistance fans get hungry

Feb 10
While the Christian masses are busy crusading greasy diners and suburban stovetops to find the next Virgin Mary grilled cheese, a most humble gamer recently uncovered an estranged onion ring which most precariously seemed to ... read

Brian Peppers loves the DS; other child molesters do too!

Feb 08
Local TV news could be the single worst thing in the U.S. -- find out how Jello could kill your child, tonight at 11. In another example of blowing something so small way out of proportion and scaring the crap out of a Bush... read

DDR is good for you! Land Monsters rejoice!

Feb 01
Next-Gen has an article up citing a recent study that showed that children who play DDR have improved health and attitudes towards exercise. In a joint effort, Konami and the state of West Virginia introduced DDR machines in... read

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