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Circus of Value

Erotic game makes a humorous rape disclaimer

Dec 22
Ever since the RapeLay controversy, things haven't been going well for the noble and honest men of the Japanese erotic game industry. Japan has banned a number of games containing scenes of rape and other extreme sexual conte... read

Guardian: These videogames are extreme pornography!

Dec 17
Film critic Mark Kermode wrote a very interesting article recently comparing the recent scares and controversies surrounding videogames to the similar scares and controversies that surrounded horror movies back in the 1980s. ... read

A Real Girlfriend lets you stick your finger up her nose

Nov 25
[As posted on Japanator] And by "real girlfriend" I mean Real Kanojo, an upcoming title  from Illusion Soft, better known to most English-speakers as "The RapeLay guys." It seems they've held off from causing immediate c... read

Atlus promises Shiren the Wanderer won't make you cry

Nov 19
Don't worry, Atlus may be known for its propensity for importing Japanese cruelty (alonside Shin Megami Tensei games), but they promise that THIS time, with the February 10 release of Shiren the Wanderer for Wii, you won't be... read

Assassin's Creed 2: Sodomy, rape & 'crying as I f*ck her'

Nov 11
It's been said before, but someone really ought to compile the best ESRB ratings and make a book out of them. The latest, and perhaps most surprising, of the game rating summaries is for Assassin's Creed 2, which details some... read

Xbox 360 users enraged over Tales of Vesperia PS3 port

Sep 06
There is a reason why many Japanese gamers own an Xbox 360, and it's not because they love Halo. It's because Namco Bandai's Tales series is massive over there and, at one time, Tales of Vesperia was an Xbox 360 exclusive. Ve... read

Rumortoid: AGENT landing in 2010

Sep 06
At E3 this year the Sony press conference had a bit of very good news for the company. The PS3 would play exclusive host to Rockstar's upcoming game AGENT. Those in attendance saw the word agent pop up on the screen and heard... read

United Nations calls for ban on Japanese sex games

Aug 28
The ludicrous RapeLay controversy just hasn't stopped. The game's been booted out of the United States, torn down from Japanese store shelves, and criticized eight ways from Sunday, but still people are getting angry about it... read

Defending virtual rape: Not the same as condoning it

Aug 06
This week, William Usher of the Web site Cinema Blend wrote a rather scathing editorial aimed at the Destructoid community, as well as the community at News 4 Gamers. The article concerned reactions to a story I had written, ... read

Rape games become Platinum games for one Japanese company

Aug 04
The controversy over Japan's ... specialist ... gaming media continues following the RapeLay madness, with retailers and developers doing whatever they can to appear more clean and wholesome. Take, for example, PC download si... read

RapeLay devs announce a game, lift Dragon Quest designs

Jul 14
Capitalizing on the Dragon Quest fever that is currently spreading through Glorious Nippon, RapeLay developer Illusionsoft has announced an H-game suggestively titled Yuusha kara wa Nigerarenai (You Can’t Escape From Th... read

Owning RapeLay might be a federal offense

Jun 21
Time to start scrubbing those hard drives, kids. A recent article over at GamesPolitics suggests that owners of the controversial hentai title, RapeLay, could be found guilty of possessing child pornography in US courts.This ... read

Atlus site violated, impregnated with Trojan

Apr 26
If you visited Atlus' official Web site before the weekend, be warned. It's possible that a filthy trojan virus found its way onto your PC, courtesy of some scumbags who hacked into the niche game publisher's site and embedde... read

Force girls to do handstands so you can see their panties

Apr 17
You can always count on Japan to skim the line between child molestation and charming merriment. A new erotic game from the country that makes rape fun, Hypnotism Class, grants players the power of mind control. With such men... read

Prison rape in games? Judge Mathis has you covered

Apr 13
Television pundits and politicians may claim that videogames allow you to virtually rape women, but really, only a certain few games do that, and they remain in Japan. Come revel in the irony, then, of TV Judge Greg Mathis an... read

How Guitar Hero Arcade rapes your wallet and then some

Mar 11
Yes, an arcade machine version of Guitar Hero (mostly based upon Guitar Hero III) actually exists. While this isn't the first time we have heard about it, I don't believe anyone has taken the time to write about their persona... read

Senator determined to find rape in GTA IV, even though there isn't any

Jun 25
We always knew that these anti-game wing nuts were looking for problems that weren't there, but never has that idea been so literal. Connecticut State Senator Gayle Slossberg is currently searching as hard as she can for the ... read

Dtoid history: Bad idea blooper reel

Jun 19
Look, I drink...and that has a tendency to result in some, let's just say, less-than-industry-standard ideas. For example, at the last Dtoid NARP, I tried to hire both midgets and strippers. Those little bastards make me laug... read

50 Cent will be the Burnout of shooters: So, a car wreck then?

Jun 13
50 Cent: Blood in the Sand director Julian Waddows wants his game to be the Burnout of shooters, to take the genre as it exists and emphasize all that is fun."We wanted to do for the shooter genre what Burnout did for ra... read

Jack Thompson, guilty man: 27 of 31 misconduct charges recommended by judge

May 20
Jack Thompson, controversial attorney and hater of Grand Theft Auto has been recommended guilty in twenty-seven of his thirty-one misconduct charges by Judge Dava Tunis. Last year, the madcap defense attorney was on trial for... read

Mekuri Master: Making sexual assault fun again!

Mar 31
If you were a game publisher and I pitched the below idea to you, what would you think?“Okay, so I have the best idea for a videogame. You play as a cool guy wearing a trench coat, okay? And you run into a school and tr... read

Dear Silent Hill (featuring new in-game video)

Dec 11
Dear Silent Hill,I don't know what it is about you. I have no reason to want to be lost in a place that offers a consistent threat to my ability to remain alive, but I can't seem to stop thinking about you. I think that first... read

Friday night. It's a time when we all go out to the movies and enjoy the finest pickings that Hollywood has to offer. Well, this week, if you weren't interested in Good Luck Chuck or Sydney White, then Resident Evil: Extincti... read feature

Factor 5 absolves itself over Lair being a big pile of wank

Sep 05
To say that Lair has not received the warmest of welcomes by reviewers is to perhaps put things a tad mildly. A long time in development and the usual make-or-break hype has not done enough to stop people panning Factor 5's b... read

RetroforceGO!: Episode 13: PAX 2007: Unpleasant Burrito Experiences

Aug 27
Aaaaaaaaaaaand welcome, to another hastily written post. The reason for my lack of time, this time, is the fact that last weekend was PAX. Not one to be outdone by silly things like work or poverty, I decided that there was n... read

RetroforceGO!: Episode 11 - Forgotten Franchises, recording tonight

Aug 08
We argued about it, we pushed each other around -- heck, Colette even lost some hair from Dyson’s swift, almost ninja-like blows -- but we finally did it: the Retroforce gang compiled a list of the ten best retro franch... read

RetroforceGO!: Episode 9, recording tonight

Jul 25
Remember that cool cousin you used to have? You know, the one that wrapped his Camaro around a telephone pole on New Years Day?  Remember, before the accident,  how he could always be found playing one of those old ... read

Final Fantasy potions hit Japanese market; why do I want this again?

Jul 18
I like game related merchandise. I can't pretend that I don't get excited when I see Chocobo seat cushions and other such random wackiness. It's so kawaii, after all. But sometimes I feel like there is a strong li... read

HGS 07: Masters of the MMO (alternatively: How is SOE still in business?)

Jun 28
Moderated by Corey Bridges, Executive Producer for the Multiverse Network (who gets an A for Effort and an S for STFUALRPS), this event was really about hoping that the guy who made World of Warcraft would publicly ridicule t... read

ooVoo pitches gamers with nostalgic bloody faces

Jun 20
To add to today's essential collection of non-news, I offer you this absurd commercial we just received from the ooVoo people aimed at gamers. The video shows a trio of British blokes entering a deathmatch session engag... read

Sony drops bombs (and employees) like Galvatron

Jun 06
Kotaku has word that between 80 and 100 employees at Sony Computer Entertainment of America's Foster City headquarters were given pink slips earlier today.The layoffs came as a surprise to everyone, aside from all of tho... read

Michael Jackson's Punch Out

Jun 01
I admit it, these two topics are dangerous when combined for a gamer like me. I'm a huge sucker for anything Punch-Out, but I also shake ass like a poor stripper when I hear any Michael Jackson track from the Bad era or b... read

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