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Review: Bit.Trip SAGA photo
Review: Bit.Trip SAGA
by Jonathan Holmes

The Bit.Trip titles are some of my favorite games of this console generation. Sadly, the series still hasn't truly found its audience. Sure, the games have a huge following, but I'm certain that the Bit.Trip series has what it takes to go beyond Katamari Damacy-level popularity to full-on blockbuster status.

The problem is that so much of what makes the series amazing can't be conveyed with screenshots and videos. This is a series where gameplay is the true star of the show, something that's becoming more and more of a rarity in today's motion-capture-focused, Hollywood-chasing games industry. Sure the Bit.Trip series has incredible art direction and one of the most infectious, rhythm-focused soundtracks in recent memory, but it's the way that the series seamlessly fuses every aspect of the game into the overall experience that makes it all work.

The way the game plays expresses ideas that carry over into the visuals, and those ideas are wholly unified with how the game sounds, with the sound coming full circle and informing how the game plays. Both a love letter to videogames and a bold experiment in gameplay as storytelling, the Bit.Trip series is a unique, expertly crafted force in gaming today.

I'm hoping that more people will find out for themselves how amazing Bit.Trip is now that all the games in the series have been compiled for the 3DS and Wii at retail. Like the title says, this review is for the 3DS-specific compilation, Bit.Trip SAGA. So without further ado, let's get cracking!

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3:45 PM on 09.03.2011

Bit.Trip COMPLETE trailer trips the light fantastic

It's time to re-experience Commander Video's profound musical journey in the upcoming Bit.Trip COMPLETE. Scheduled to be released for Wii on September 13, this disc will contain all six episodes of the Bit.Trip series, plus ...

Tony Ponce

11:00 PM on 07.19.2011

Vengeance: Bloktonik wreaks havoc on the iPad

Gaijin Games (and their partner Robotube Games) have popped their claws and submerged them deep into the guts and meats of the iPad. After this, I don't think there is any turning back. Their fury has now been unleashed, and ...

Jonathan Holmes

6:30 PM on 07.13.2011

Gaijin Games overviews Commander Video's bit trip

Our own Jonathan Holmes has talked at length about the Bit.Trip series' deeper meaning. I personally come for the fun, aesthetically pleasing games and stay for, well, those same reasons. I won't pretend to know what any of i...

Jordan Devore

4:00 PM on 06.24.2011

Bit.Trip Complete scheduled for a September release

We know that Bit.Trip Saga for 3DS is going to hit store shelves in September. What of its disc-based Wii counterpart, though? Publisher Aksys Games says Bit.Trip Complete is also on for -- you probably guessed it -- the same...

Jordan Devore

Bit.Trip SAGA pops and locks on the 3DS photo
Bit.Trip SAGA pops and locks on the 3DS
by Jonathan Holmes

I was lucky enough to bump into Mike Roush and Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games at E3 while shopping for bananas. I was even luckier to find that they had a work-in-progress build of Bit.Trip SAGA (the 3DS collection of all six critically acclaimed Bit.Trip titles) in their pocket.

"F*ck bananas," I told them. "I need to play this thing, like, yesterday."

So I played it, and here's what I thought.

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10:30 PM on 06.14.2011

Bit.Trip Complete has new content, love letters to fans

I just finished writing up a preview of Bit.Trip SAGA (the 3DS collection of all six Bit.Trip games) when I spotted this press release about Bit.Trip Complete, the retail collection of all six Bit.Trip games on the Wii.As imp...

Jonathan Holmes

1:40 PM on 06.10.2011

E3: Bit.Trip Complete bundles the series on one Wii disc

As divulged by Gaijin Games this week, the Bit.Trip series is getting the in-store compilation disc treatment for Wii. Bit.Trip Collection, IndieGames reports, will have "many new gameplay challenges," and unlockable video, a...

Jordan Devore

4:40 PM on 05.31.2011

A sample 3D screenshot for Bit.Trip Saga

Gaijin Games is at the top of my "do-want 3DS games" list with Bit.Trip Saga. The series was remarkably fun on Wii, again on PC, and should continue to be a joy in handheld form. It's almost too perfect a fit for the 3DS, whi...

Jordan Devore

6:30 PM on 04.28.2011

Bit.Trip comes to the 3DS with Bit.Trip Saga

Here's a sentence I was hoping I'd get to one day write: Gaijin Games is compiling all of the Bit.Trip games for release on 3DS. When publisher Aksys Games circulated this image, it became fairly clear that such a collection ...

Jordan Devore

4:20 PM on 04.13.2011

Blind Abe's Exoddus player rocks Bit.Trip Runner as well

Remember Terry Garrett, the blind gamer who can blaze through Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus via sound cues alone? Now he's back to make Bit.Trip Runner his bitch! Watch above as Terry races through the first few levels of the PC v...

Tony Ponce

6:00 PM on 04.03.2011

What's this? A Bit.Trip 3D teaser image?

Dtoid received an email from Aksys games with this image attached. The email said "more details coming soon?" and that's it. I guess Aksys is asking us if more details are coming on what looks like a some sort of 3D outing fo...

Jonathan Holmes

4:00 AM on 03.11.2011

Lilt Line's sales figures revealed, rather depressing

Have you bought Lilt Line? I'm guessing not. That's because its developer, Different Cloth, has released their sales numbers for their dubstep music game and they are what one might call a little light in the pocketbook. The ...

Conrad Zimmerman

8:00 PM on 03.03.2011

GDC 11: Amnesia and Minecraft rock the 13th Annual IGF

Yesterday evening, the Independent Games Festival Awards ceremony took place in San Francisco as part of the Game Developers Conference. It was fun to watch, whether you were there in person or simply viewing from home thanks...

Jordan Devore

10:00 PM on 02.27.2011

Bit.Trip RUNNER hits Steam tomorrow with new features

It's a Bit.Trip f*cking overload! The final game in the series, Bit.Trip FLUX, hits WiiWare tomorrow, while the most beloved game in the series, Bit.Trip RUNNER, is hitting Steam for Mac/PC. According to the attached press re...

Jonathan Holmes

7:00 PM on 02.26.2011

Bit.Trip concept artwork reveals very different games

The Bit.Trip series came to a close on Friday with the release of Bit.Trip FLUX in Europe. I'm sad to see to the series come to an end, but I'm also excited to see what Gaijin Games and their subsidiary Robotube games will co...

Jonathan Holmes

3:00 PM on 02.25.2011

Spoilers: The first seven minutes of Bit.Trip FLUX

Bit.Trip FLUX is out in Europe, and I'm officially jealous. I've already played through the game to completion once (see this practically-a-review for details), so I feel a little bratty by complaining about having to wait a...

Jonathan Holmes

12:00 PM on 02.25.2011

Bits and booze: The short story of Robotube and Gaijin

When I try to get in touch with Jason Cirillo, founder of Robotube Games, he's in line trying to buy a bento box, somewhere in New York City. He's starving and needs to eat, so I try again later. This time, he's stepping onto...

Joseph Leray

7:30 PM on 02.23.2011

Gaijin Games acquires Robotube Games

Gaijin Games, the guys behind the BIT.TRIP series, have gobbled up Robotube Games, an independent game dev specializing in web-based puzzle games and videogame documentaries. Studio head and CEO Alex Neuse: "Our bi...

Dale North

10:30 PM on 02.15.2011

Bit.Trip FLUX release date and artist's statement

Bit.Trip FLUX, the grand finale of the Bit.Trip series, is almost here. As a huge fan of these games, I'm sad to see them come to an end. That said, I can't wait for FLUX to come out. Though the game marks the end of one of ...

Jonathan Holmes

1:20 PM on 02.07.2011

Gaijin: Indie scene needs less unfinished games

Gaijin Games founder Alex Neuse has leveled a little criticism at his peers in the indie game market, stating that with a recent flood of titles has come a number of disappointingly unfinished games. "I think that the indie s...

Jim Sterling

11:30 PM on 01.31.2011

Bit.Trip FLUX's debut trailer is here

Gaijin Games sure does know a thing or two about creating titles in which you have to "enter the zone," so to speak, in order to be truly successful. The pattern continues with Bit.Trip FLUX, which got a happenin' new traile...

Jordan Devore

Death isn't so bad in Bit.Trip FLUX photo
Death isn't so bad in Bit.Trip FLUX
by Jonathan Holmes

Bit.Trip FLUX is a hard game to write about. On one hand, you could simply say that the game is the spiritual sequel to Bit.Trip BEAT. On the surface, it plays exactly like BEAT, only backwards. Scratch that surface though, and you may see that the game is so much more. In its own way, FLUX is a retrospective examination of the entire Bit.Trip series, a metaphysical expression of the afterlife, and a statement about the meaning of life itself.

Yeah, it's a tough game to write about all right, particularly because I've only had the opportunity to play through it once. I think I'll need to play through FLUX many, many times before I truly "get" it. It's the kind of game that just about anybody could complete in a few hours, but "winning" it an "getting" it are two very different things. Even Alex Neuse (the creator of the Bit.Trip series and the level designer of Bit.Trip FLUX) was having some trouble "getting" it. After I'd played through the game once, he grabbed the controller from me to show me "the path of enlightenment." I think he managed to stay on the path for about five seconds before he fell off and rejoined the rest of us on the mortal plane. It was like watching God screw up a prayer. I was both amazed, amused, and deeply intimidated.

I swear to Alex Neuse God that what I'm saying actually makes sense.

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9:30 PM on 12.16.2010

First screens of Bit.Trip FLUX fill my brain with joy

I got to play Bit.Trip FLUX in its entirety yesterday. I loved it so much, but I promised the guys at Gaijin Games I wouldn't tell you that (or anything else about the game for that matter) without their explicit permission. ...

Jonathan Holmes

5:50 PM on 12.13.2010

Destructoid Live: Hard Party with Lilt Line and Bit.Trip

Oh my God. Yeah, it's really happening. We're playing Lilt Line, Bit.Trip CORE and Bit.Trip VOID, on our live stream today! On top of that we're hoping to get a few of the guys from Gaijin Games (publisher of Lilt Line on Wii...

Jonathan Holmes

1:30 PM on 12.12.2010

Bit.Trip FLUX teaser today, Lilt Line release tomorrow

If you beat the Bit.Trip stocking level in the bland-but-serviceable free 2D platformer Mission in Snowdriftland, you unlock this teaser image for Bit.Trip FLUX. I've played the game, which gives me the proper context to unde...

Jonathan Holmes

3:45 PM on 11.30.2010

'More' Bit.Trip RUNNER is coming, and other secrets

We did a live stream of Bit.Trip FATE and Bit.Trip RUNNER last night. As is customary, we ended up getting too into it and the planned 3 hour show turned into a +8 hour marathon. Good times indeed. Over the course of that mar...

Jonathan Holmes

8:00 PM on 11.22.2010

Gaijin Games, Bit Tripp'n with Alex Neuse

Ganja Games I mean Gaijin Games and their epic game series Bit Torrent Bit Trip is both easy on the ears and eyes! That's why I decided to forcefully stumble my way in their studio to find out more about Bit Trip, Lilt Line ...

Jon Carnage

2:00 PM on 10.06.2010

Bit.Trip FATE might be out on October 18 'or thereabouts'

I wasn't expecting Bit.Trip FATE to come out so soon after the announcement, but I guess that's the fast-paced world of digital distribution for you. And heck, I'm certainly not complaining. Speaking with Nintendo Life, Alex ...

Jordan Devore

7:30 PM on 10.01.2010

Bit.Trip BEAT now on available on iPhone/iPad

[Update]- The Meat just told me that the game is currently on sale for a paltry $1.99. Don't pass this deal up! The Meat will think less of you if you do. The under-appreciated classic Bit.Trip BEAT is now available on conso...

Jonathan Holmes

4:20 PM on 09.29.2010

Character Studies: General Bit Hospital Trip

[Character Studies is a series about videogame characters talking about videogames. It used to be called Sundays with Sagat, but then we had to fire Sagat because he was unprofessional towards a famous person.] In this episo...

Jonathan Holmes

PAX 10: Bit.Trip FATE blow-out with the Dtoid All-Stars photo
PAX 10: Bit.Trip FATE blow-out with the Dtoid All-Stars
by Jonathan Holmes

Okay, first off, if you aren't in this video, it doesn't mean you're NOT a Dtoid All-Star. You are sure to be seen in a future Dtoid All-Star feature, because you are important. For now, though, we have a video that contains a lineup of unquestionable prestige: ex-Dtoid Reviews Editor and current Epic Games writer Aaron Linde; ex-Dtoid Features Editor and current Gearbox Studios writer Anthony Burch; the most interesting man on the planet, Papa Burch; and current Dtoid Reviews Editor Jim Sterling -- among many others. It's quite a roll call, and it's thanks to the power of Bit.Trip FATE that we all got together.

We were all too spellbound by the game to engage Alex Neuse much in the way of questions, but the video does show some gameplay you won't see anywhere else. Combined with the full write-up below, that should satisfy you Bit.Trip maniacs for at least a day or two. Oh, who am I kidding? Bit.Trip fans can't ever get enough of this series. I guess you'll just have to make do with what you've got. 

Sorry Other: M, you just don't cut the mustard.

[Update: OK, we have a less unintentionally glitchy video now. Hope you like it.]

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PAX 10: Bit.Trip FATE reveal trailer, pics photo
PAX 10: Bit.Trip FATE reveal trailer, pics
by Jonathan Holmes

[Update] Video up. Thank God.

Did you come to Dtoid LIVE at PAX 2010? It was a roaring success. Pants came off, sandwiches are made, and a dog dressed like Lady Gaga. It was pretty tight. This was also the first time that Commander Video met Jim Sterling. We'll show that to you as soon as possible. On top of that, we've got an exclusive look at Bit.Trip FATE as played by Destructoid editors past and present, including Aaron Linde, Papa Burch, Chad Concelmo, Anthony Burch, Ashley Davis, and yours truly.

In the meantime, chew on these screens of Bit.Trip FATE. It's the fifth game in the Bit.Trip series, and it's by far the most visually stunning, emotionally evocative, and action-packed game in the series. We couldn't put it down last night. I can't wait for you guys to play it. The video is uploading as we speak. I'll get that to you ASAP.

Stay tuned for more Bit.Trip exclusives throughout the weekend.

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Review: Lilt Line photo
Review: Lilt Line
by Jonathan Holmes

Faceless games like Lilt Line have a tough time getting attention. Like I said to Ashley Davis when we played the game together at PAX 2010, without a main character to identify with, these purely abstract titles have a tough time making an impression on the gaming populace. Same goes for the recently released Fluidity, and one of my favorite games ever; Bit.Trip BEAT. There is a reason why Bit.Trip RUNNER is thus far the best selling game in the Bit.Trip series. People like cute little characters more than they like lines and squares. It's just how we're wired.

Another thing we're wired for is the appreciation of fine music, and that's something that Lilt Line has in the spades. Screenshots do not do the game justice, and neither do words. You really need to hear it to understand what makes the game worth playing.

Hit the link below for a sample of the game's soundtrack. Listen along as you read the full review.

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5:40 PM on 08.27.2010

Electric laser liquorish: Bit.Trip FATE teaser image

Hot off the presses, we have our first look at what the upcoming fifth game in the Bit.Trip series. What do you see? I see a living laser winding its way between extremes; hot and cold, light and dark, danger and safety. I se...

Jonathan Holmes

11:40 AM on 08.04.2010

Bit.Trip RUNNER soundtrack available meow, also fan video

If your a fan of the Bit.Trip series, chances are that you're already hip to this jive, but I figured I'd lay it on you anyway. You can buy the soundtrack for Bit.Trip RUNNER now on CDbaby.com (along with the soundtracks for...

Jonathan Holmes

Review: Bit.Trip RUNNER photo
Review: Bit.Trip RUNNER
by Jonathan Holmes

It's rare for a game series to truly reinvent itself. It's even more rare for a game series to reinvent itself before it starts to grow stale. It's even more rare than that for a game series to reinvent itself before it starts to grow stale and after it's only been around for about a year. But that's exactly what Bit.Trip RUNNER does.

That's just the start of what makes Bit.Trip RUNNER unique. Though the game has the Bit.Trip name, it looks and plays almost nothing like prior Bit.Trip games, or any other game outside of the obscure PlayStation title Vib Ribbon. The purely abstract shapes and simplistic visuals of the first three Bit.Trip games are almost totally gone. Almost totally gone are the retro gameplay stylings of Bit.Trip BEAT, Bit.Trip CORE, and Bit.Trip VOID. On the surface, RUNNER is almost a total deviation from the entire Bit.Trip series thus far. Once you get into playing it, you'll see that the game manages to take everything that made the first three Bit.Trip games great and focus it into one concentrated blast, while bringing loads of new stuff along the way.

That's what the game seems to be going for, and it pretty much nails it. Hit the jump to find out exactly how RUNNER pulls that off.

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11:00 AM on 05.16.2010

Bit.Trip SPERM confirmed

OK, it's a little late, but here's a sneak preview of last week's Bit Transmission with Alex Neuse from Gaijin Games. Alex was willing to divulge a lot of crazy stuff on the show, but my favorite bit was when he confirmed tha...

Jonathan Holmes

7:00 PM on 05.12.2010

Earn an A+ in art class with this Bit.Trip Runner diorama

Paper Foldables can help you turn regular ol' paper into the stuff of dreams like few other websites can. We've mentioned the site's videogame-themed work many times before, and this new Bit.Trip Runner diorama should help ra...

Jordan Devore

5:00 PM on 05.12.2010

Bit Transmission episode 7 w/ Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games

Look, you'd be terrified too, alright? That dragon is frightening. Episode 7 of Bit Transmission is now available for your listening pleasure. Joining us for the show is Gaijin Games CEO, Alex Neuse. We talk about their highl...

Conrad Zimmerman