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Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII countdown ... of DEATH!

Jan 21
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to panic! In seven days time, Square Enix will make an announcement ... and it will have SOMETHING to do with FINAL FANTASY XIII! OH GOD!Actually, it's not that exciting, but with so many publish... read

Gore Verbinski is the new Uwe Boll: 'Pirates' director to take on Second Life

Dec 20
First BioShock and now Second Life? It looks like director Gore Verbinski has found a new calling in life!According to recent reports in Variety, the Pirates of the Caribbean director has just signed on to direct a movie base... read

These Valhalla Knights 2 videos are just ... no

Sep 27
[video]105340:435[/video] I've never played Valhalla Knights, and if these videos for the sequel are indicative of the series, I think it's very understandable. Why was the above video even released for public consumption? It... read

New Silent Hill: Rubbish Pyramid Head confirmed (also, November release)

Aug 20
Some new information has surfaced on the Western-developed Silent Hill: Homecoming. Chief among them for me is the grim confirmation that Pyramid Head is indeed being recycled and crammed in to this new installment, some... read

Color Treyarch unimpressed over The Bourne Conspiracy

Aug 13
Treyarch's Garrett Young has revealed how his team check out the latest release demos, and has confessed that The Bourne Conspiracy left him feeling a little flat. "The Bourne game... we did download the demo, we di... read

Destructoid Discusses! Lazy reviewers? Or, maybe your game just sucks

Aug 06
You may have heard Jim report the other week, that the AIAS prez says that "game reviewers are lazy." I can certainly see how the whole world of game reviewing is not an exact science, but we're not here today to wa... read

GRIN to give Wanted the videogame treatment

Jul 16
Wanted was a fun summer action flick, but how will it fair as a videogame? Movie-based games have always had a horrendous track record, but there's a chance this one might turn out to be somewhat decent.The Wanted game is bei... read

Confusion alert! New Prince of Persia game to be based on movie based on game

Jun 02
If making a movie based on Prince of Persia: Sands of Time wasn’t already enough to get fans of the awesome videogame series nervous, now comes news of another Prince of Persia game being made by Ubisoft t... read

First gameplay footage of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

May 13
So, Nuts & Bolts – I guess that is the official name now. Let’s all pour out a 40 for Banjo-Threeie. I think we all secretly wanted it to be called that.Let me just save you all the trouble and yell out a coll... read

HUGE Sony victory: Vampire Rain CONFIRMED for PlayStation 3

May 08
That's it boys, the console war is finally over. You can roll out the red carpet and welcome your new king, as publisher AQ interactive confirms that Vampire Rain, up until now a hot Xbox 360 exclusive, is coming to the PlayS... read

Rumortoid: Uncharted heading to the silver screen?

May 08
According to a “well-placed source,” Atlas Entertainment (the production company responsible for the amazing Twelve Monkeys and Three Kings) has just purchased the film rights to PlayStation ... read

Game Debate to the Death!
Hardest game you've ever played?

May 06
In the last debate, we discussed which Pokémon species and game was our favorite. With hundreds of critters and a dozen different games to choose from, it was probably the most varied range of votes I've ever seen in a... read

Wii Fit's Wii sh*t, courtesy of Mad Catz

Apr 26
The Mad Catz PS2 wireless controller is the single worst thing that mankind has ever created (and I say that without hyperbole). The third party peripheral maker is continuing its commitment to producing wretched crap with a ... read

Why did Two Worlds suck so bad? Developer tries to explain

Apr 22
Two Worlds was horrible and I'm not about to pull any punches when talking about it. It's one of a handful of games that I could not bear to play for more than half an hour, I simply couldn't stand it. The framerate was a jok... read

Mt. Movie License: Paramount gets into the games business

Mar 28
Following Warner Bros., Paramount has expanded their interactive department to get into the videogames business. Variety says that they will either partially or fully finance titles and will oversee title development. Not su... read

Activision strikes back with 'Tony Hawk Innovation Plan', whatever that is

Mar 11
GamePro has put up a short blurb with an update on the sequel to Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. The story focuses on a few lines from a USA Today feature on Tony Hawk — the man, the myth, the legend. The story discus... read

Sony files patent on something that looks like a PSP iPhone

Mar 07
Sony Ericsson's newly patented Orientation based multiple mode mechanically vibrated touchscreen display looks like the long-time rumored PSP phone. But it has a touch screen. Yeah, I don't quite get it either.Not suprisingly... read

Super Crap Trophy: Brawl trophy from GameStop is terrible

Mar 07
The above image is what GameStop is offering the winner of its Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament. As you can see, it is the worst thing in the world. It doesn't even have anything to do with Brawl, save for the vague and ten... read

Activision: We're sorry Guitar Hero Wii sucks so bad, here's your money back

Feb 25
The Guitar Hero III mono sound issue earned many a Wii owner's ire last year, and rightfully so -- it's pretty tough to rock out when your game's sound resembles a grilled cheese sandwich run over by an angry teen on a Moped.... read

Forbidden Terror to be a Wiiware title...if the price is right?

Feb 21
If you squint hard enough, you might mistake this game for a futuristic Resident Evil game, but it's actually just a tech demo developed by Emergent Technologies, as one of the Editors from Siliconera found out.As the screen ... read

Max Payne is set to start filming soon, but will it be painful to watch?

Feb 01
Last time we heard about the movie adaptation of Max Payne, the man who would be responsible for filling the iconic shoes of the one-man army was still up in the air. One quick peek over at IGN, and the facts now seem to indi... read

Next Leisure Suit Larry game to revisit its adventure game roots?

Jan 18
In an interview with IGN, John Melchior, executive producer of Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (hehehe), the official next game in the naughty series, is quoted as saying “[Box Office Bust] is most... read

Highlander: Eidos proves that with exceptions, there can be more than one

Jan 17
An exact release date hasn't been nailed down yet, but Eidos has released a trailer giving us an idea of what we can expect out of the game based on the name nerds and Sci-Fi buffs (present company included) have labeled a c... read

Goichi Suda: Third-party Wii games aren't cutting it

Jan 16
Goichi Suda, the game developer behind GameCube indie offering Killer 7 and the upcoming Wii title No More Heroes, recently commented on the state of the Wii and the games coming out for it, saying that third-party games were... read

Doctored screenshots and video, we hate thee so

Jan 16
Spend some time reading about games, and you'll likely come across a term that you know the meaning of, but never bothered to put a name to: bullshots. We see them often, and they are the bane of gamers everywhere. We all hat... read

Videogames caused 9/11: Disgusting trailer for Moral Kombat documentary is bad

Dec 01
If you've been online for any decent amount of time, you surely will have heard about Moral Kombat, Spencer Halpin's documentary on videogames ... or rather, cultural assassination of videogames. With such unbiased and well-i... read

Samurai Warriors Katana looks like something that is not a good thing

Nov 16
A veritable plethora of videos for Koei's first Wii effort, Samurai Warriors Katana, are now available on your Internet, and all I have to say right now is ... get them off my Internet. Now you know me, I love Koei with all m... read

Could Fallout 3 resurrect Earthworm Jim? Is it a good idea?

Nov 14
Fallout 3 is going to sell well, regardless of what the final product ends up looking like. It's a prediction I've pulled from my backside, but one that I think is more than reasonable. Interplay is certainly prepared to rake... read

The torture porn showreel: See the Manhunt 2 that they didn't want you to see

Nov 03
Fresh from the hacker's pantry, here are the uncut scenes from Rockstar's controversy magnet/attention whore, Manhunt 2. In all its bleak and bloodsoaked glory, this showreel of murder is taken from the hacked PSP version ... read

I've been awaiting the chance to play through the final build of Clive Barker's Jericho with some degree of trepidation. You see on a personal level I've had rather a lot invested in the game since its announcement. Ever sinc... read feature


Zeus help me, another Rygar game's coming

Oct 30
Fans of Destructoid will have gathered by now that I love a good, old fashioned action game. This is why I hated Rygar: The Legendary Adventure for the PlayStation 2. While some people seemed to like it, I couldn't stand the ... read

What Cooking Mama should have been? Hell's Kitchen game announced

Oct 25
With the popularity of Cooking Mama, it was only a matter of time before somebody came up with the "grand" idea of giving the most entertaining chef on television his own game to punish us with. Announced for someti... read

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