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Alternate Reality Games


SDCC: Check out Nintendo's big ol' AR cards for 3DS

Jul 23
// Dale North
Nintendo has a gaming lounge set up right next door to the San Diego Convention Center, where Comic-Con is taking place. In the San Diego Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis & Marina, right outside and to the right, is the N...

Project Mimicry lets you play a real-life sandbox game

Jul 08
// Maurice Tan
The Dutch indies at Monobanda have created a true digital sandbox in the most literal sense possible -- one with real sand. Using manual labor, you shape and create an augmented reality landscape that is affected by, and proj...

E3: Here are your special E3 2011 Pokedex 3D AR cards

Jun 07
// Jonathan Holmes
Crap! The media room at E3 is about to close! We've got crap loads of work to do, but before I'm totally buried, I wanted to give you these E3 exclusive Pokedex 3D AR cards. Download your free Pokedex 3D app from the 3DS store, touch the gear, select AR Viewer, then watch them Poke-mans pop out of your computer screen. I love it!

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