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8:20 AM on 12.15.2010

Epic Mickey soundtrack coming December 21st

The Disney Epic Mickey soundtrack by Emmy winning composer Jim Dooley will be available on iTunes and other digital music services starting on December 21. Released by Walt Disney Records, this digital score will feature 20 t...

Dale North

8:40 AM on 12.10.2010

Spector pleased with negative reviews

Despite claiming earlier this week that reviews "didn't understand" Disney Epic Mickey, designer Warren Spector also stated that he's happy with the varying reviews for his game. According to Spector, he'd rather have sp...

Jim Sterling

8:20 AM on 12.08.2010

Spector won't admit that Epic Mickey isn't golden spunk

Disney Epic Mickey was released recently and it wasn't perfect. With rather dull 3D platforming and a terrible camera, it had its problems for sure. Warren Spector doesn't think so. In fact, he refuses to believe the camera i...

Jim Sterling

9:00 AM on 11.29.2010

Play Epic Mickey in style with signature caps

If you're wondering what you're going to be wearing on your head when you play Disney's Epic Mickey this week, here's the solution to your conundrum. New Era is releasing its latest signature 59FIFTY cap this week featuring a...

Nick Chester

10:30 PM on 11.25.2010

Mickey spunks all over the map in this trailer

Here's another Epic Mickey trailer that shows some actual gameplay, instead of showing a bunch of people talk about why it's relevant to Disney fans. He sure loves to get his paint all over the world. If you're wondering whe...

Maurice Tan

Review: Disney Epic Mickey photo
Review: Disney Epic Mickey
by Jonathan Holmes

Every year, there are one or two high profile 3rd party Wii games that aspire to actually shoot for mainstream acceptance. There are a lot of reasons why these games are so few and far between, not the least of which being the fact that it's always bad business to compete against Nintendo. There are few companies in the world that have developed a reputation for quality and universal appeal like Nintendo has, in game development or otherwise.

Disney may be the only brand that can outdo Nintendo in terms of breadth of appeal and history of excellence. In fact, a love of the animation of Walt Disney has been repeatedly cited by Shigeru Miyamoto (Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros.) as one of the reasons he got into cartooning, and as a result, game development. That relationship comes full circle with Epic Mickey. The game works to fuse the classic works of Walt Disney and modern Miyamoto masterpieces Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda into one cohesive package.

How does Epic Mickey stack up against Nintendo's first party line up? Does it live up to all that awesome production artwork or the game that was leaked out last year? Perhaps most importantly, does it turn Mickey Mouse into the video icon he seems almost destined to become? Hit the jump for the verdict.

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3:00 PM on 11.23.2010

Junction Point digs into archives for Epic Mickey

If you're a fan of Disney and Disney Animation, Junction Point's Epic Mickey -- which hits shelves next week in North America, exclusively for the Wii -- should be a real treat. Junction Point's Warren Spector and company ta...

Nick Chester

Preview: Disney Epic Mickey photo
Preview: Disney Epic Mickey
by Jonathan Holmes

Up until last week, I wasn't all that interested in Epic Mickey. The game looked alright, but I've never played any of Warren Spector's games, and even more sacrilegious, I wasn't the biggest fan of Disney.

My recent trip to Disneyland has changed me on both of those fronts. Epic Mickey has reminded me what Disney used to represent, and how incredible the studio was before it turned into what it is today. There was a time when "Disney" meant more in our culture than "High School Musical" and "pays for Pixar to make awesome movies". While Walt was still alive, Disney was run by an actual, honest-to-God artist, and it showed in the way the company prioritized things.

Epic Mickey is all about recapturing those priorities, and bringing them back to the forefront. Read on for my full impressions of the game, and the art that inspired it.

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1:00 PM on 11.09.2010

Epic Mickey is a love letter to Disneyland

Don't believe Warren Spector. Everyone does not know and understand Disneyland. My first trip to the park was just last Wednesday. That night, I walked through Disneyland alone. Under those conditions, I honestly didn't see ...

Jonathan Holmes

2:00 AM on 10.05.2010

Warren Spector talks up Epic Mickey Storytelling

In a new promotional video for Epic Mickey, Warren Spector and other staff at Junction Point talk about the importance of storytelling.  The more media I consume about the game, the more curious I become about how the f...

Conrad Zimmerman

6:30 PM on 09.09.2010

PAX: Mickey Mouse was bald for a bit in Epic Mickey

While we were at PAX this past weekend, I had the opportunity to sit down with Warren Spector and talk a bit about Disney's Epic Mickey. As we talked about the process of implementing one of the game's core mechanics, the use...

Conrad Zimmerman

2:30 PM on 09.03.2010

PAX: Second half of Epic Mickey's intro unveiled

At the conclusion of his keynote at the Penny Arcade Expo today, Junction Point's Warren Spector revealed the second half of Epic Mickey's opening cinematic. In it, Mickey finds himself trapped by the Mad Doctor, where he en...

Nick Chester

1:00 AM on 08.30.2010

Epic Mickey Collector's Edition is... well, you can guess

Toy collectors, Disney fans, Mouseketeers, Wii owners, those who like paint and anyone with a working soul get ready for Epic Mickey's Collector's Edition. This is quite a package, especially on the Wii where collector's edit...

Matthew Razak

3:30 AM on 08.25.2010

Epic Mickey gameplay

Here's a series of brief videos from Epic Mickey. They show distinctly different areas of the game and a variety of gameplay styles. There's a bit of 2D platforming, some 3D-platforming and puzzle-solving and a little taste ...

Conrad Zimmerman

9:00 AM on 07.25.2010

Epic Mickey getting the comic treament

Need more proof than the massive team that Epic Mickey is definitely a third-party AAA title on the Wii? Like all good AAA titles, it's getting a comic book spin-off. Well, not exactly a comic book -- a graphic novel and a di...

Matthew Razak

10:00 PM on 07.19.2010

Warren Spector to keynote PAX Prime

Who's ready for PAX Prime, baby!? Yea, you are. Well, get even readier because they've just let out officially that Warren Spector is confirmed as the keynote speaker. He's going to talk about things and other stuff... probab...

Matthew Razak