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UFC president won't ban fighters who sign with EA MMA

Mar 31
// Samit Sarkar
UFC president Dana White may be abandoning an earlier threat, but you can rest assured that there's no love lost between him and EA. As we saw last summer, Hell hath no fury like a Dana White scorned: after claiming that Elec...

Three more fighters announced for EA MMA

Mar 23
// Brad Nicholson
Pat. Pat. Pat. EA is continuing its leaky faucet approach to roster reveals for its upcoming mixed-martial arts game EA MMA. Hours ago the publisher confirmed, via Twitter, three new digital brawlers for the game: Joachim Han...

Bobby Lashley joins EA MMA roster

Feb 01
// Brad Nicholson
Bobby Lashley is a big dude with skills. He can pretend to hit someone, like he did for years during a stint with the WWE (and currently with TNA), and he can also really hit someone, like he does now with MMA org Strikeforce...

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