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Destroyer of Wallets


In light of recent litigation that has been brought to my attention, I felt that it is my role as the webmaster of this video game site to announce the following change in user policy for the safety of those impressionable mi... read feature


Sony wakes up and smells the coffee, and we're one step closer to Nirvana

Nov 19
It has been said that necessity is the mother of all invention, and for all intended purposes that ranks as one of the truest phrases that you'll likely ever encounter. The remarkable thing about it all is that it has a tende... read

Want a White Mage chocobo? Here you go.

Nov 15
Meeting in the Square-Enix Boardroom, 1 pmJapanese guy in suit: So, we need to launch some new product for the holidays. We don't have any major titles launching so we need a way to rake in money.Japanese guy with spiky hair:... read

Man sells insane game collection on Ebay

Nov 06
Don't get me wrong, having a huge game collection is a badge of honor. But there's having every console ever made, and then there's having four of every console ever made. Somewhere in there, the line between fervent collecti... read

Star Ocean: Eternal Edition PSP pics are here

Nov 02
Ah, Square-Enix, destroyer of wallets. Another limited PSP you know we will buy. They stop at nothing to rape us of our every dollar and leave us shamed and crying in a corner, I swear. The Star Ocean: Eternal Edition bundle ... read

Your keyboard sucks

Sep 13
I'm not trying to be mean, but really, it does. Check out the Fairlight Xynergi keyboard, which can be your baby for a cool $28k. It features "Self Labeling Illuminated Computer Keyswitch Technology," which is basic... read

Retro themed oki-ni Dunny releases Sept 6th

Sep 04
Our beloved .Tiff was kind enough to point me in the direction of this amazing new oki-ni 8-inch Dunny, which releases Sept 6th in a limited run of 1000 pieces. She and I are obsessed with all things vinyl, as we may have men... read

Why does Square Enix keep doing this to me?

Aug 31
First, the Square Enix official online store opens and offers a variety of collectable items that aren't available for purchase at any other retailer. Then, there were limited edition collectable potions which I was saved fro... read

Sir Niero multi-tasks in his positions*: Sneaks two new Destructoid Shirts

Aug 20
It seems that Niero, being the sneaky robotic overlord that he is, has added two more shirts to the Destructoid Store, one being the Classic Destructoid RAMPAGE shirt (I am SO buying that) and the other being the Also Cocks s... read

You get what you pay for: PSTriples darn near indestructible?

Aug 12
With all of the negativity surrounding the quality of Microsoft's Xbox 360 hardware, it's almost a welcome sight to see a headline proclaiming the durability of the PlayStation 3 (however partial the source may be).... read

Track and Field on XBLA this Wednesday

Aug 06
Ask anybody that's in this photo, and they'll tell you that very few things in life are consistant: death, taxes, that burning sensation when you pee, and XBLA releases every Wednesday. This week, the retro arcade classic Tra... read

The Devil times two? Microsoft and EA team up to pump more ads into games

Jul 25
Can you remember a time when you could seek refuge in a few hours of videogaming, and not have to worry about being bombarded with in-game ads? Well thanks to a recent agreement between Microsoft and EA Sports, that special m... read

Otakon 2007: An import gamer's treasure trove

Jul 24
Gaming isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the term "Anime convention." Put those two words together and they'll likely conjure images of smelly otaku, swords fashioned fro... read

I know, it's hard to keep up with the mountain of stuff we are giving away this month. Let's see, there's the full $200 Rock Band set, the Bioshock faceplate for being ugly and having your mom dress you funny, the... read feature


Buy our crap! Destructoid stickers, shirts, & birth control pills now available

Jul 17
PICTURED ABOVE: Rev Anthony's "The Princess is a Cockteasing Bitch"The definitive sexually frustrated Super Mario Brothers gamer shirt.  If you don't understand why the princess is a cockteasing bitch, please r... read

Show your devotion to Madden with a ring, sleep alone forever

Jul 17
John Madden's eponymous football franchise can always be depended on to deliver ridiculous numbers of EA-brand microtransactions designed to drain blood from even the stoniest of stones. This year, EA seems to be urging s... read

E3 2007: Square Enix Online store preview

Jul 15
I'd like to save face and say I'm faking the expression up above, but that's pretty much exactly how I was feeling as I walked with Aaron Linde to our E3 appointment with Square Enix. They were showing multiple u... read

Orson Scott Card tantalizes with talk of future games from Ender saga

Jun 18
For those of you that don't know, Orson Scott Card is a prolific science fiction writer responsible for the Nebula award winning Ender's Game series. For those of you who do know, you're probably bouncing around i... read

Sneak peek at the new Destructoid

May 21
As you may have heard, Destructoid is undertaking a heavy redesign in the next coming weeks to make way for some new community features.  Here's a snapshot of what the new home page looks like at the moment and what you can expect... read

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