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Friday Robot Intermission: Just hump it

The weekend is finally upon us after narrowly surviving Valentine's Day: A holiday where couples celebrate were programmed to show extra love for other for the benefit of the hospitality and fluffy-pink-things industry. In celebration o...


Friday Robot Intermission: the robots are always winning edition

Don't you just love it when the work week just blows by? Good, then please tell me how that feels. I've had an E-67 broken hard drive on my 360 for a week and the Texan lady that took my initial support call at Xbox support failed t...


Friday Robot Intermission: Optimus Prime wears cheap Nikes

Ah, the weekend is upon us. A time to catch up with the 800 email you haven't read, reluctantly see the family, and wish the grass was emo so that it would just cut itself. On all things robotic, this week we received a tip on what Dest...


Robot Intermission: I love robot bees

Ready or not, here comes another Alternate Reality Game (appropriate initials: ARG!) -- and a very unoriginal one at that.  At least the PS3 PlayB3yond ARG had us scrambling for symbols hidden in wall paintings -- this one is the sam...


Friday Robot Intermission:
Take the Powerpill & Wii contest clue

Before we head out to the bars and drink away our paychecks we'd just like to thank everyone for what has been a record two weeks at Destructoid. We started out as this angry little video game blog that is becoming a fantastic place for a...

Zoom In First of all, I'd like to apologize to all of our loyal and new readers for the down time today. Our on-the-scene Bully trial coverage received far and beyond more press than we were prepared for, which will dicta...   read

Zoom In First of all, I'd like to apologize to all of our loyal and new readers for the down time today. Our on-the-scene Bully trial coverage received far and beyond more press than we were prepared for, which will dicta...   read


Friday Robot Intermission:
The Destructoid Fembots & Wii contest clue

If there was any doubt that Destructoid is taking over, I present to you a snapped cell phone image taken by Matt in Seattle where a band of 3 topless Dtoid fembots as he ran for his life. The Presets are actually humantoids and worth lis...

Hot damn, thank 'toid its Friday! Another chance to game all weekend and catch up with our robot overlords. Today's video is taken from Japan's Hirose Robotics Laboratory which features an impressive amphibious robot snake...   read

Ah, another Friday is upon us. We bet you cannot wait to get the hell out of that monochrome office, jump on your filthy sofa, put up your feet, tune out family, send the woman to her mom's house, and grind some serious ti...   read


Friday Robot Intermission: New Faces

What a surprise Friday its been, eh? First and foremost I wanted to announce the coming of two new contributors, Robert Summa of Joystiq fame whom needs no introduction and Rom "Kinnikuman" Mahut, a frequent dtoid tipster whom will be jo...


Friday Robot Intermission, New contest clue

Whooo its the weekend! Well, almost. But first - a new clue in what the mystery NES game is for your chance to win a Nintendo Wii system... and the clue is.... FOUR. That's it. Can you sense the answer yet? Not specific enough? In ...


Friday Robot Intermission: Touchy feely robots

Alas, Friday!!! With the demise of E3 and all eyes on PAX, this week has been a bit of a rehabilitation exercise for the video game industry. After a thousand articles on the subject ran though Digg I think we can all put it behind us a...


Friday Robot Intermission: CliffyB vs. MikeyB

I'm sure there is some very cool robot somewhere to write on this late Friday evening, but I can't stop thinking about last week's news of the bastardization of Optimus Prime... and we're not alone in our strife. As it happens, a certain...


Friday Robot Intermission: Hollywood & The bastardization of the great Optimus Prime

For the first time, there are rumors of bad news on our weekly robot video game intermission. My take on this? Hollywood might disgrace Optimus Prime. For the gory details and other fine robot sightings, read on. IS THIS OR ISN'T ...


Friday Robot Intermission: Mazinger Z pwnage

Ah Friday, at last the longest short week has concluded. It is just me, or did these last three days seem longer than a six day workweek? They need to work on that, and i'm not sure what I mean. But anyway, this is our opportunity to t...


Friday Robot Intermission

A weekly moment to take a break from video games and showcase the newest meanderings of our sentient cybergenic robotic overlords. Here's what our readers have sent in this week: The Transformers Movie Trailer [via FilmWad] SHIT HOT Tra...


Robot Intermission: Free Robot Sex 2.0

Ninja Tlack sent this in: "I have no idea what the back-story is behind this guy in a robot suit made out of cardboard boxes standing on the roadside, holding up a sign marked FREE ROBOT SEX, with the words SEXBOT V2.0 markered to the fr...


NieroFeatured blogger

When you build a company you build your own perfect little world. I made Destructoid. This is me backing up your blogs: Email me at My advice to people who want to work in videogames is to ju...



Uncharted 4: A Thief's End"Sic parvis magna"


SteelSeries Siberia 350 USB headset"Like wearing a hissing cloud"


Battleborn"Ready to Die"


Pocket Card Jockey"Think of them as big greyhounds"


Bazaar"No, not that Magic Carpet"


Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel"Basically the T150, but for Xbox One and PC"


Fragments of Him"Great writing and performances, terrible pacing and gameplay"


Push Me Pull You"Playing Nightcrawlers"


Chronos"I keep getting older, but they stay the same age"


The Climb"You rock, rock"

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DISCUSSIONS | setupPosts by everyone - post yours

Jinx 01

This sums up the core problems with the outrage culture that has infected gaming No


Given that Im level 30+ in Lost Reavers, Ill do a quick write-up on it this Jeds got the gist of it, except that real money has nothing to with buying ammo and health elixirs - unless theyve changed it in the past couple of

Dr Mel

I sense an uptick in people naming their pet birds pickle pee and pump a


So, yeah, I have to agree with everybody that the gameplay in Overwatch is pretty The gametypes suck, though! The fact that theres only two and I dont like either one is pretty much a

Chris Bradshaw

Alright so I have Nano Assault EX, Retro City Rampage: DX and Shantae and the Pirates Who wants?

Dangus Taargus

Just finished Doom II for the first This Arch-vile will be visiting me in my sleep tonight, as its the most terrifying enemy in any video game save for that thing that follows you around in Pikmin


Im doing a straw poll for the next game I do on my Would appreciate people voting in

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

*Wants to post about running away from controversial thread* *Realizes that doing so only invites further discussion on said controversy in the comments to just eat Dinner instead*


Aw Maximilian Dood released his Assist Me film He released it on his stream and it was crazy cause you couldnt tell when it was live or if his movie was Confused the hell out of the


New Persona 5 character reveals be all like


Just another day in the


Hey Overwatch, I dont want to play 100 matches in a Can you not immediately thrust me into another game?

Sarah Jane Farron

Im still enjoying Overwatch enough but Im feeling like Im closer to cancelling my Theres one or two things I dont like in there and Im feeling like Ive played enough with this Fun but maybe not £35 fun for me? Not sure just


Destructoid should give me the honours of reviewing any and every forthcoming Atlus 3DS Imagine the hits this sitell get when I give them all a 1/10 for being literally Truly, itd be a wise business tactic for


I know its all everyones talking about, but I have to say: Overwatch is the most fun Ive had in an FPS for a long Planning to pick up the full game day one! Also Lucio is best character, dont @


North American Splatfest for May is Fancy Party Costume Party!


Just got back from launching tons of self-destructs in Probably going back Took out a whole team with one self-destruct and took the play of the This game keeps surprising


I dont celebrate Cinco de Mayo for the same reasons why I dont celebrate Bastille


Persona 5 looks goddamn amazing


The fire has been Thank you Dark Souls Youre only the other Souls(y) game I beat aside from Bloodborne (platted it though) but Id like to go back to the older games some DS3 plat some time but for now, imma get some Ratchet and


When people reply to months old joke comments with essays about how SJWs are ruining the world and that you should take censorship more


I cant believe Lincoln got assassinated at the What a lazy


Civil War Spoilers in the

King Kaiser

Civil War Spoilers: Kylo Ren kills Abraham

Cannibal Steven

Any DTOIDers want to play the Overwatch Beta on PC? My username is

Pixie The Fairy

Friendly reminder not to spoil Civil Unless were talking about the actual US Civil War, you can spoil that all you Everyone had well over a century to catch


Will be very Glad when Overwatch is a retail title release as the standard of play will hopefully go I mean it can hardly go down from a Healer running round all game using their crap pistol to try and shoot people and never healing at


Well would you look at the time!


Im glad that Sony are releasing their heavy-hitting exclusives this year so that I have enough time to save up for an Xbox One/Scalebound bundle next Though while I think I have it all planned out, Im sure something will f*ck it


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