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Street Fighter fans, your time is now

Aug 05
Think you're good at fighting games? If so, you should already have your bags packed and ready to go to the EVO 2008 World Finals. That's where all the really good Street Fighter and other fighting game heavyweights will be ... read

[video]98216:121[/video]Just the other day, it seemed EA Black Box came out with Skate. I remember playing it not all that long ago, and being pretty impressed by the analog only controls. I was a fan of the first few Tony Ha... read feature

Destructoid Discusses! E3 equals meh? Maybe

Jul 22
Once again, back is the incredible ... The thyme animal ... The incredible Dyson G! Next-gen enemy number one ... FPS said freeze! And I got numb.Okay, so my poor attempt at quoting Public Enemy didn't go so well. In fact, it... read

Hey everyone! Remember that contest we ran the other week? The one where you had to come up with creative headgear from items found around the house for a chance to win a PS3 copy of Overlord: Raising Hell? Well, as usual, th... read feature

Destructoid Discusses! Is the Wii a novelty item?

Jul 15
Once again, we'd like to bring the rest of the world into our nice little robot corner and give them a peek into our unedited internal conversations. Why would you want to read such things? Because we happen to be hilarious, ... read

Hello Dtoid people! Once again, you now have the chance to scour the depths of your creativity in the hopes of getting some swag. This contest is based upon the ingenuity that was displayed by the comical minions featured in ... read feature

Capcom contest wants to put you on the E3 list

Jul 07
Sad that you're not going to E3? Frustrated that over the last couple of years, it's actually become hard to sneak into the event? Yeah, me too.This year, though, Capcom will remedy the near-Herculean task of trying to bluff... read

Hands-on with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (360/PS3)

Jul 07
The other day, the handsome CTZ and I went over to LucasArts studios, located in the Presidio of San Francisco, to go through a comprehensive hands-on with the multiple versions of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. While Hamza... read

Destructoid Discusses! Did someone say emulation?

Jul 07
Hey everyone, this week I'm taking a suggestion from Hamsa and throwing out the dark topic of emulation. We had some good points of view in another thread when we were talking about Chrono Trigger for the SNES, so we figured ... read

PS3 2.40 firmware FAQ: Eric loves cheese edition [Update]

Jun 30
Previously unbeknownst to me, the guys over at the official PlayStation blog have a sense of humor. In an effort to answer some frequently asked questions about the upcoming firmware update for the PS3, Eric Lempel has put al... read

Destructoid Discusses! We talk about SSFII Turbo HD Remix, but fail excellently

Jun 30
Yeah, you should take that title with a huge grain of salt. Because, in an effort to create a new and vaguely recurring article here at the 'toid, I proposed to the staff that we discuss a random topic in our internal emailer... read

Where have all the system sellers gone?

Jun 11
With Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots being released ever so soon, a few of us here at Dtoid started discussing what effect the game's release could have on Sony's big black console. Would it be the the system seller ... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 51: Neo-retro and you

Jun 02
Another Monday is upon us, along with another one of Chad Concelmo's awesome MS Paint photos. The significance of these events leads to two conclusions. One, it's time for an new RetroforceGO! Two, Topher Cantler couldn't mak... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 50: That's half of a hundred!

May 27
While the more astute listener may notice that today is, in fact, not Monday (the regular release day for RFGO!), he or she will be glad to have endured the extra day wait for this week's episode. Why? Because, and this is al... read

RetroforceGO! Epsisode 49: Castlevania Mania

May 19
Hey everybody! Sorry everything is so late today. Dear ol' Dyson couldn't make the show last night, so I didn't get my usual eight hour head start on exciting sound editing! But they say better late then never, right? An... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 48: The retro renaissance?

May 05
With all the "everything old is new again" mentality floating around the gaming world, the crew of RFGO! decided to weigh in on the current state of retro. Are companies just cashing in on the seemingly hot trend of... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 47: Treasure

Apr 28
So I missed the show yesterday. Have no fear, though, the show went on. Reverend Anthony jumped in to take the fourth place and Topher ran the task of hosting. How did things go? Well, we started doing the "what have you... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 46: Metal Gear

Apr 21
I know I say this every Monday but, hooray Monday! Not too much has changed over that course of the last week, but then again, not much does in the world of retro. I hear that in the next-gen world, a 360 burned a house down,... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 45: Listener questions return

Apr 14
Welcome to another Monday! I really don't have too much to say about this particular Monday. Aside from the usual stuff that happened during the weekend, this is a pretty standard Monday so far. So, yeah, it's pretty sunny he... read

RetroforceGO! Not Episode 44: The worst/best/worst episode ever

Apr 08
As you may have heard yesterday, we here at the show had some serious recording issues with our Cancun episode. And while we try and maintain a level of quality that you have come to know us for, no amount of editing trickery... read

GTA IV Claims its first murder victim! Archduke Franz Ferdinand shot!

Apr 01
Months before its inevitable release on home consoles, murder simulator GTA IV has already claimed its first victim: Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand. The near century long belief that the Archduke's assassination was carri... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 43: Squaresoft

Mar 31
So does anyone know a good tax attorney? It's getting precariously close to the 15th of April, and lazy Dyson hasn't even bothered to total up his expenses for the year. You can claim Pizza Rolls as a business expense, right?... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 42: Easter Eggs!

Mar 24
Hooray! Another year, another chance to celebrate the Raptor Jesus. It was a pretty good Easter, the Marshmallow Peeps did not end up getting Topher. He was rescued at the last minute by a shark named CTZ, who was also riding... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 41: Part one of the Hardware Series: Controllers

Mar 17
Is it me, or is it St. Patty's day? I'd heard that the church had moved the holiday to another day because of Lent, is this true? If so, as an Irish man this means that we get two days of celebration. Now I don't meant that w... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 40: Don't believe the hype!

Mar 10
You know, I've never really had a "normal" job in my life, so Mondays were never too much of a dreadful thing for me. I'm not saying that I loved Mondays, though, but they certain they weren't anything that I dislik... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 39: Contra

Mar 03
What's more manly? The ripped and bulging form of Chad Concelmo (seen above)? Or the over the top manliness of the Contra series? The correct answer: neither. Just to give you an example of how manly Chad is, he woke up this ... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 38: Phantasy Star

Feb 26
Hi everybody, are you doing well? Yes? That's fantastic. We, on the other hand, have been having quite the week. From GDC, to Wondercon, to Chad deciding to "put babies" in certain female community members (and .tif... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 37: We don't care about dead people edition

Feb 18
At least according to Jim's reporting of what Jackie-T thinks of us. It is an astounding presumption that Mr. T purports, but I'm sure he's only talking about the current generation of gamers because there'd be no way that an... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 36: Greatest videogame couples

Feb 11
Welcome to Monday, folks. A special kind of Monday, if you will. The kind of Monday where things are starting to feel a little, I don't know ... sexier. Blame it on the fact that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 35: Anything but the Super Bowl

Feb 04
Seriously, why do they capitalize the word Super Bowl? I mean, if it's going to be a psuedo national holiday, then I at least want the following Monday off from work. And by the following Monday, I mean right now: today. Oh w... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 34: TurboGrafx-16!

Jan 28
Well everybody, another Monday is upon and with that, another RetroforceGO! Can you feel the excitement? Me too. Or maybe I'm just over-caffeinated from the gigantic glass of Diet Pepsi that I just pounded. Either way, I'm wi... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 33: Konami, and the code that changed the 'verse

Jan 21
Hoo-boy, it looks like it's going to be another one of those weeks. Not only did I get in a fight with some uppity gorilla (whose ass we had to kick to get my f***ing arm back!), but I'm forced to drag my lazy, old, retro car... read

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