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Preview: Bomberman Ultra

Nov 25 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

Bomberman holds a special place in the heart of Dtoiders. Not only has the Bomberman franchise always been a fun game to play, but the XBLA, and soon to be PSN version of the game, feature Mr. Destructoid as a playable charac...


New Bomberman Blast screens feature men bombing things

Sep 16
// Nick Chester
When Bomberman is around, you can bet your sweet ass things are going to get bombed. Such will be the case when Hudson's Bomberman Blast, the upcoming digital download multiplayer blast-a-thon, comes to WiiWare. Eight-player ...

BOOM!: Hudson announces Bomberman Blast announced for North American WiiWare

Aug 26
// Nick Chester
Hudson Entertainment has announced today that it will be publishing Bomberman Blast, a original Bomberman title being designed exclusively for the WiiWare on the Wii.From what it sounds like, Bomberman Blast delivers more of ...

GDC 08: Bomberman Live named as best overall arcade game

Feb 22
// Colette Bennett
GDC is great for award shows, and its always killer to see games you loved getting the kind of nods that you feel they deserve. It was much that way with the announcement of Microsoft's Xbox Live awards, in which the best of ...

Bomberman LIVE tournament headed our way for the new year

Dec 31
// Jim Sterling
In the before time, the long-long ago, there existed an Xbox Live that did not have Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4 on it. Yes, I know I speak heresy but it is true, I remember it! You remember it to, if you cast your mind back to l...

More Bomberman Live DLC announced

Dec 19
// Jordan Devore
Is too much support a bad thing? For Bomberman Live, the answer is no. A third Bomb-Up Pack was announced today and is scheduled for a December 26 release.What will 250 Microsoft Points get you this time? Take a look:• 1...

Mr. Destructoid makes the cut for new Bomberman user pics

Oct 22
// Colette Bennett
As if I wasn't already having enough fun running around Bomberman Live hurling bombs at my fellow Dtoiders while dressed as our savvy mascot, thanks to Hudson now I can also represent Dtoid all over Live with my own Destructo...

Destructoid Bomberman costume now available for download

Sep 26
// Dale North
If you've somehow missed the news, you should know that Destructoid has partnered with Hudson to make video gaming magic (well, it's magic to us), and now Mr. Destructoid has become a playable character in Bomberman Live for ...

The Great Retro Quiz! .03: Bomberman

Sep 26 // Chad Concelmo
The Great Retro Quiz .03Category: BombermanQuestions: 25Level of Difficulty: Normal1. Let’s start off nice and easy. What is the name of the publisher that released the most Bomberman games?a. Taitob. Hudson Softc. Capcomd. Namco2. On that same note, what creature does that publisher use as part of its logo?3. What is the name of the peripheral that is needed to play with four players on the original Nintendo Entertainment System?a. 4-Cartb. 4 Way Playc. Four Scored. Super MultitapMatch the zoomed in power-up with the upgrade it gives your player in Bomberman:4. Increases bomb count by one5. Kick any bomb by running into it6. Punch any bomb in your path7. Bomb blast expands in a square8. Decreases bomb blast range by one level9. Increases bomb blast range by one level10. Upgrades bomb blast to the highest level11. The first planted bomb hides in the ground12. Drop all bombs in a row at once13. Blast penetrates soft blocks14. The first bomb you plant has maximum fire power15. Plant a bomb, pick it up, and throw it16. Detonate bombs with the press of a button17. Increases movement speed by one level18. Your best friend Bob was born the year the original Bomberman was released. If you and he went out to a California bar for a fun night out, could Bob legally drink?a. Yesb. No19. Which main character from another videogame series is not playable in Saturn Bomberman?a. Milonb. Bonkc. Master Higginsd. Dino Riki20. The below artwork is from the cover of what game in the Bomberman series?a. Bombermanb. Bomberman IIc. Super Bombermand. Bomberman ‘9321. Which of these is an actual “curse” you can receive from picking up a skull power-down in Bomberman Live!?a. Bombherrheab. Bombitisc. Bomblete’s Footd. Bombdruff22. If your office was like a traditional Bomberman stage, what would happen seconds before you went home every night?a. The building would flip upside-downb. The lights would go offc. The office walls would start to close in on youd. The floor would disappear23. Let’s play a round of convoluted Internet Bomberman! Assuming there are no walls or obstacles on this level and you begin with a normal size explosion, if you started on the below grid at spot “x,” moved up five squares, left three squares, grabbed a Speed-Up upgrade, moved down seven squares, moved left two squares, grabbed a Fire-Up upgrade, moved down two squares, grabbed another Fire-Up upgrade, moved right five squares, moved up four squares, and ignited a bomb, who would you kill?a. Player 1b. Players 1 & 2c. Players 2 & 3d. Players 1, 2 & 324. Given the consoles currently available for download, which of these Bomberman games will never make an appearance on the Wii’s Virtual Console service?a. Super Bombermanb. Bomberman Heroc. Bomberman Worldd. Bomberman II25. Math fun! The worst reviewed Bomberman game of all time has a number in its name and was recently released for the Xbox 360. What is that number?a. (the maximum amount of Fire-Up upgrades you can collect) - (the maximum amount of Speed-Up upgrades you can collect)b. (the maximum amount of Bomb-Up upgrades you can collect) - (the maximum of amount of Fire-Up upgrades you can collect)c. (the amount of Super Bomberman games released for the Super Nintendo) - (the maximum amount of Fire-Up upgrades you can collect)d. (the maximum amount of Speed-Up upgrades you can collect) + (the year Bomberman Generation was released)

To celebrate the biggest and best videogame release of the year, this week’s quiz is dedicated to one of the greatest multiplayer games ever created: Bomberman. This series has … wait, Halo who?...


Exclusive screens from Bomb-Up pack: Mr Destructoid can't wait to bomb them!

Sep 18
// Colette Bennett
Last night's much-hyped news was that Mr. Destructoid now plays a real role in Hudson's classic title Bomberman. While it doesn't quite top Nex becoming King of Iceland, it's probably the next best thing as far as the Dtoid a...

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