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Childs Play

Mega Man marathon for charity is happening now

Nov 19
Child's Play kicked off at the start of this month and there are quite a few options open to anyone who wants to donate, such as the Mega Marathon, a 48 hour Mega Man marathon. There is a slight twist though, as there will be... read

Live show: Dtoid teaming up with GameOn for charity drive

Nov 18
Destructoid is joining forces with the GameOn community in an effort to raise money for the Child's Play charity organization. Child's Play is dedicated to providing videogames, toys, and books to ailing children in hospitals... read

This weekend on TwitchTV: So much philanthropy

Nov 18
This weekend, Destructoid's TwitchTV channel is getting into the spirit of giving a little early. King Foom will be championing a 36-hour multiplayer marathon to help raise money for Child's Play, Mash Tactics will be handing out beatings in another live edition of Friday Night Fights, and Also Talks is delivering unto you some insight into the past week's releases. read

Chucky from Child's Play is getting a videogame (WTF?)

Oct 07
Child's Play is one of the few movies to truly terrify me as a child, and one I never watched in full until I was an adult. Dolls are scary at the best of times, but murderous ones voiced by Brad Dourif are ten times more hor... read

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