Sony had 'no intention' of changing its used games policy
'We need to be fair and to think of the consumer experience first,' says SCE CEO
1:00 PM on 07.04.2013

Tretton: Microsoft 'better late than never' on DRM change
And more from the affable man, including a consumer's right to choose
7:00 AM on 07.02.2013

Server bugs make Darkspore unplayable, still up on Origin
DRM strikes again
6:00 AM on 07.01.2013

Are you happy with the changes to Xbox One?
We answer The Question
1:30 PM on 06.25.2013

Jimquisition: Why PC Gaming Gets Away With It
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3:00 PM on 06.24.2013

No Xbox One DRM, Titanfall, Halo, & Oculus Rift VR Sex
The Destructoid Show puts on its wizard hat and robe
8:30 PM on 06.21.2013

An industry that needs Xbox One DRM is a failed industry
Some things deserve to die
8:00 AM on 06.20.2013

Jimquisition: Xbox One No DRM Emergency Special
Xbox One got dat no DRM!
7:15 PM on 06.19.2013

Day-one patch needed for Xbox One DRM policy changes
A few online-centric features are out
6:00 PM on 06.19.2013

Microsoft to drop Xbox One DRM, region locking
Changes come 'as a result of feedback from the Xbox community'
3:37 PM on 06.19.2013

Jimquisition: PS4 - Doing Nothing, Meaning Everything
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3:00 PM on 06.17.2013

Xbox One has 'single handedly alienated the military'
Armed forces thoroughly unimpressed with Microsoft's DRM
10:00 AM on 06.17.2013

Sony: We're going to treat the PS4 like the PS3
Shuhei Yoshida speaks
1:31 PM on 06.12.2013

Did Sony confirm DRM on PS4 after all? Not quite!
PS4 retains all the policies PS3 had, basically
1:53 PM on 06.11.2013

Sony details EXACTLY how to share games on PS4
Also, nails Microsoft's ass to three separate walls
9:55 PM on 06.10.2013

PlayStation 4 won't restrict used games or use DRM
Sony calls out the Xbox's bullshit
9:46 PM on 06.10.2013