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Brain Training


Monday Brainssss Teasers: zOMGies

Jan 18
// Tom Fronczak
This week's Monday Mind Teasers game is a lot like the last one . . . except with zombies. Okay, so not really. Instead of a sidescroller where you constantly dodge different shaped obstacles, you're challenged to outrun a ne...

Enjoy Dr. Kawashima laughing at you on the iPhone

Jun 09
// 8BitBrian
For only $5.99, you too can now relive those early days of the Nintendo DS by sitting with Dr. Kawashima and playing Brain Age -- or as those Europeans call it, Brain Exercises with Dr. Kawashima. Bandai Namco is the one rele...

DS brain training games equal 'charlatanism' according to researcher

Jan 26
// Jim Sterling
People will buy anything if they feel it can help them improve with minimal effort, it's simply part of human nature to want the most results from the least amount of work. Thus it is that Brain Training for the Nintendo DS i...

Study finds Brain Age improves math perfomance in children by 50%

Sep 25
// Conrad Zimmerman
A recently released study by Learning and Teaching Scotland suggests that children who use Brain Age have better performance in math classes. In addition, kids who use the games were found to have improved concentration and b...

Play Brain Training a lot? You're still stupid, kid!

Aug 15
// Jim Sterling
The Washington Post has a very interesting article questioning the validity of various games' claims that they can enhance your mental ability. People are suckers for quick and easy ways to self-improve without putting in any...

Brain Training's Dr. Kawashima gives his royalties to research

Jan 31
// Dale North
While Dr. Kawashima's Nintendo DS Brain Training titles set out to fix our heads, you'd have to wonder if something is wrong with his. It seems that he hasn't bothered to take any of the 22 million dollars in royalties that h...

New Japanese Wii game to teach common sense

Jan 22
// Dale North
Recently, Nintendo games have been training our brains, eyesight, and more, but they haven't done much for our common sense. Enter the new Wii title Minna no Joushiki Ryoku Terebi, which roughly translates to Everyone's Commo...

Captain Obvious: Brain Training DS does not improve cognition

Jan 03
// Colette Bennett
I doubt the scores of wailing Japanese that buy these games and their hundreds of knock-offs will care one whit about this news, but science doesn't lie. Despite celebrity endorsements suggesting otherwise, theyre is no hard ...

Cure your migrane with videogames?

Dec 12
// Dale North
Hmm, I don't know. Most videogames I play these days give me a headache.Dr. Deborah Stokes recommends a brain-controlled videogame to relieve migraines, and she says that 70 percent of her patients treated with this method ha...

Get your hair done did, play Brain Age 2: Nintendo announces Brain Age events

Sep 27
// Nick Chester
OK, already -- we get it: non-traditional gamers love playing Nintendo games. But just in case they've missed some nook or cranny in the United States, Nintendo are taking their show on the road, in the form of a Brain Age 2:...

The Great Retro Quiz! .02: The Virtual Console (SNES)

Sep 19
// Chad Concelmo
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of The Great Retro Quiz! You can’t see me right now, but I am dressed like a game show host and have a very pretty lady standing next to me gesturing...

The Great Retro Quiz! .01: The Virtual Console (NES)

Sep 12
// Chad Concelmo
How well do you really know your retro games? Sure, you may know that Mario needs to collect 100 coins for a 1UP and Link wields the Master Sword, but sometimes even the most basic of game-related trivia que...

YTMND Thursday: The worst edition yet!

Jun 28
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
So this week has been pretty much a slow week on YTMND land. I tried to find some good ones but these were the best I could get. Don't get me wrong, they may get a chuckle out of you. For the most part though, nothing awe...

Nicole Kidman FAILS at Brain Training in this new ad

Jun 26
// Jim Sterling
What a shocker. A celebrity has a Nintendo DS in her hands ... and is playing Brain Training! Wow, only Brain Age or Nintendogs could ramp up the cliche' levels. Tom Cruise's former snatch of the month, Nicole Kidman,...

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