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The Daily Hotness: Mario chalk Kart

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Sep 03
// Steven Hansen
Artist Chris Carlson, known for his 3D chalk art, went ahead and drew a 3D Yoshi from Mario Kart, along with some of the game's other trappings, and super imposed it on some live action shots of a real suburb street. Chalk t...

Sup Holmes gets glorked with Glorkbot's James Kochalka

Super Duper F*cker
Dec 16
// Jonathan Holmes
[Destructoid's Director of Communications Hamza Aziz asked Jonathan Holmes to make a show called 'Sup, Holmes?' so that Destructoid could later sell a t-shirt that says 'Sup, Holmes?' on it. This is that show. Subscribe ...

Look, I chalk

Apr 16
// William Haley
As reported last week, Jack Thompson plays too many "dirtbag simulators." But in other news, Dtoid faithful and champion ball-in-a-cup athlete Raspberry Jowls has paid tribute to the best Wii-bashing game site on t...

Also, chalks

Apr 11
// William Haley
Destructoid is all about the arts. Preferably hentai, but sometimes, when we've grown weary of Emmanuelle in Tokyo and unlocked all the outfits in Battle Raper, it's time to admire some of the more ... questionable .....

From Mario in Russia with love; chalk

Jan 16
// Niero Gonzalez
An anonymous chalk bandit has tagged up a variety of red brick buildings with near-pixel-perfect Super Mario Brothers artwork, utilizing each brick as a single pixel. Check out the gallery below for all the photos. The artist was last seen jumping off a bridge just as it was beginning to rain. For more artsy fartsy video game art, check out the fan art archives.[Via Gameplay] 

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