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New 3DS XL photo
New 3DS XL

This Fire Emblem New 3DS XL doesn't come with the game

Don't look at me like that, Corrin!
Jan 19
// Jordan Devore
Nintendo is bringing this lovely Fire Emblem Fates-themed New 3DS XL to North America on February 19, 2016 for $199.99. There are multiple versions of the upcoming RPG -- Birthright, Conquest, and then a third story, Revelati...
Final Fantasy Explorers photo
Final Fantasy Explorers

Final Fantasy IX gets the Final Fantasy Explorers snub

FFVII, X over-represented
Jan 19
// Steven Hansen
The upcoming Monster Hunter-ish Final Fantasy Explorers is a more nondescript, job-system-based affair, but that doesn't mean your favorite characters are absent. While in Trance mode, your character can use previously equip...
Hyrule Warriors Legends photo
Hyrule Warriors Legends

New Hyrule Warriors Legends spot reminds us that there's no campaign co-op

Also, I hope you have a New 3DS
Jan 19
// Chris Carter
I don't know why it didn't cross my mind, but the upcoming 3DS edition of Hyrule Warriors Legends will not have campaign co-op. This video confirms as much, noting that you can play levels side-by-side with a friend to s...
Pokemon photo

The upcoming Pokemon Virtual Console re-releases won't have restore points

No save state
Jan 19
// Chris Carter
More information has come to light regarding the new Pokemon Generation 1 re-releases, particularly as it pertains to save state functionality and connectivity. For starters, players will not have the option for "restore...
Project X Zone 2 photo
Project X Zone 2

Project X Zone 2 is getting a 3DS demo later this month

Right on, demos
Jan 15
// Chris Carter
Did the holidays completely warp your sense of time? Because Project X Zone 2 is coming out next month internationally. And before it's out, you'll have a chance to play its demo in North America. It'll arrive on January 26, ...
Yo-Kai Sangokushi photo
Yo-Kai Sangokushi

Yo-Kai Watch is getting yet another spinoff with Yo-Kai Sangokushi

Coming later this year in Japan
Jan 15
// Chris Carter
Despite the fact that we don't really have a whole lot of info regarding the franchise's fate in the west, Yo-Kai Watch continues its domination in Japan. In addition to three core entries and multiple spinoffs,&nbs...
Monster Hunter Stories photo
Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories still looks damn cute

Set for Japan this year
Jan 14
// Chris Carter
Capcom really hit it big with Monster Hunter. Now in addition to all of the other spinoffs that the series spawned over the years, Stories is now in the picture, and it's damn cute. It'll feature less stressful game...
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Metroid: Zero Mission

Also, Space Hulk
Jan 14
// Chris Carter
Surprise! There isn't a whole lot today, yet again. It's a trend! Maybe Nintendo is saving all its love for the NX? On Wii U we have Metroid: Zero Mission on the Virtual Console (GBA), as well as Near Earth Objects, Spac...
amiibo photo

Are you okay with amiibo unlocking a significant portion of a game?

Only if it's readily available
Jan 14
// Chris Carter
As amiibo have become more and more prevalent in the gaming world, controversy quickly followed. In the past, Nintendo has handled the entire process very poorly, ensuring that many of the rare figures were retailer exclusive...
Bravely Second: End Layer photo
Bravely Second: End Layer

European Bravely Second: End Layer Collector's Edition confirmed

Details of playable demo also revealed
Jan 14
// Vikki Blake
Bravely Second: End Layer will be coming to Nintendo 3DS across Europe on February 26, 2016 with a Collector's Edition and playable "prelude adventure" demo. The “epic role-playing adventure” is a sequel to the ac...
Avengers photo

Lego Avengers has some free DLC for PS3 and PS4 players

20 characters and a level
Jan 13
// Jordan Devore
Lego Marvel's Avengers is coming to a bunch of a platforms on January 26, 2016, but folks who pick up either the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 version will have a head start in terms of characters. And if you're anything lik...
amiibo photo

Another amiibo-centric game is on the way from Nintendo

Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge
Jan 13
// Chris Carter
Support for amiibo figures has been a bit mixed for me. Some games use them wonderfully in an ancillary manner (Captain Toad), and others utilize them in a way that adds a significant amount of gameplay (Shovel Knight), which...
Story of Seasons photo
Story of Seasons

A sequel to Story of Seasons is coming to Japan this year

Not-Harvest Moon 2
Jan 12
// Alissa McAloon
Story of Seasons, also known as that one Harvest Moon game that isn't actually Harvest Moon, is getting a sequel in Japan this year. Like the original, Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages is a 3DS ...
New Amazon perk photo
New Amazon perk

Amazon Prime members can now save 20 percent on new games

Valid up until two weeks after launch
Jan 12
// Jordan Devore
Amazon Prime members are getting a nice bonus starting today: 20 percent off newly released physical video games (including pre-orders) shipped and sold by Amazon. The discount is offered on new titles until two weeks after l...
Pokemon photo

Pokemon gets a special 3DS bundle for its 20th anniversary

With both Red and Blue
Jan 12
// Brett Makedonski
February 27 marks the 20-year anniversary of the release of Pokémon Red and Blue in Japan. In those 20 years, the lovable game about pocket monsters has grown into a marketing mammoth. Like an earlier An...
Hyrule Warriors photo
Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Legends has more Linkle footage for you

Another producer video
Jan 12
// Chris Carter
If you're constantly looking for more Hyrule Warriors Legends footage, the game's producer has been doing quick looks recently, including this new bit that heavily features Epona and (8:56) Linkle. There's even a bit of...
Nintendo photo

Hey look, Nintendo has an official Tumblr page now

Kids like Tumblr, right?
Jan 12
// Chris Carter
Well, Nintendo decided to make an official Tumblr account, if that's the sort of thing you care about and want to give them a follow. As of right now they've debuted two posts -- one GIF from A Link to the Past, and a factoid...
Release date photo
Release date

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games gets release date

Aww hell yeah!
Jan 11
// Steven Hansen
My boys Mario and Sonic are back together again for yet another Olympic games game -- this time in Rio de Janeiro. For the fifth entry in the Mario & Sonic Do Sports For Some Reason series, the roster of playable charact...
'Play' station photo
'Play' station

Xbox goes soft as PlayStation users reclaim 'most porn watched'

Pornhub data shift in porn console king
Jan 11
// Steven Hansen
Pornhub, which I am told by other people familiar with the webpage is a site for viewing adult, pornographic films, has released its statistical year in review. All sorts of interesting trends popping up, here. "Lesbian" bump...
Monster Hunter X photo
Monster Hunter X

Mega Man is coming to Monster Hunter X

It's another hit
Jan 11
// Chris Carter
Where there's smoke there's fire, and where there's a Monster Hunter game, there's free promotional DLC. Capcom has just announced the latest add-on for Monster Hunter X (their new 3DS game that launched recently), and s...
Theatrhythm photo

Theatrhythm producer says he wants more Theatrhythm games

Hey me too
Jan 10
// Chris Carter
While it would have been easy for Theatrhythm to die after the first game, Square Enix has fostered it into a nice little mini-franchise, capping off two Final Fantasy titles with a Dragon Quest entry. Speaking...
Zelda photo

The producer of Hyrule Warriors Legends sure can rock a scarf

New overview video
Jan 08
// Chris Carter
Although we've mostly just had clips leading up to the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS, producer Yosuke Hayashi is rocking that amazing collector's edition scarf to bring you a 17-minute overview this week...
Nintendo Download: photo
Nintendo Download:

Nintendo Download: Wild Gunman

Also, Bayou Billy
Jan 07
// Chris Carter
Nintendo isn't really picking up steam after a number of meh weeks on the eShop, as the Wii U is only getting a few Virtual Console games today -- Hogan's Alley, Wild Gunman, and The Adventures of Bayou Billy. Billy is p...
Boxboy photo

A Boxboy sequel is out now in Japan

One More Box
Jan 06
// Chris Carter
HAL Laboratories released BOXBOY! on the eShop last year, and it seems like they were keen enough to create a sequel. The follow-up, BOXBOY! One More Box is out right now in Japan, by way of the 3DS eShop for 630 Yen. This is one of the few major releases I didn't get a chance to really dig into, but I think I may fix that in the near future. There's no word yet on a localization.
3DS photo

Hate Badge Arcade on 3DS? Build this machine to cheese it

Constantly switching triggers
Jan 06
// Chris Carter
I really dig Badge Arcade for what it is, as I haven't paid a cent yet for it and I've gotten a ton of icons and badges to decorate my 3DS -- a privileged I would have to pay for on nearly every other platform. But some...
NX photo

Analyst thinks the Nintendo NX will 'cannibalize' 3DS and Wii U sales

I mean, probably
Jan 06
// Chris Carter
For months after the confirmation of Nintendo's NX platform, many analysts (and Nintendo themselves) kind of just brushed it off as a "new thing" that wouldn't impact any part of Nintendo's business. But now, after learning t...
Fire Emblem Fates photo
Fire Emblem Fates

It's nearly here: The Fire Emblem Fates US site is up

Only a month off
Jan 04
// Chris Carter
Fire Emblem Fates will be released on February 19, 2016 in the US, and Nintendo is ringing in the new year by gearing up for launch. The new teaser site is up, which includes some localized video and screenshots. I have ...
Game Boy photo
Game Boy

Game Boy themed Alien Dinosaurs coming to PC, 3DS and Wii U

Quarter 1 release
Jan 04
// Chris Carter
Although the digital era gets a lot of [mostly justified] flak, it's done a lot of good as well. Indie teams can generally whip up an awesome project or retro homage in a fraction of the development time, and put it right on...
New 3DS photo
New 3DS

The New 3DS can run Windows 95

Why? Why not, that's why
Jan 04
// Joe Parlock
Have you ever wanted to run Windows 95 on your New 3DS? Me neither, but now we know we can. YouTuber LarBob Doomer has released a video showing the OS loading up (very slowly) on the handheld through a workaround using DOSBo...
amiibo photo

Yacht Club says finding a Shovel Knight amiibo 'shouldn't be a problem'

If they sell out, they'll just make more
Dec 31
// Jonathan Holmes
Like many Shovel Knight fans and amiibo collectors out there, I was dismayed to see pre-orders for the upcoming Shovel Knight amiibo sell out so quickly after being put up for offer on Amazon. According to Yacht Club Games, t...

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