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Forza 3 gets new DLC packs: Free and not so free photo
Forza 3 gets new DLC packs: Free and not so free
by Topher Cantler

Developer Turn 10 has just announced two new content packs for Forza Motorsport 3, the first being a free Hyundai Genesis Coupe car pack.

This one is available on XBL now to Gold members, free of charge, and includes the Rhys Millen Racing Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the HKS Genesis Coupe, and a special Forza 3 edition Genesis Coupe. Three free cars? Sure, why not. And at a base 300 horsepower, the new Hyundai Genesis isn't a bad one, either.

The other offering is called the Hot Holidays Car Pack, and will be available December 8th for 400 spacebucks. This pack includes several purpose-built race cars, including the Ferrari 458 Italia. The rest of the content within has yet to be revealed, but Turn 10 seems pretty excited about it, and will be slowly unveiling the other cars over the next two weeks on

To whet your appetite, they're going to offer the new 2010 Audi S4 as a free download when the Holiday pack drops. Sweet! Maye the New Nissan GT-R will be in that DLC pack somewhere. That would be nice. Anything you guys are hoping to see?

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2:00 PM on 11.17.2009

Podtoid 125 records tonight: Butts, butts, butts

Senor Perrito del Burrito says: Anthony and Jim are not here this week. As such, tonight's episode of Podtoid will be hosted by one Aaron Linde, Esq. instead. Joining him will be Dr. Samit Sarkar, Warrior of the Arctic Brad N...

Topher Cantler

12:00 PM on 11.17.2009

Super Street Fighter IV's new Replay Mode detailed

Imagine SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono in a bathrobe, drink in hand, watching SSFIV replays. That somewhat ridiculous image is apparently the inspiration behind Super Street Fighter IV's new Replay Channel mode. The SSFIV dev bl...

Topher Cantler

1:00 PM on 11.13.2009

Vert shmup Symphony generates enemies from your music

Now this is awesome. Empty Clip Studios is hard at work on a new vertically scrolling shooter called Symphony, which creates enemy patterns based on waveforms generated by whatever music you have playing. The game uses custo...

Topher Cantler

Final Fantasy XIII release date set (Update) photo
Final Fantasy XIII release date set (Update)
by Topher Cantler

Here it is, folks. Ready? Final Fantasy XIII will be released in North America AND Europe on March 9th, 2010.

This comes a short three months after the Japanese release date, which is somewhat surprising. Additionally, Square Enix has announced its new "Lucky Number 13" campaign, in which new info on the game will be trickled out on the 13th of every month until the game's launch, starting today.

So there you have it, March 9th. Has everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief? Is that soon enough for you? Let us know what you think.

[UPDATE: Check out the (ridiculous) new trailer for the game above, which also confirms the same date for Europe.

There's also apparently a Twitter hashtag dealio happening right here, where you can unlock an exclusive Xbox Live FFXIII item of some sort when enough tweets have been generated.]

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9:00 AM on 11.13.2009

READY TO FRIDAY: Forza 3 is consuming me

So I've been playing Forza 3 this week. I keep trying to NOT play Forza 3, but I can't. It won't let me. I keep turning off the Xbox and walking away to do something else, and ten minutes later I'm signing in again. It's a fo...

Topher Cantler

6:00 PM on 11.06.2009

Trailer for SSFIV's new modes, now in English

If you missed it yesterday, the addition of bonus stages and new online modes have been announced for Super Street Fighter IV. We got a peek at a new trailer that showcases some of this hotness last night, but it was in Japa...

Topher Cantler

9:00 AM on 11.06.2009


What up. Did you guys know it's Nick Chester's birthday today? He's 31, which is a whole year older than me, and I do my best to make sure he never forgets that. Which would work a lot better if he were reading this, which he...

Topher Cantler

7:45 PM on 11.05.2009

SSFIV update: Bonus stages and new online modes detailed

Capcom's official Super Street Fighter IV website has just been updated today, and it was a relatively big one. First off, the character page now details Chun-Li, Crimson Viper and Cammy, with character profile pages and imag...

Topher Cantler

6:40 PM on 11.03.2009

Toro gets evicted, new app to replace Mainichi Issho

[As originally seen on Japanator] This is the worst news I have ever had to report. For three years, SCEJ's Mainichi Issho has been a free app for the PS3, and as far as I'm concerned, one of the greatest things mankind has e...

Topher Cantler

7:40 PM on 10.30.2009

KOF XII for 360 finally gets its patch, online fixes

Well it's about time. The Xbox 360 version of King of Fighters XII has finally been patched to fix its various online troubles and stability issues. Its PS3 counterpart was issued some time ago, as it didn't have the red tape...

Topher Cantler

6:20 PM on 10.30.2009

Forza 3 player isn't banned for breast cancer sticker

We received a few tips this afternoon, pointing to a forum post, in which user Slim135 says he was banned for a Breast Cancer Awareness bumper sticker as part of his custom livery setup in Forza 3. The way...

Topher Cantler

5:40 PM on 10.30.2009

MvC2 patch goes live today, Cable stops his nonsense

Capcom is releasing a patch today for both the XBLA and PSN versions of Marvel Vs Capcom 2. It includes several console-specific fixes to improve stability, as well as a few universal changes. Perhaps most notably, Cable's Hy...

Topher Cantler

9:00 AM on 10.30.2009

READY TO FRIDAY: Yay Halloween!

You should've seen that before I cropped it. Better yet, you should've seen the one Nick wouldn't let me use. Anyway, HALLOWEEN. My favorite holiday is finally here. So many awesome things rolled into one occasion. Spooky stu...

Topher Cantler

6:20 PM on 10.29.2009

SSFIV dev blog tells us all about Juri

Since she was announced, many of us have been wondering how Juri will play in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV. Those of you who made it out to Capcom's Fight Club event in NYC may have seen her in action first hand, but ...

Topher Cantler

9:20 AM on 10.28.2009

Kojima issues followup post on Zone of the Enders 3

In response to all the resounding hoorays and hurrahs after his promise of a Zone of the Enders sequel last week, Hideo Kojima has issued a followup post over at his blog. He says:"The reaction was greater than I'd expec...

Topher Cantler

8:40 AM on 10.28.2009

Here, have a buttload of Darius Burst PSP screens

Good morning! What's the best thing to wake up to on a day like today? If you said "bacon and coffee," you are WRONG. The answer is actually these screenshots for Darius Burst on PSP. Alright, so I can think of better things,...

Topher Cantler

8:00 AM on 10.28.2009

Importing FTW: Bayonetta PS3 is region-free, in English

If you're anything like Jim, you can't wait for Bayonetta to come out. Well, guess what? You don't have to. Siliconera has confirmed that the Japanese PS3 version, at least, is not only region-free, but presented completely i...

Topher Cantler

3:20 PM on 10.27.2009

Check out the official box art for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

There it is, folks, in the gallery below. The final, official box art for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. Is it everything you'd hoped it would be? Works for me, I'd say. It's got Frank West on it, after all.Either way, now you know wha...

Topher Cantler

1:50 PM on 10.27.2009

Sony: 3D Dot Game Heroes 'DEFINITELY' coming to NA

Fresh from the official PlayStation Twitter, it appears 3D Dot Game Heroes is definitely coming to North America. How do we know this? Well, because the tweet says:"No need to import - 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 is DEFIN...

Topher Cantler

6:00 AM on 10.26.2009

I wanna be the kitty: Monster Hunter Diary for PSP

At yesterday's Monster Hunter Festa finals, Capcom unveiled a new project in the works for PSP, called Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village. It's a Monster Hunter Freedom spinoff, in which you'll get to play as the Fe...

Topher Cantler

9:00 AM on 10.23.2009

READY TO FRIDAY (now with bonus skeleton)

Everyone seemed to like GoGo the other day, so I'm using this as an excuse to post another video. This one has a skeleton in it, though. And a scary cat guy. It's also a good example of the fact that you never know what to ex...

Topher Cantler

5:00 PM on 10.20.2009

dTunes Editor's Week, day 2: Topher Cantler

[dTunes is a community organized blog showcasing the musical tastes of Destructoid's users. For two weeks, the editorial team is commandeering the series because, hey, we like music too. To further expand your horizons, make ...

Topher Cantler

9:00 AM on 10.16.2009


Senor Perrito del Burrito says: We're all gonna die. I don't know if you've been following news on the Large Hadron Collider, but it was reported yesterday that a couple of physicists actually believe it's trying to destroy i...

Topher Cantler

5:00 AM on 10.15.2009

Nintendo announces Pokepark for Wii

As rumored last week, Nintendo today officially announced Pokepark for the Wii. Very little was said about the game, but a briefing held for retailers last week had a few loose-lipped attendees, and they've let a Meowth or tw...

Topher Cantler

3:20 PM on 10.14.2009

New characters revealed for KOF Sky Stage

The official blog for SNK's upcoming arcade title King of Fighters: Sky Stage was updated today, unveiling two new characters. If you haven't already solved this great mystery by looking at the picture above, they are Iori an...

Topher Cantler

11:20 PM on 10.13.2009

Two more Tatsunoko Vs Capcom characters revealed

Capcom unveiled another two additions to Tatsunoko Vs Capcom's character roster via IGN today, and surprise, surprise! It's Zero and Joe the Condor.Joe Asakura comes to us from the Gatchaman series, and Zero is, of course, fr...

Topher Cantler

10:00 PM on 10.13.2009

Sega offers up delicious USB Saturn pad for PlaySEGA

You may not have heard, but Sega's got this new thing called PlaySEGA, which is a browser-based service that lets you play old Genesis games and such. To both promote and enhance that experience, they're now offering the thor...

Topher Cantler

7:40 PM on 10.13.2009

Capcom: SFIV's Abel could have been a little girl

See that? That's Abel from Street Fighter IV. Or it was, anyway. This week's update to the Super Street Fighter IV dev blog gives us, among other things, a look at what the Frenchman could have been if the team had stuck with...

Topher Cantler

3:40 PM on 10.12.2009

3D Dot Game Heroes goes gold, sprite statues rejoice

See how happy they are? Spelunker looks like he's about to burst into song. Probably. Anyway, From Software held a little event in Yokohama over the weekend to commemorate 3D Dot Game Heroes heading into production, and broug...

Topher Cantler

11:40 AM on 10.09.2009

New Pop'n Music Portable screens hint at story mode

In case you haven't heard the good news, Pop'n Music Portable is on its way to the PSP, complete with 9-button mode and the classic art style fans have come to love. Now according to these screenshots spotted on Andriasang, t...

Topher Cantler

10:40 AM on 10.09.2009

New brand trailer for Darius Burst on PSP

Warning! A new brand game is approaching! Above you'll find the new trailer for Taito's upcoming Darius Burst on PSP, complete with fishies, lasers, and Engrish. The triumvirate of features essential to any good handheld STG....

Topher Cantler

12:00 PM on 10.07.2009

Podtoid 119: Kangaroo Boxing

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and feast your ears on the astounding presentation of Man Vs. Beast that is Podtoid 119. See Brad Nicholson go head to head with the undefeated Hippity Hopper in a twelve-rou...

Topher Cantler

12:20 PM on 10.06.2009

Metal Slug XX comes to PSP, underwear pre-order bonus

Hey, look at that, it's a new Metal Slug. Who knew? I didn't, because if I had, I would have pre-ordered it in Japan, where doing so apparently nets you the sweet pre-order bonus of a pair of underwear. This new PSP title fea...

Topher Cantler

2:40 PM on 10.05.2009

Sega accepting fan entries for Project Diva Arcade

Sega announced today that they will soon be bringing the Vocaloid-themed PSP rhythm game Project Diva to arcades. Not only that, but between October 15th and Halloween, they'll be accepting fan-contributed songs for inclusion...

Topher Cantler

9:00 AM on 10.02.2009

READY TO JURI ... er, FRIDAY (also, new SSFIV info)

Since Super Street Fighter IV news is being obnoxiously trickled out a drop at a time and nobody wants to read a new post on it every ten minutes, I've decided to round up some info and make it part of ... whatever this thing...

Topher Cantler

8:00 AM on 10.02.2009

Lost Planet 2 character customization explained

If you've been following Lost Planet 2, you're likely aware that the game will feature some relatively deep character customization options this time around. If not, now you know. To explain how some of these options work, Sn...

Topher Cantler

1:12 AM on 10.02.2009

Xbox Live now shows Street Fighter IV as a Platinum Hit

We spotted a tweet from Mister Jared Rea just a while ago, saying that Street Fighter IV had started showing up on Xbox Live as a Platinum Hits title. A quick trip over to the game's page on, and sure enough, there i...

Topher Cantler

1:20 PM on 10.01.2009

SSFIV: New trailer and character chat with Ono in Famitsu

As part of an interview in this week's Famitsu, (reported by Andriasang), Capcom's Yoshinori Ono had some interesting things to say about Super Street Fighter IV. The game's new characters were, of course, a hot topic, and On...

Topher Cantler

12:00 PM on 09.30.2009

Podtoid 118: She's in Miami

As promised, Podtoid 118 happened last night. Aaron, Samit, Brad, Jim and I talked about things. Beyond that, I can guarantee nothing. We did talk about boobs for a minute, though.Anthony never writes much of anything for the...

Topher Cantler