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9:00 PM on 06.03.2009

E3 09: Brutal Legend videos are so good, they melt faces

So, I can only assume you've read about Burch 'n Davis playing Brutal Legend, and will be hungrily anticipating our hands-on that'll be coming up later. Well, in the meantime, I'm here to bombard you with assets, this time of...


1:20 PM on 06.03.2009

E3 09: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is entirely in slow motion

Must slow motion be used excessively in every single sports trailer? I realize that it heightens the tension when used properly, but it seems like recently it's taken over the entirety of the trailer. Point in case being the ...


10:40 AM on 06.03.2009

Not quite E3 09: Witcher 1.5 enchanced edition announced

While this hasn't been announced at E3, we did get word this morning of a new version of The Witcher. This 1.5 version will include everything from the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher, plus another five fan-made adventures. T...


E3 09: Rumortime! Does Metroid: Other M have a release date? photo
E3 09: Rumortime! Does Metroid: Other M have a release date?
by 8BitBrian

Intrepid reader Tobbii sent us in a video he put together breaking down the Metroid: Other M video, attempting to discern any secrets from it. Since so few details are available at the moment, there's a lot up for interpretation. But there was one interesting detail that he noticed, right around the 2:40 mark.

Yep, the possibility that they've already teased us with a release date! Could the game be coming out on March 25, 2010? Well, there's nothing more I can say other than check the video out after the jump and let us know your own thoughts on the matter.

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9:20 AM on 06.03.2009

E3 09: Starz and more bring new anime to the PSN

Yesterday, during Sony's press conference, they mentioned a whole host of new content joining the PlayStation Network. Now, knowing me, I'm taking a moment to highlight some of the content that is near and dear to my heart. A...


8:40 AM on 06.03.2009

E3 09: EA CEO behind Sony motion controls and Project Natal

Catching up with EA CEO John Riccitiello, IndustryGamers talked with him about the upcoming future of motion controllers. The boys at EA have been playing around with both Sony and Microsoft's technologies for a while, and th...


8:00 AM on 06.03.2009

E3 09: Relive the magic with Kojima's announcement at Sony

For those of you who want to relive the magic of Kojima speaking and moving, especially when it comes to him talking about Metal Gear Solid in Japanese, then boy, have I got a treat for you. Now, while you sit and eat your Ch...


E3 09: Sony announces new Rockstar exclusive Agent photo
E3 09: Sony announces new Rockstar exclusive Agent
by 8BitBrian

Teasing us with some new information, Jack Tretton announced that Rockstar is developing a new title exclusively for the PS3: an international spy thriller called Agent. Set in the dark world of the late 1970s (hey, that's when Peace Walker is set!), this title will "take players around the globe."

And that's all that they've announced on the title. Much like their Resident Evil announcement, details are scarce, but I'm sure we'll be hearing more soon. Not surprisingly, Tretton said that the title will have the same level of desiriability of GTA IV. Still, let's see how things turn out.

And who knows, he could go on to fight Big Boss. He certainly is an international threat.

[Update: Rockstar has sent out a press release about Agent, with a few more details on the title. Check it out after the jump.] 

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1:30 PM on 06.02.2009

E3 09: Atlus announces 101-in-1 Party Megamix for Wii

Dale's been talking about the Atlus minigame bonanza 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix, and now Atlus has announced that they're bringing the title to the Wii with 101-in-1 Party Megamix. Packed with all sorts of minigames, this $20...


12:20 PM on 06.02.2009

E3 09: Splinter Cell: Conviction demo footage breaks urinals

I was never really one for Splinter Cell. but after watching the gameplay demo at yesterday's Microsoft press conference was rather impressive. But watching the live demo they had? That has made me completely rethink my posit...


12:03 PM on 06.02.2009

E3 09: Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion is a killer app

Nintendo unveiled one of the greatest titles to come to the Nintendo DS: James Patterson's Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion. One that is surely to be a killer app for the DS! Based upon James Patterson's first television...


10:40 AM on 06.02.2009

E3 09: Demon's Souls trailer is the f'in hotness

Damn, where has this game been? Why haven't I been playing this yet? Well, I've seen the error of my ways, that's for sure. Demons Souls, for the newly initiated like myself, this game is a hardcore RPG set in the post-apocal...


9:20 AM on 06.02.2009

E3 09: Atlus announces Shiren the Wanderer for the Wii

For all you Mystery Dungeon fans, Atlus has announced they've acquired the rights to the Wii title Shiren the Wanderer. The Mystery Dungeon series has had a spotty release over here in the US, although you might be more famil...


4:00 AM on 06.02.2009

First changes from EOCS underway in ero-ge genre

[As originally posted on Japanator]We've got new word from Canned Dogs on the changes coming from EOCS talks -- first up is Syrup Soft. Their title has been delayed a week, presumably to change the packaging and the discs tha...


2:00 AM on 06.02.2009

Gore Verbinksi on why he probably won't do Bioshock film

In a recent talk with the LA Times, Gore Verbinksi cited high costs as one of the main reasons for not wanting to do the Bioshock film that he was slated to do. The film was put on hold while they investigated the option of s...


12:00 AM on 06.02.2009

Cuddle up at night with Robbie the Rabbit

[As originally seen on Tomopop]If only I could. This etsy wonder item has already sold out, but oh how wonderful it'd be to have in my bed. Cuddling up with this cute plushie is a much for any Silent Hill fanatic. Knowing Col...


9:30 PM on 06.01.2009

E3 09: Crysis 2 will stab you in the face with glass

Or at least that's what I presumed, watching this thing. I mean, what can I say about reflections and explosions happening in the reflections of shards of glass floating about, forming up to the Crysis logo. And thus, I've su...


8:00 PM on 06.01.2009

E3 09: Army of Two: 40th Day gives you more bromance

Excited for the Army of Two sequel? Well, some of you are. I'm always up for another co-op game to play with my friends at home. Well, now we've got a bunch of screens and the teaser trailer ready from E3 for all of you. At t...


1:29 PM on 06.01.2009

E3 09: Joyride proivdes MS avatars with cars

Straight from the bowels of Microsoft's Press Conference comes the title Joyride. The game is a free-to-download title for XBLA that will put your avatars in the middle of the action, featuring them as the main racers of this...


11:20 AM on 06.01.2009

E3 09: New The Saboteur screens show the dark side of Paris

Everything is darker in Paris, or at least when the Nazis are around. Unless you consider the glow of their blood on the walls to be brightening. Pandemic's title has been buzzing about the office recently, what with the trai...


11:00 AM on 06.01.2009

Capcom and Namco unite on Mario Party crane game

Straight out of the bowels of Japan comes another UFO catcher that Dale, Colette, and I will be sure to rock the sh*t out of at Tokyo Game Show: Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher. Namco Bandai's doing all the constructi...


9:00 AM on 06.01.2009

Kojima Watch: Metal Gear Weather Sim is his new project

Really, there's only so much we can say about what's going on at Kojima's teaser page. I guess we'll hear about it in another seven hours and change, right? Well, I'm putting my hat in for guessing what the new Metal Gear tit...


9:00 AM on 06.01.2009

E3 09: Wipeout Fury HD expansion pack adds some serious bulk

Looking for some more excitement in your Wipeout Fury HD? Well, Sony has just announced the details of its expansion pack, which will include another 8 tracks, doubling what the game has already, plus another 13 ships. That'...


Nintendo DLC: Mighty Flip Champs is flippin' sexy photo
Nintendo DLC: Mighty Flip Champs is flippin' sexy
by 8BitBrian

If puzzles are your game, and you're looking for some new DSi software, then Mighty Flip Champs! (1 Player, 800 DSi Points) might be up your alley. The game is a maze runner, but in order to solve any of them, you have to flip back and forth between the two mazes on your DS screen. Dale has a preview of the game coming up later today, in which he says the game is, "original and highly addictive puzzle title that oozes style and retro appeal" -- something to be expected from developer WayForward.

If Square-Enix is your overlord, then rejoice, for today is the day the sequel to Final Fantasy IV hits Wiiware. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (1 Player, 800 Wii Points) is, as it sounds, set years after the events of the original where, shockingly, monsters have started reappearing in the world, wreaking all sorts of havoc. So it's up to the old team, along with familiar friends, to save it.

Then there's also Texas Hold 'Em (1-6 Players, 500 Wii Points) for you card fans, which will let you play, you guessed it, Texas Hold 'Em online with up to five other people online. Hey, the game also has full Mii support!

And finally, for you Retroforce fans, today's Virtual Console title is Boulder Dash (1-2 Players, Commodore 64, 500 Wii Points). The game will have you reliving those old memories of digging for diamonds while attempting not to be smashed into a pancake by boulders galore. As for me? After the game's release, it took me another three years to be born.

So, enjoy this week's releases from Nintendo!


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7:00 AM on 05.30.2009

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again delayed to add Japanese voices

We've gotten word from Nippon Ichi that they've decided to delay their Wii title Phantom Brave: We Meet Again back until August 4th. The reason being, they've listened to the requests of their fans and included a dual-languag...


8:30 PM on 05.29.2009

Pre-E3 09: Silent Hill Wii makes me cream my pants in fear

Children are creepy. That's a guaranteed rule of horror. Add a little distortion, make them sound really innocent, and bam! You've got an instant success for horror. We've already heard about how the game control from Hamza's...


Infogrames becomes Atari, ousts Harrison, and more! photo
Infogrames becomes Atari, ousts Harrison, and more!
by 8BitBrian

Infogrames has decided to change their name to Atari, spurring a number of radical changes to the company. They had bought out Atari back in March of 2008, but has recently decided to "make the best use of the Atari brand," something that is much stronger than Infogrames, I must admit.

And one of their first actions? Cut out Phil Harrison as the president of the company. The reason for this, says Atari, is because they are moving to a US-based operation, and so they are moving Harrison to a non-executive director position -- something that sounds awfully ceremonial. But, in the end, it makes sense, as the company needs someone who is much more focused on the US market, as opposed to Harrison's European sensibilities.

For right now, they've promoted Jeff Lapin to COO of Atari, who will work with CEO David Gardner to lead the business. They've got a tough time ahead of them, though. Atari came out with its financials, and they're not looking too good. Their net loss for the fiscal year came to nearly $320 million, after pulling out of European and Asian markets. These are non-recurring costs, but it's still a blow to the company, whose losses still total $70 million, if you take out the non-recurring items.

Atari is predicting that it will break even or see a small profit in this next fiscal year, although there's some wonder about that. They're saying that they plan on focusing on longer-subscription models and web-based content, and even moving almost entirely to digital distribution. It'll cut down on their overhead, for certain.

The company is looking to streamline itself, and as we know, they aren't appearing at E3, but they will be announcing titles later in the year, they say. They've got Cryptic, who they recently acquired, working on an MMO version of a classic Atari IP. Let's see how things go from here.

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2:30 PM on 05.29.2009

Pre-E3 09: Lego Rock Band makes me want to keep playing

I'll admit. I'm not a huge fan of Rock Band, mainly because I just don't do very well at rhythm games. Yet, the Rock Band franchise is just so damn addicting. And so now we've got this trailer for the game that just makes me ...


Kojima's teaser page takes us to...another teaser page! photo
Kojima's teaser page takes us to...another teaser page!
by 8BitBrian

I bet you all have been waiting with bated breath as to what Kojima's teaser site is going to reveal, right? Brad had posted about the new countdown, and now we're being flooded with word about a new update. Yep, that's right! Another teaser site!

If you look in the bottom right-hand side of the page, the Kojima Production logo on the teaser site will change into a mask. Click it, and it'll take you to another teaser site! This time, we have a mysterious mask stare at us as the light fades in and out, with some looping music.

What does it mean? Like we've been saying, "damned if I know." Since we've been seeing Big Boss' face in the original teaser, I'm wondering if the mask has to do with the Beauty and the Beast unit we see in MGS4, and perhaps their origin. I realize they're a mix of FOXHOUND, Dead Cell, and Cobra Unit, but perhaps this new title will reveal some new facet of this part of the Metal Gear legacy.

Speculate away!

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1:40 PM on 05.29.2009

TBS misrepresents their report, rape games not banned

[As originally posted on Japanator] Well, now I've learned my lesson: Never take TBS news at its word, their report is likely a misrepresentation or even made up. Canned Dogs has an update from their story yesterday, with an ...


11:00 AM on 05.29.2009

Pre-E3 09: NHL 10 premiere trailer is all about the fighting

Sure, technically this is a hockey game. But really, they admit in the trailer: the first thing they want you to know about is the all new fighting engine. Sure, there's other things, like hitting a hockey puck, checking peop...


10:40 AM on 05.29.2009

Pre-E3 09: Madden NFL 10 devs talk about putting in co-op

It's no fun getting your ass kicked in Madden. Just because you never watch football, don't have all these different patterns ingrained in your head, and aren't in a frat, doesn't mean that you should be subjected to an hour ...


4:20 PM on 05.28.2009

Japan bans rape games. All of them

Japan, of all places, is putting a halt to rape games. The country known for its free and open sexuality in media has taken the ban-hammer to PC games that feature rape in it. Now, I'm not on the "rape is great and fanta...


5:00 PM on 05.25.2009

The message to fans in Advent Children Complete

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going to see Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete with Japanator writer Jeff Chuang. The screening, held by New York Tokyo for various members of the press at Sony's Wonder Technology La...


7:00 PM on 03.27.2009

Gerard Way co-produced ending theme to Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete

[As originally posted on Japanator]This is going to get some flak from you guys, I'm sure.Gerard Way, the frontman for the band My Chemical Romance, is co-producing Kyosuke Himuro's song that will be the ending theme for the ...


9:00 AM on 03.24.2009

NIS announces Cross Edge, a clusterf*ck of characters

Don't you just love crossovers? It's like fanfiction, but it doesn't make your eyes bleed. And so, Nippon Ichi has announced that they'll be bringing Cross Edge over here to the US, a title that draws from NIS, Capcom, Idea F...


3:40 PM on 03.23.2009

Dragon Ball Kai will be getting its own RPG from Monolith

[As originally posted on Japanator]All you Dragon Ball fans can rejoice, for already are there videogames being worked on for the series. The franchise reboot has already kicked off their ancillary marketing campaign by annou...


1:20 PM on 03.20.2009

DC Direct announces Ratchet and Clank figures

[As originally posted on Tomopop]DC Comic's figure line, DC Direct, will be making a line of figures from the wildly successful Sony game series Ratchet and Clank, according to an announcement at ComicsPRO 2009. The above pho...


10:00 AM on 03.20.2009

'Average use' of Home is 55 minutes? Really?

GameDaily has a tasty little quote here from Peter Dille, Sony's VP of Marketing that has had some of the Destructoid staffers atwitter over this. Well, we're all laughing and wondering just what the hell people could be doin...


12:00 PM on 03.17.2009

Capcom finally working on PS1 titles for PSN store

Capcom readers haven't been the happiest with the lack of content from the company, specifically in the form of their PS1 titles. Japan keeps getting flooded with old Capcom titles, while not too much has hit our shelves. Und...