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4:20 PM on 04.18.2011

Mega Man Legends 3 includes fan-requested Easter eggs

Capcom has reached out to fans to make the upcoming (and up-in-the-air) Mega Man Legends 3 really, really, super special. We've voted on character models, submitted boss designs, and even wrote NPC dialogue. The results of on...

Tony Ponce

7:00 PM on 11.28.2010

Billy Mitchell's tie spotted in new Donkey Kong game

Donkey Kong Country Returns is filled with little in-jokes and nods to Nintendo history. I thought the inclusion of Mr. Game and Watch  was sure to remain my favorite amongst them all, but I think Billy Mitchell's tie mi...

Jonathan Holmes

2:00 AM on 11.15.2010

The Black Ops Nuketown secret is devilish

Alright, there is apparently an easter egg on the Nuketown map of Call of Duty: Black Ops which is activated when you shoot the heads off all of the mannequins within a certain amount of time. The folks at NextGenTactic...

Conrad Zimmerman

5:40 PM on 11.09.2010

Zork also hidden in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch could have done the typical Call of Duty campaign and multiplayer combo with Black Ops, and that would have been perfectly fine for the majority of players. Instead, they're throwing in crazy extras like Dead Ops Ar...

Jordan Devore

9:00 PM on 09.17.2010

Hey, that looks like Master Chief in Halo: Reach

If you've dug through the Halo: Reach unlocks, you'll know that Master Chief's voice is something you can eventually get. That's not what this is about. Instead, it's a video from Achievement Hunter that shows what appears t...

Jordan Devore

6:00 AM on 08.19.2010

Legendary unused Mega Man boss is news to me

When Cowzilla posted those mind blowing Mega Man wallpapers last weekend, I double-freaked out. The first freak out was over the quality of the artwork. The second freak out was over the fact that I didn't recognize every cha...

Jonathan Holmes

Halo: Combat evolved gets some Halo: Reach love photo
Halo: Combat evolved gets some Halo: Reach love
by Matthew Razak

Halo: Combat Evolved PC gamers, your time is now. You went with the PC version over the console version and now it's going to pay off when you pick up Halo: Reach. Those with functional keys for the original Halo on PC will be able to claim "a small visual thing in-game." Ooooooo, shiny.

Don't think you can get away with any tricks like running out and picking up the original game from the shelves because Bungie is on top of that sh*t.

"For starters, I pulled a list of keys that had actually been used as of a month or two ago, and we'll probably validate against that list," Bungie developer Roger Wolfson said on the Bungie forums. "So people won't be able to just get the keygen now and claim the... reward. (i.e., people who didn't even bother to pirate the game) It also means that buying one of the few remaining copies at retail won't help you anymore."

So if you have been rolling old school with Halo on the PC you're about to be able to represent. Time to head over to your massive shelf of game boxes and pull out Halo. More info on how to use the key is coming in the build up to Halo: Reach's launch.

Halo: Combat Evolved PC Owners To Get a Halo: Reach Treat [Big Download, via MTV Multiplayer]

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10:00 PM on 07.25.2010

Neato: Halo: Reach Limited Editon 360 has Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs in games have been around for ages, but Easter Eggs in consoles? Not so much. However, now that special edition consoles land with every big game out there, it seems like a natural thing that they might have some ...

Matthew Razak

12:00 PM on 04.21.2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will feature a lot of Easter Eggs

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is going to have a lot of Easter Eggs that fans will really dig and I noticed a few during my play time with the latest Mario story. The ones I picked up on were actually nods to my favorite Mario advent...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

1:20 PM on 07.15.2009

Crap Super Pac-Man easter egg from 1984 found

Remember the recently uncovered 26-year-old Donkey Kong Atari easter egg we pointed you to? The guy who uncovered that, Don Hodges, has now also found one in the Atari port of Super Pac-Man.This one is just slightly...

Dale North

9:00 AM on 05.09.2009

inFamous demo drops a Sly Cooper 4 hint

Anthropomorphic animals come in all shapes and sizes in gaming, but possibly one of the best shapes and sizes is that of Sly Cooper from the Sly Cooper series. In case you haven't noticed it has been awhile since we saw Sly C...

Matthew Razak

12:57 PM on 11.15.2008

Nice! World of Warcraft gives some love to Dr. McNinja

It's no secret that I love Dr. McNinja. It is the greatest Web comic out on the Internet right now and I have pretty much bought every shirt the site has put out. Hell, I even featured Dr. McNinja on Art Attack Friday with th...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

2:50 PM on 03.24.2008

RetroforceGO! Episode 42: Easter Eggs!

Hooray! Another year, another chance to celebrate the Raptor Jesus. It was a pretty good Easter, the Marshmallow Peeps did not end up getting Topher. He was rescued at the last minute by a shark named CTZ, who was also riding...


1:29 PM on 03.22.2008

RetroforceGO! recording episode 42 tonight: Easter eggs

Surprise! We're recording a day early. Shocking, right? Kind of like cracking open your chocolate easter egg and finding this flesh-eating Peep inside, waiting to pick your bones clean. Don't front, you know Peeps are evil. W...

Topher Cantler

12:16 PM on 09.01.2007

Easter Egg: take flight in Google Earth's flight sim

While not as cool as the BioShock easter egg we told you about earlier, the flight simulator hidden in Google Earth is unexpected and kind of fun.TechCrunch tells us about the flight sim stashed away in Google's world map sof...

Dale North

8:24 PM on 08.29.2007

Delicious BioShock easter egg (you must not eat it)

Image quality is poor because I snapped it with my cell phone, but I found this on the floor of Arcadia Winery (upper portion). One of those musty old cheese wheels and what looks like floor dirt forms a cute and not-so-subtle little nod from the cutting edge of gaming to the old, old school. Rock on.

Leigh Alexander