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Drills meet bucket: A look at Dead Rising 2's item combo system

Apr 20
Not only does Dead Rising 2 come with an entirely new protagonist, but also a new set of skills. Compared to Dead Rising’s journalist Frank “I’ve Covered Wars, You Know” West, the sequel's Chuck Greene... read

Dead Rising 2 bloody direct feed video bonanza!

Apr 20
It's one thing to talk about Chuck Greene's wonderful creations and tools that he uses in Dead Rising 2. It's a completely different story to see them in action. If you're wondering just how a spiked bat finds its home in the... read

It takes two: Dead Rising 2 to feature two-player co-op

Apr 20
Breathe deep and call a pal... it’s zombie hunting time. Yes, in addition to the already revealed competitive multiplayer, Dead Rising 2 will feature full two-player cooperative play through the game’s entire main... read

Fans of things that are good should be pleased to learn that Capcom is bringing Ōkamiden, the Nintendo DS follow-up to the PlayStation 2/Wii title Ōkami, to North America. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as ... read feature

Lost Planet 2 to get day one multiplayer DLC

Apr 20
Lost Planet 2 already ships with a handful of multiplayer maps on the disc, but players are always demanding "more, more, more." Because that's what we do, and we're never satisfied. Well Capcom is going to hook up even more ... read

Change fate, manipulate the world with your Ghost Trick

Apr 20
With Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi behind the upcoming Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the expectations for a quirky, original title are already astronomical. After spending about 20 minutes with a demo version of the game... read

Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney's English debut trailer

Apr 28
Eureka! You knew it was coming, but get excited anyway. It's okay. I'll wait. No, we're excited too. It made our most-anticipated games list for this year. And it makes a lot more sense than being excited about a nine-year-ol... read

Capcom goes big with CAPTIVATE 09 in Monte Carlo

Apr 10
Today, Capcom confirmed what we had been hearing for awhile -- their CAPTIVATE media day will take place in Monte Carlo this year.That's right, Capcom has decided to hold a typical gamer's day in the "jewel of Mediterran... read

Capcom's Spyborgs not appearing at E3 and will stretch your Wii

Jul 03
I have often wondered if executives should even post on message boards. Yesterday Christian Svensson, Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Research for Capcom, decided to talk a little Spyborgs with the nice folks on C... read

Spyborg's devs looking at Balance Board support, using every Wii peripheral ever

Jun 03
When speaking with Spyborgs creative director Mike Stout, he admitted there may be a chance the team could include Balance Board support in the Wii exclusive. "It would be really cool," he said, "but we're not ... read

What a dog eating a melon has to do with Bionic Commando Rearmed's 'M' rating

Jun 03
Ask producer Ben Judd what two things Bionic Commando fans think made the game great, and the first will be the game's swing mechanic. The second, as he puts it, "will no doubt be a certain dictator's head exploding.&quo... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Street Fighter IV move list should look familiar

Jun 03
To any veteran (or even casual) Street Fighter player, the words "fireball motion" or "sonic boom" are easily translatable to a classic fighting game mechanic. Fortunately, Street Fighter IV uses a similar... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix pretty, not finished yet

Jun 03
By now you should already have a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network title Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It's Super Street Fighter II Turbo in glorious high-definit... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Capcom's mobile gaming EXPLOSION!

Jun 03
Can you feel the heat? That's from Capcom's mobile gaming explosion!At CAPTIVATE, Capcom was promoting a few of their mobile titles, including Dead Rising; Resident Evil: Genesis; Devil May Cry; Mega Man III; Who Wants to Be ... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Wii, uh -- I mean, We Love Golf!

Jun 03
We love golf. You love golf. Capcom loves golf. So why was it that their Wii exclusive title We Love Golf! was tucked up away upstairs away from the main action at CAPTIVATE? And why was no one playing? Oh right -- there were... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Console Street Fighter IV to have mega sweet anime intros, endings

Jun 03
As I briefly mentioned earlier, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed that the console versions of the title would contain additional content. Among the extras included would be more detailed story information, d... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Street Fighter IV coming to consoles with new content, online play

Jun 03
As you likely already know, Capcom has finally revealed that the Street Fighter IV will indeed be home to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. While Capcom only had near-final arcade builds playable at the event, producer Yos... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Bionic Commando next-gen multiplayer announced

Jun 03
Staring up at flat panel screen playing an announcement trailer for Bionic Commando's multiplayer mode, the game's producer Ben Judd sarcastically told me he didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned it. In fact, ... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Neopets Puzzle Adventure ... it's like Puzzle Quest, with Neopets!

Jun 03
Based on the popular global community, Capcom will be bringing Neopets Puzzle Adventure to the Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC this holiday. Wait, come back! Please, don't go anywhere. I had the same reaction. Neopets? For real? Whe... read

CAPTIVATE 08: SF IV producer says Wii version 'possible,' PS3/360 'safer bet'

Jun 03
When Street Fighter IV was first teased last year, rumors began to circulate that the title may indeed be coming to the Wii. The rumors were squashed recently, when Capcom officially announced that the long-awaited fighter wo... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Swinging into a first hands-on with Bionic Commando next-gen

Jun 03
The Bionic Commando franchise is tinged with nostalgia, making it a wildly difficult proposition for Swedish-developer GRIN to attempt a next-gen reinvention. "I think there's a sweet spot as to how long you can let a fr... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Aye! Argh! Plunder brings casual-RTS to XBLA/PSN

Jun 03
When I first set eyes on Capcom's Xbox LIVE Arcade/PlayStation Network/PC title Plunder, I will admit that I was a bit intimidated. Sitting next to familiar games like Street Fighter II HD and the top-down shooter 1942, I fig... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Airtight's Dark Void delivers darkest void in gaming

Jun 03
Look, I can't fly a plane, and I’d definitely be a lousy co-pilot. And maybe a lousy stewardess. But I’ve seen enough episodes of Unsolved Mysteries to know that under no circumstances should you fly and/or swim t... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Bionic Games reveals original Wii exclusive, Spyborgs

Jun 03
You may not recognize the name Bionic Games, but sure you'll know the titles members of the studio have worked on -- Resistance: Fall of Man, World of Warcraft, Ratchet and Clank, just to name a few. The recently formed team ... read

CAPTIVATE 08: Resident Evil 5 demo walkthrough delivers chills

Jun 03
As is typical with games of its caliber, there is much about Resident Evil 5 that is shrouded in mysteries and questions. At Capcom's Las Vegas media event, CAPTIVATE 08, co-producers Jun Takeuchi and Masachicka Kawata aren... read

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