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11:19 AM on 07.27.2008

Captain Obvious: Nintendo doesn't like porn on their Balance Board covers

It seems as though Nintendo isn’t exactly appreciative to the more “artistic” Balance Board covers that have sprung up since the peripheral’s debut. The offensive covers by AMR Racing depicting rebel f...

Brad Nicholson

7:24 PM on 07.24.2008

Captain Obvious: Guitar Hero note charts are unnecessarily difficult

Anyone who has made it to the more difficult modes in both Rock Band and the post-Harmonix Guitar Hero games knows that there's a key difference between the titles, and it's not just the shape of the notes.This Captain Obviou...

Jordan Devore

12:13 AM on 07.06.2008

Captain Obvious: Naruto: Rise of a Ninja sequel in development

When Naruto: Rise of a Ninja was released last year for the Xbox 360 I was initially pretty skeptical. After seeing the way the Naruto franchise was being whored out with sequel after sequel -- very quickly becoming the new D...

Justin Villasenor

8:46 AM on 06.15.2008

Study shows that gamers are not shy nerds

Though you all were already totally aware, it seems that the rest of the world is finally finding out that their image of the stereotypical gamer is mostly incorrect. Gamers aren't the shy, lonely geeks they think us to be. A...

Dale North

11:58 AM on 05.09.2008

Captain Obvious: Sony admits PSP needs more games

In a shocking blockbuster revelation, SCEA European big guy David Reeves has conceded to that Sony is aware that the PSP needs a bigger game library. Oh David...I never thought I'd see you small and vulnerab...

Colette Bennett

Captain Obvious: life should be more like a videogame photo
Captain Obvious: life should be more like a videogame
by Dale North

Jane McGonigal thinks that life should be more like a videogame. We're not going to argue.

Last week at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, McGoingal channeled the powers of Captain Obvious to tell her audience that playing games is more rewarding and fun than life normally is. Her crack team at the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit organization that helps identify emerging trends, to busted that one open for us.

McGoingal may be on to something, though. She thinks that the reward system of videogames should be applied to everyday life. In games, players' characters are valued for their abilities and role, and are rewarded for their accomplishments. In life, you have to pat your own back. 

"For a lot of gamers, their experience of life is that it is not sufficiently deigned for them to be good at, in the way that games are," McGonigal said.

The Statesman article also talks about an emerging field called happiness research and how it relates to games and our lives. Research shows that people are are happier when they have four things going on: satisfying work to do, the experience of being good at something, time spent with people they like and the chance of being a part of something bigger. Sounds like a MMO to me.

This isn't the first time we've heard of applying gaming's reward systems to everyday life. But, I think that most gamers already think along these lines. Working is level grinding. Sleeping and eating restore HP. And, for me, gaming at the end of the day is my reward for working hard. That's kind of meta, isn't it.

Do you see yourself using gaming reward systems in your daily life?

[Thanks, JR] 

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12:16 PM on 01.17.2008

First PS4 rumor points to backwards compatibility says that Sony is looking for a software engineer to deal with backward compatibility for both the PS3 and an unnamed next-gen console. Next-gen console, huh? Unless Sony has changed their naming scheme, this would p...

Dale North

6:56 PM on 01.14.2008

Harmonix raises our hopes and crushes them, custom content still unlikely

From the beginning of the meteoric rise in popularity of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero people have clamored for a way to create and upload their own content. Valiant attempts have been made to fill the user created con...

Qais Fulton

2:01 PM on 01.14.2008

Perpetual Entertainment bails on Star Trek Online

More news from the world of Captain Obvious and his sidekick, Blatant Bullsh*ttery: Developer Perpetual Entertainment (now renamed P2 Entertainment) has announced they will not continue development on much discussed MMO Star ...

Colette Bennett

6:05 PM on 01.10.2008

Microsoft explains Live outage causes

Over at CES, Microsoft representative Albert Penello confirmed the suspicions held by most folks able to perform basic deductive reasoning; namely that recent Live downtime and connectivity issues were largely caused by a mas...

Qais Fulton

10:28 PM on 01.07.2008

Breaking News: Parents to blame for screwed up kids, not games

In pleasantly shocking news, mainstream media outlet The Star-Gazette reports today that parents, not videogames, are responsible for the development of their own children.  I'm sure you're reeling from the shock of such...

Qais Fulton

5:57 PM on 01.03.2008

Captain Obvious: Brain Training DS does not improve cognition

I doubt the scores of wailing Japanese that buy these games and their hundreds of knock-offs will care one whit about this news, but science doesn't lie. Despite celebrity endorsements suggesting otherwise, theyre is no hard ...

Colette Bennett

4:25 PM on 12.10.2007

Captian Obvious helps analysts predict Nintendo dominance for November sales

The great thing about our favorite superhero, Captain Obvious, is that he is always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to reporting information to the general public. Hell, he even regularly flies by the Destructoid...

Dale North

8:45 AM on 12.03.2007

Activision Blizzard reveal obvious forthcoming titles in fact sheet

The following should surprise no one, but you should sit down, just in case. There is a Call of Duty 5, a Guitar Hero IV, and a new Tony Hawk game "in the pipeline." I know, this is mind-blowing stuff, but we're not...

Nick Chester

10:46 AM on 11.21.2007

Guitar Hero III boosts digital sales for songs featured in-game

By looking at Soundscan’s sales figures for various songs included in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock before and after the rhythm game was released, Ars Technica has discovered that "increased sales for labels a...

Jordan Devore

11:13 AM on 11.20.2007

Captain Obvious: Parents frequently bungle game gifts

My mother, without fail, would ask me to make my Christmas list every year. Like clockwork, she'd take it, go shopping, and more or less ignore it. I think it took a fit of hysterics at age seven or so to get her to finally l...

Colette Bennett