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Iwata drops truth bomb photo
Iwata would only consider it if he stopped caring for the company
Nintendo should go third party, they say. "Nintendo should have their IP on every platform," they say. No matter how many times CEO Satoru Iwata or anybody in Nintendo management have repeated themselves, there's always some ... read feature

Next-gen graphics photo
Next-gen graphics

BioWare artist: Next-gen graphics not an obvious leap

Studios can't afford to impress our eyes on PS4 and Next Xbox
Feb 25
One thing many gamers noticed -- and I particularly did -- was that the PlayStation 4 looked to be taking a step toward better game visuals, rather than the jump experienced in prior generations. BioWare artist Neil Thompson ... read
Watch Dogs photo
Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has a viral webpage, obviously

Who watches the watchmen?
Feb 23
If you were paying close attention to the latest Watch Dogs trailer, you might have noticed a web address for the game world's Central Operating Network (ctOS). Visiting takes you to a black page with... read

Nintendo will region-lock the Wii U ... obviously

What a shock!
Sep 24
Nintendo has surprised absolutely nobody by confirming that the Wii U will be region-locked, meaning European, American, and Japanese games will only work on systems made specifically for the corresponding country. Importers ... read

Pokemon Black & White 2 net over 1 million JP pre-orders

Jun 25
Remember when your parents told you Pokemon was just a fad? Oh how wrong they were. Sixteen years later, and Pokemon Black & White 2 is still selling like hotcakes. A recent report suggests that there were 1.16 million pr... read

PSVita Uncharted and Resistance to get multiplayer

Jan 23
During my time with the Vita last week (more on that later), I managed to dig up some interesting little nuggets regarding Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Resistance: Burning Skies. Now, these may seem like no brainers, but ... read

Gah! It was so obvious! Why didn't I think of that?

Jan 20
Reddit user aheadofhistime showed off his new custom vanity plate. It's so simple that it's beyond brilliant. My new custom plate :) [Reddit] read

Mind blown! You can play games in 2D on a 3DS!

Sep 25
Nintendo of Europe has posted a banner ad on their home page for the upcoming Metallic Red 3DS model. In addition to sporting a fiery finish, this latest 3DS also comes packed with some incredible new features. Not only can y... read

Shocking: Desmond's tale to continue after AC:Revelations

Jul 15
In a twist that is a unsurprising as James Bond not dying at the end of a movie, Assassin's Creed: Revelations' lead writer Darby McDevitt ("It's DeWitt!") has told CVG that the upcoming game "won't answer everything because ... read

Captain Obvious: DS outsold 3DS

Jul 15
The 3DS is having a hard time living up to the success of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS. If you need evidence of that, then look no further than last month's North American sales numbers. According to those, the DS is... read

Chris Evans to voice, look like Captain America in game

Feb 17
Sega has announced today that Chris Evans, the star of the upcoming Captain America film, will voice and lend his likeness to the character in the upcoming game. That is, of course, if you hadn't already made this assumption ... read

Captain Obvious: New Pokemon games coming to 3DS, Wii

Jan 28
As sure as the air you're breathing, there are new Pokémon games in the works for Nintendo consoles right now. You know this, right? Not convinced? "We are also developing Pokémon related products on the Wii and... read

Obvious: Coulton pens song for Portal 2

Jan 14
Well isn't this a triumph for Jonathan Coulton -- the singer/songerwriter will have a song that will appear in Valve's Portal 2. Shocking, I know, considering his track "Still Alive" -- which played during Portal's closing cr... read

Kid Icarus dev suggests steady hands for 3DS enjoyment

Jan 04
This seems like a bit of a Captain Obvious post, but everybody's treating Masahiro Sakurai's comments like a big deal, so you might want to know. Basically, the Kid Icarus Uprising director has stated that you'll want a ... read

SEGA has three major Sonic announcements in 2011

Dec 14
A SEGA marketing ape has loosened his jaw in the latest Game Informer to reveal that "two of three" big Sonic the Hedgehog announcements are coming in the early portions of 2011. SEGA with some Sonic news ... what a unique co... read

Analyst believes GTA V "likely" in 2012

Nov 25
"Janco Partners" analyst Mike Hickey gave some predictions for Take-Two today. Why? Because he believes the publisher will make enough money to remain profitable even if a new GTA doesn't come out during the next fiscal year ... read

Captain Obvious: Splatterhouse denied rating in Germany

Nov 16
Game Captain is reporting that the gore-soaked Splatterhouse has been denied classification by the German classification board and, thus, will not be published in Germany. Hard to imagine that what is being marketed as o... read

No DLC for GoldenEye 007

Sep 03
After having it bluntly confirmed that GoldenEye 007 would indeed have no DLC whatsoever, I struggled with whether or not to top this story off with our intrepid hero, Captain Obvious. On the one hand games on the Wii just do... read

Obsidian planning Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content

Aug 19
Bethesda's Fallout 3 set the bar for post-release support in this console generation with its robust package of five add-ons: "Operation: Anchorage," "The Pitt," "Broken Steel," "Point Lookout," and "Mothership Zeta." When I ... read

Fallout: New Vegas drawing more pre-orders than Fallout 3

Aug 06
It seems that there is demand for Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas, so much so that the pre-orders for the post-apocalyptic role-playing game are far exceeding those for the series' previous title, Fallout 3. That's what MCV is ... read

UK Charts: StarCraft II, obviously

Aug 02
It will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is soaring atop the chart this week, demolishing the competition and leaving bloody carcasses of spoiled hopes in its hype-drenched wake. Sta... read

NPD survey suggests more band-specific music games coming

May 07
With the upcoming release of Green Day: Rock Band this June, you'd think that maybe MTV and Activision would give the single-band game thing a rest. Of course, you'd be sorely mistaken. Destructoid reader Dexter345 sent ... read

Captain Obvious: Ninja Gaiden 3 pub says Ninja Gaiden 3 will be good

May 04
Hey, get this: Ninja Gaiden publisher Tecmo Koei says that Ninja Gaiden 3 is going to be a good game. While not officially announced, Tecmo Koei senior managing director Yoshiki Sugiyama is already talking up the sequel. "Nin... read

UK Charts: Football, obviously

May 04
It should surprise nobody that 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa sits atop the UK Charts this week, enjoying big sales despite the questionable asking price. Still, most football fans are dumbshits, so nobody could expect them... read

Dead or Alive Paradise gets a nudity hack ... obviously

Apr 06
Dead or Alive Paradise, the woefully rubbish PSP version of Tecmo's already sketchy franchise, just got slightly better. Or worse, depending on what you think of badly compressed images of massive boobs. Thanks to a little cu... read

UK Charts: Final Fantasy XIII wins, obviously

Mar 15
Really, what else would be topping the chart during Final Fantasy XIII launch week? We are still playing that behemoth for our review but it appears we're almost over. Hopefully that'll be coming very soon, as soon as we stop... read

Breaking: Avalanche not working on a puzzle game

Mar 04
As production on Just Cause 2 wraps up, the team at Avalanche Studios has begun dedicating more and more time to an upcoming project. Speaking to IncGamers, lead designer Peter Johansson was willing to let a few minor details... read

A lot of publishers have been having trouble figuring out how to make more money off their Wii games. We've heard from some folks at Capcom say that "hardcore" gamers have moved on from the Wii, or that there was never an con... read feature


Captain Obvious: God of War IV will happen

Jan 19
What’s left for Kratos after God of War III? It looks like the spirited man who spits in the faces of gods and titans will resume his role as the spirited man who spits in the faces of gods and titans.In a not-so-recent... read

Captain Obvious: Movie tie-ins generally a piece of crap

Jan 07
Every now and then, we need somebody to tell us something we already knew, and that somebody right now is Bob Jacob, Cinemaware co-founder. Jacob blames the business model of a licensed game, wherein it has to be rushed to co... read

Captain Obvious: Mass Effect 3 will be the end of trilogy

Dec 18
Mass Effect 3 is a thing that is planned to happen. And it appears Bioware is excited to do it. At a recent press event, ME2 project director Casey Hudson said as much, adding that the sequel-sequel should be a bit more fun. ... read

Mega Man 10 coming to PSN and XBLA, obviously

Dec 16
Really, was there any doubt? Mega Man 10, Capcom's freshly announced return to retro exploitation, is not just for WiiWare. The game is also coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network too, because that way Capcom ... read

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