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7:13 PM on 08.12.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #22: Psychonauts

Psychonauts. Yeah, I know -- sort of like Beyond Good and Evil, one of those games that needs no introduction, that almost hourly enjoys some sort of running of the mouth by one journalist or another. I'm introducing it as su...

Aaron Linde

12:53 PM on 08.04.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #21: R-Type Final

Søren Kierkegaard once wrote, "I see it all perfectly; there are two possible situations - one can either do this or that. My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this: do it or do not do it - you will regret ...

Earnest Cavalli

12:13 AM on 07.30.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #20: Gunstar Super Heroes

Today, BBL rolls up on the big two-oh. I was planning on some grand gesture to celebrate, like some sort of Destructoid team photo where we're all fighting each other while riding bears or something, but I hear that's illegal...

Aaron Linde

11:51 AM on 07.22.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #19: Otogi

Things look pretty bleak for the next month or so, don't they? Ah, summertime -- when the gaming industry actually offers a pretty compelling excuse to get off your ass and get outside. There's not much between here a...

Aaron Linde

8:39 PM on 07.08.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #18: Maximo

You guys smell that? Oh yes, it smells like violent death. That's right, kids, welcome the newest inductee into the "So Bloody Hard It's Awesome" club of BBL selections: Maximo: Ghosts to Glory!Now, bear in ...

Aaron Linde

9:48 PM on 07.01.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #17: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

There's a particular point in this week's BBL that I'm going to say now, because I'll invariably get kicked in the face for saying so -- let's get the face-kickin' out of the way as quick as possible. ...

Aaron Linde

11:09 PM on 06.24.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #16: Zone of the Enders

Long-time BBL readers know that I'm no stranger to giant robots. You might recall when I covered... huh, okay, no giant robots in the games I've covered, anyway. But I dated one in college, which was awkward, especial...

Aaron Linde

7:47 PM on 06.10.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #15: Crimson Skies

Today we reach back to hallowed antiquity in a loosely related sort of way. Back in The Day I covered an oft-overlooked title for BBL called Sky Odyssey, and it's difficult to write up this week's feature, Crimson Skies: High...

Aaron Linde

7:04 PM on 06.02.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #14: Freedom Fighters

Aaron Linde is busy hunting terrorists with Jack Bauer, so I'm taking over Bargain Bin Laden this week. This week's game, Freedom Fighters, is one that I've actually discussed with Mr. Linde at some length. This i...


4:29 PM on 05.13.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #13: Dragon Quest VIII

This week's selection ain't exactly obscure, but it is one of the best RPGs ever made. If you haven't already played Dragon Quest VIII, it's likely that you've spoken with someone who has, or read one of t...

Aaron Linde

Super Bargain Bin Laden Gaiden Turbo EX: The Red Star photo
Super Bargain Bin Laden Gaiden Turbo EX: The Red Star
by Aaron Linde

Good evening and happy Friday, friends, and welcome to a special edition of Bargain Bin Laden. As those of you familiar with how we work it up here in Bargainville (located in northern Dealvania) are already aware, covering new or recently released titles isn't exactly standard operating procedure, but what am I supposed to do in the event than an excellent game is let loose upon the world at an already ridiculously low price?

So, please understand that this break from protocol is not entirely my fault. The responsibility for this three-headed mutant child-column of BBL rests solely upon the shoulders of XS Games and their new PS2 release The Red Star, (finally) available for just twenty clams after more than three years of bone-headed delays. Early reports spoke of The Red Star as a game fusing elements from both the shmup and beat-'em-up genres, both of which are very near and dear to ol' Linde's heart, so I had a feeling I'd probably dig it a little bit -- at least enough to merit dropping $20 on a new copy.

As it turns out, I had severely underestimated Red Star. Don't be fooled by the bargain-bin sticker price or the leagues of delays this game suffered over the years; this is top-quality classic action gaming, and an experience you shouldn't dare miss. Hit the jump for my review and buy this game -- if you can find it, that is.

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1:44 PM on 04.19.2007

360 backwards compatibility update includes Panzer Dragoon, others

Holy God, Microsoft just answered two of my biggest prayers. The latest upcoming backwards compatibility update for the Xbox 360 covers a round of half-decent titles, but also includes the A-List But Sadly Forgotten (And Thus...

Aaron Linde

9:16 PM on 04.15.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #12: Scurge: Hive

This week's Bargain Bin Laden begins with a personal gripe: Nintendo and NST really crapped in my cereal with Metroid Prime: Hunters. Not because it was a bad game -- quite the contrary, actually -- but just because the o...

Aaron Linde

10:07 PM on 04.08.2007

Bargain Bin Laden 11: Contra: Shattered Soldier

Happy Holy Zombie Day, pixies -- since all but ten to fifteen of you have meandered towards a computer and away from drunken relatives arguing over divinity and chocolate eggs and large sums of borrowed money, I figure I'...

Aaron Linde

10:29 PM on 04.01.2007

Bargain Bin Laden 10: Shenmue II

Good god, it's been a long couple of weeks. If you haven't already read my bitching and complaining elsewhere, the story is this: three weeks before the end of my penultimate Winter quarter at Western Washington Unive...

Aaron Linde

Bargain Bin Laden #9.5: Win a heap of games! photo
Bargain Bin Laden #9.5: Win a heap of games!
by Aaron Linde

[Update: We've got plenty of great submissions thus far, but there's still time left, people -- you got 'til Friday.]

Afternoon, underlings. Aaron Linde here -- and by here, I mean not at GDC. That's right! While the rest of the staff is off committing Class A felonies in the city by the bay, I'm stuck in the Great Northwest, fending off bears with naught but bare fists and a smile. That's hip Seattleite-speek for "finals".

Being that I'm currently under the spiked boot of academia, there's no Bargain Bin Laden this week. We'll be returning to our regularly scheduled slick deals in a week or two, but in the mean time, how 'bout some freebies?

Up for grabs is a copy of every game featured on Bargain Bin Laden thus far -- nine in total, courtesy of Destructoid, delivered to your door en masse by various resellers. All you've gotta do to win is create the perfect Bargain Bin Laden-style image edit for my forthcoming feature on Shenmue II, set to debut in two weeks. Make it funny, make it odd, make it utterly bizarre or make it scare the crap out of my girlfriend -- whatever. Just make sure it has some connection to Shenmue or some variation thereof. Check previous editions of BBL to get an idea of how to work it. And, 'cos I love you, here's a half-decent source image to get you started. Need the Dtoid font? Never fear, we got you covered there, too.

Judging will be handled by me, Dick McVengeance, and whoever bribes me with the biggest wad of cash. I'll announce the winner in the Shenmue II post, so keep an eye out for that. Send your submission to this e-mail address (make sure to remove the obvious anti-spam), and make sure to include a means of contacting you in the event your submission is chosen. Deadline for submissions is March 16th, so get crackin'!

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